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Chapter 41

After diving through the opened realm gate, Dro's surroundings changed; a notification message flashed before him .

<Rift Between The Worlds>

Seeing the message, he closed his eyes and smiled sighing with relief, "I made it! A second later and I would have been found and possibly killed!" he thought; opened his eyes and not even a moment later, he tilted his head in confusion as in the distance, he saw a large dark-brown object that was twice his height and width, "What is that? A giant rock?" he mumbled walking up to it .

Stopping in front of the giant rock, he saw that in the centre of the dark-brown rock, eights words were engraved .

<State thy destination and thy path will open>

"State the destination and the path will open? Is this some kind of teleporter? Neat!—But before using it, I should look around and check if there is anything more to this place," he thought; moved his eyes away from the rock starting to look around .

First, he raised his eyes into the sky and surprise flashed on his face . Then he moved his eyes to look at the horizon and once again – a surprise flashed on his face . Finally, he walked around the perimeter while looking around and after a while; once again a surprised expression appeared on his face .

Looking into the sky, he didn't see a moon, a sun, any clouds or any stars – only pitch black darkness; even though he was surrounded by a pitch black darkness, he could still see perfectly clear; just like when he was a Vampire . Looking at the horizon, he didn't see a single thing; no matter in what direction he looked – not a single thing entered his eyes . Walking and looking around the perimeter, he saw that in all directions in the 50 yards of the rock and further, there was no land .

"So I am on a floating island with not a single thing in sight—well at least I have a teleporter," he thought; lightly laughed, turned to the rock and walked up to it . Stopping in front of the rock, he looked at the eight engraved words . "Now I just have to say where I want to go—Let's see it's either Yukeora or—I don't know the continent name where is human novice village—would it work if I just say the name of the village? Let's give it a try!" he thought .

"Human novice Village!" he loudly said .

The writings on the rock lit up and a light flashed – blinding him and making him close his eyes tightly . A short moment passed – his eyelids quivered; eyes opened and he saw a notification message flash before him .

<Human Novice Village>

Dro smiled, "So it works with just the place name—Can that rock teleport me anywhere if I just know the name of the place?" he mumbled out loud shook his head and thought, "I will test it another time . "

After the thought, he turned his head and looked around . He saw green grass below his feet and as far as he could see . He felt the gentle wind blowing against his face, clothes, arms and legs . He saw the sun high up in the sky and he smiled . "How long has it been since I saw the sun?" he thought before lowering his eyes and scanning through the area .

In this current area, he didn't see an NPC, a player or a monster; so he walked off into the town where he received the first quest – he ever took .

Two breaths of time passed and he reached the village . The same amount of time, it took him to reach the village the last time he made this journey, but the difference between now and then was the way he reached it . Last time, he ran and now he walked . He managed to reach it by walking in the same amount of time because of his passive which increased his movement speed by 20% .

At the entrance of the village; he saw the same old man that gave him his first quest . Once again the old man had a yellow exclamation mark above his head, which meant that he had another quest . Dro raised the corner of his lips and approached the man, "Hello, do you need any help?"

The old man turned his head to Dro, "Perfect timing young adventurer, I do need your help . Wild boars have started approaching the village, I want you to slay 5 of these boars . Can you do it, adventurer?"

<Quest Received>

<Kill 5 Boars>


<+100 XP>

<Accept, Decline>

Dro nodded, "Alright"

<Quest Accepted>

Dro didn't enter the village there, he turned away from the old man and went to find the boars that he needed to slay but not even one breath of time passed and he stopped . His eyes looked into the distance . "Other players," he mumbled .

<Jor, Level 4, Berserker>

<Mailt, Level 3, Paladin>

<Berm, Level 6, Sorcerer>

He saw three people surrounding a single boar and fighting it . Looking at these three players, he frowned . "Why are three people of levels 4, 6, 3 surrounding a single <Level 1> Boar?" he thought .

The boar struck the level 6 Sorcerer and the player screamed out in pain, "That hurts! Jor what the hell are you doing! Do you want me to die?!"

Dro shook his head; not wasting another moment looking at these three players walked away continuing his search for the boars . It didn't take him long and he found what he was searching for . The boar looked like a normal real life boar . With tusks not too long and black fur .

<Boar, Level 1>

<HP: 50/50>

Dro without hesitation walked over until he was standing in the 20-yard range, and used a skill . A skill which he used frequently as his opening move .

<Blood Spear, Critical>

<-36, Boar>

<+20 Rage>

The boar squealed in pain, turned its head at Dro and charged at him . He easily dodged the charge by simply taking a single step to the right and thought, "Since I have no weapon, I will have to punch it," he clenched his right fist and punched; immediately a notification flashed .

<Unique Skill Created, Werepire's Punch, Punches with your right hand dealing 150% Strength + 120% Dexterity as damage, Range: Melee, Cooldown: 5 seconds, Cost: 50 Energy>

<Werepire's Punch>

<-35, Boar>

<+10 Rage>

<Boar, Slain>

<+10 XP>

"Huh? It died just like that? And I created a unique skill just like that?—Last time it took over 100 swings with my axe to create a unique skill…" he thought .