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Published at 4th of January 2019 07:09:24 PM

Chapter 40

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<Choice Quest Received>

<Option 1>

<Choose: Dokalfar>


<Race Changed into Dokalfar>

<Option 2>

<Choose: Lich>


<Race changed into Lich>

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<Option 3>

<Choose: Werepire>


<Race changed into Werepire>

<Quest Accepted>

"Hmm—I want to choose the strongest race but Lich is an undead race isn't it?—If I choose to be a Lich, I will be a virgin until death—I still want to get laid . With Lich out of question its either Dokalfar or a Werepire . Dokalfars according to King Yama are the noblest and oldest Elven race; In books and games, Elves have human bodies so it's a viable option . Lastly Werepires, they are Vampire ancestors and they should also look like them but I don't know . It's the first I have heard of something as a Werepire . I should just assume that Werepires have a similar appearance to Vampires as the former is the ancestor of the later . But I still would like more information about both races," he thought .

"King Yama, I want to know more about Dokalfars and Werepires before I make my choice . "

King Yama shook his head, "I can't tell you anything specific about these two races . "

Dro frowned, "Why?"

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"Just choose one, you won't get a bad deal with either one . "

Dro nodded, "I guess he is right," he thought and then said, "I choose Werepire then . "

King Yama nodded, "As you wish . "

<Option 3 Chosen>

<Quest Completed>

King Yama's eyes turned pitch black and a sudden flash of darkness followed . Dro's eyelids felt heavy and his eyes closed; he felt his consciousness fade away but before it did, one thought flashed through his head, "Let's go!"

Dro's eyelids quivered and his eyes opened . Looking ahead, he saw a dark sky and a full scarlet moon . "I am back in Yukeora? Nevermind that what about my race and class!" he thought; sat up from the lying down position, extended his right hand and opened the menu . From the menu selected <Character> option . In the middle of the opened window, he saw his character model and widened his eyes in surprise . He had black messy hair which in length was between short and medium length hair, dark red eyes, mesomorph well-built body, linen pants, no shoes, no weapon, no shirt and strange black tattoos that went through his entire right arm . Looking at himself, he couldn't believe that it was really him as he was never this good-looking . "Awesome, now let's see my stats and skills," he thought; moved his eyes looking through all the information in the window .

<Linen Pants, Item Grade: White, Armour: 1>

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<Name: Dro, Race: Werepire, Class: Werepire, Level: 0, Title: None>

<Health: 560/560, Energy 200/200, Rage 0/100>

<Strength: 13, Dexterity: 13, Intellect: 1, Vitality: 2, Spirit: 1, Luck: 1, Armour: 1>


<Unspeakable Might Passive, Increases strength, Dexterity and Vitality by 15%, Increases Movement speed by 20%>

<Unsealable Might Passive, Weapons can't be taken into your right hand as the power of Werepire is too great, All weapons taken into your right hand will be destroyed, You are able to wield two-handed weapons with only your left hand, wielding a two-handed weapon will increase its Weapon damage by 50% and Critical Strike Damage by 50%, Wielding a one-handed weapon increase weapons Critical Strike Chance by 100%, one-handed weapons will shatter after 5 attacks>

<Weapon Mastery Passive, Wielding an Axe increases Critical Strike Damage by 75%, Wielding a Sword increases Weapon Damage by 100%, Wielding a mace makes your attacks stun the target 0 . 25 second, Wielding a spear increases weapon Critical Strike Chance by 100%>

<Thick Skin Passive, Reduces all damage taken by 15%>

<Authority of a King Passive, enemies below your level will bow down and take their lives as punishment for crossing paths with you (Elites, Field Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, Raid Bosses are less likely to commit suicide)>

<Werepire's Slash, Morphs your right arm into its turned state for a single attack dealing 300% Strength + 150% Dexterity as damage, Range: Melee, Cooldown: 1 second, Cost: 45 Rage>

<Decimating Slash, Damages your target for 250% of Weapon Damage + 120% Strength, Critical Strike Damage is increased to 200%, Range: Melee, Cooldown: 40 seconds, two-handed Axe or two-handed Sword required>

<Blood Spear, Launches a Blood Spear at the target dealing 250% Weapon damage + 80% of your Strength + 100% of your Dexterity +70% of your Intellect, Cooldown: 20 seconds, Range: 15 yards, Cost: 35 Energy>

<Suck Blood, Usable only on target's neck, turns the target into a minion, only usable at targets below 25% Health, Target must be a humanoid, cannot be used on a player, Range: melee>

<Dark Transformation, Transforms you into your other self, Skills will no longer consume any resources and their damage will be increased by 100%, Cooldown: 30 minutes, Cost: 100 Rage and 100 Energy, Duration: 30 seconds>

<Realm Gate, opens a realm gate that leads into a rift between the worlds, Cast Time: 2 Seconds>

"Whoa! These skills are amazing," he thought and started laughing out loud . After a few breaths of time, he calmed down and thought, "Now to check where I am . " He closed the character window and opened the map .

"I am really in Yukeora," he mumbled seeing the name of the continent at the bottom right corner of the window . He moved his eyes away from the right edge and started searching the map for the exact location of his whereabouts but once he found himself, he became dumbstruck as he was now at the same exact location where Vampire Queen's castle was . "If I am found, I will be dead," he cursed inwardly; quickly closed the menu and thought, "Realm Gate," motions appeared in his head and he acted on them . Extending his hand, he cast <Realm Gate> .

After 2 seconds the gate opened and he dove right through . As he disappeared into the gate, the gate disappeared as well and footsteps sounded . Riku after a moment came out and unsuspecting of anyone being there walked passed disappearing into the distance .

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