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Chapter 44

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The two players standing at each of Berm's sides widened their eyes in shock after hearing their leader's words and shouted out in unison, "What?!"

Dro nodded, "Yes, I am <Level 2>," he then glanced at the minimap; turned to the direction of the West forest and took a single step in that direction but just before he could take his second step, he felt someone grab his shoulder . Looking back, he saw Berm holding onto him, "What do you want?" he asked looking back at Berm .

Berm released his hand lowering it to his side, "Sorry—but before you go, can you answer a few of my questions? We will stop bothering you after that, I promise . "

Mailt and Jor continued looking at Dro shocked .

Dro turned back to him, facing him . "I should just answer their questions as who knows how many times I will encounter these three," he thought and said, "Alright, what is it?"

Berm nodded smiling, "Thank you—first, how are you <Level 2> when not too long ago you were only <Level 0>?"

"I killed the same boars you were killing and then I turned in the quest . "

"Is that it?" Berm raised his eyebrow surprised .

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Dro nodded, "That's it . "

"I see…Now that I look at your health it's enormous, did you put all your points into Vitality? No, but even if you did that it would be impossible to get your health to the amount you have right now… How do you even have that much health?"

Dro shook his head, "It will take too long to explain . "

"Is it related to the gift you received?" Berm followed up .

Dro furrowed his eyebrows but then shook his head, "No, it's not . "

"When I look at you it doesn't show your class, why is that?"

"You can't see my class?" Dro raised his eyebrow in surprise .

Berm nodded, "So you didn't know… Thank you for answering my questions . Like I promised I won't bother you again and also… I am sorry . "

Dro tilted his head in confusion, "What for?"

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"I called you a coward and I was wrong, you were grinding the monsters alone weren't you . Even if it took you such a long time, you still killed them alone . I am sorry," he bowed his head .

The two beside Berm recovered from their shock; they looked Berm and then at each other; they bowed their heads following Berm's example, "We are sorry . "

Dro scratched his head not knowing what to say, he shook his head, "It's fine . I will be on my way now . "

Berm frowned biting his lower lip, "Dro before you go… do you mind adding us as your friends? I know I promised that we would stop bothering you but please hear me out . "

Dro first frowned then sighed and finally nodded, "What is it?"

"We are in this realistic game world and it's cool and all but we don't know anything about it . What happens after we die? How do we get out from this world? And most importantly what about our bodies in the outside world . What happened to them?"

"Dying is fine as you will only get reincarnated that is as long as you beat the prestige points requirement for reincarnation . I don't want to leave this world and I don't care what happens to my real body as long it's death doesn't influence me in this world in any way," Dro thought .

"What I want to say is, since we don't know anything about our situation, we should all stick together and help each other out in every way possible . Sharing information, helping each other to complete quests, making sure that no one is left behind and alone, giving away items we don't need to those that need them… Earlier, I invited you to join our party is because I thought that you needed the help but that was not the only reason . I also asked you as I was hoping that you would join our group as after all its safer in a group . "

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Dro shook his head, "I already told you, I won't be joining your party and I won't be accepting your friend's request . "


"If I am not going to party with you three then there is no reason for me to accept you three as friends . "

"We don't have to party but we can still share information and even help you out on quests . "

Dro shook his head, "I don't need the help of those that snap at their party members and waste their time farming <Level 1> monsters that are far below their level . "

"You were watching?" Berm shook his head, "That was because Jor wasn't doing his job as a tank! I am a Sorcerer and I have very little health, you clearly didn't look at my health so I will tell you . My health is only at 340 while Jor's is at 1,220 . I wasn't shouting for no reason, we all have a role to play out, I deal damage, Mailt heals and Jor tanks . Of course, I was angry when the monster came onto me . "

Jor scratched his head slightly bowing, "Yes, that was my fault . "

Brem nodded, "See? He admits it and the reason we were fighting the <Level 1> Boar was that we were practising our teamwork . It's better to practice on opponents that are too weak to kill us even if we mess up . " Jor and Mailt nodded their heads in agreement .

"Will you accept us as friends, Dro? You know that you have nothing to lose right?" Berm said . Jor and Mailt nodded their heads .

"I stand by what I said," Dro turned away from the three and walked away in the direction of the West forest; the three looked shocked at his departing back .

Jor looked at Brem, "What now?"

"We report him to Holdrak," he said while looking in the direction Dro disappeared into .

"But we failed, he said that he would only take us on the third run of the dungeon and invite us to his guild upon establishment, if we found someone who was below <Level 5> but had a strong gift to join his party, but this Dro didn't even add us to his friends list . "

"Even so, we report him . He was <Level 2> which is below <Level 5> and he had an insane amount of health . His class was also all question marks and he didn't have a weapon so maybe his class is something like a martial artist . He is exactly what Holdrak wants . "

"Done!" Jor and Brem turned their heads to Mailt confused and Mailt looked back at them, "I sent a message to Holdrak, saying that we found a player fitting his criteria… Oh, he wrote back . "

Brem gulped down his saliva, "What did he say?"

"Wait a moment . " Mailt quickly read the message, "Holdrak wants us to bring Dro into the village, he is coming with his party to fetch him . "

"Mailt go into the village and wait for him there, me and Jor are going to find and bring Dro back into the village . "

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