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Chapter 59

Dro frowned and after a moment of looking at her slightly quivering back said, "You said it yourself, you have to prove your worth to me by killing the alpha . These dire wolves are not alphas so they don't count . "

Naja shook her head, "I couldn't even kill a simple dire wolf so how can I kill an alpha?" she laughed sadly and mumbled, "I am pathetic . "

Dro frowned deeper, "Naja, you just became a werepire and you were fighting a <Level 12> Elite at your weakest state as a <Level 0> . Any other <Level 0> would have died in a single attack, so don't beat yourself up over it . I am sure that if you fought a dire wolf after I allocate all your attribute points, you would without a doubt win . " Dro said and thought, "Fina understood what 'character' and 'window' are so there is no reason why Naja wouldn't understand what 'level', 'attribute points' and 'Elite' are . "

Naja turned around and looked up at Dro, "Those words are unfamiliar yet familiar…" she nodded, "Do it then, allocate my attribute points and I will fight a dire wolf again but you can't intervene even if it would kill me . "

"Even if she is out levelled by 7 levels she has a red quality weapon that is growing together with her . Not to mention Unspeakable Might Passive increases her Strength, Vitality and Dexterity by 50% and she, at <Level 5> already has as many attribute points as a normal <Level 15> player but still… that damage buff that the dire wolf has because it is out levelling her is not to be taken lightly . I should be generous with Vitality points I allocate to her . I won't risk her life by putting in too little," Dro thought and said nodding, "Alright . "

Dro extended his hand and opened the menu and from it, he opened Naja's character window .

<Name: Naja, Race: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Class: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Level: 5>

<Health: 540/540, Energy: 300/300, Rage 0/100>

<Strength: 13+, Dexterity: 13+, Intellect: 1+, Vitality: 2+ . Spirit: 1+, Luck: 1+, Armour: 2>

<Unpsent Attribute Points: 150>

"Strength, Dexterity and Vitality, I will focus on these three ignoring Intellect, Spirit and Luck . For a damage attribute, it's between Strength and Dexterity but as her skills have the highest benefit from Strength I will prioritize it but I will still allocate some points into Dexterity as well . Then for survivability, I need to increase her health, to the point where dire wolf won't even have a chance to kill her, even if it attacks her more than 10 times," Dro thought and allocated 70 points into Strength, 60 points into Vitality and the last 20 points into Dexterity .

<Name: Naja, Race: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Class: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Level: 5>

<Health: 6,840/6,840, Energy: 300/300, Rage 0/100>

<Strength: 118, Dexterity: 43, Intellect: 1, Vitality: 92 . Spirit: 1, Luck: 1, Armour: 2>

"This will be good enough… maybe I put even a little too much into Vitality," Dro thought and closed the window . He looked down and saw her beautiful eyes looking directly at him, he felt his face burn hot and he said hastily while turning his eyes away, "Go, it won't be a problem for you now . "

Naja nodded slightly, "Alright but you can't intervene no matter what, I have to prove myself that I am worthy enough to be a part of your pack," she turned around and walked deeper into the tunnel; Dro looked at her departing back, "You don't have to prove anything to me as I already know that you will be very strong,…" he thought; then walked after her, following behind her .

Walking forward, they soon found another dire wolf standing in front of them – 40 yards away .

<Dire Wolf, Level 12, Elite>

<HP: 3,750/3,750>

Naja stopped, she took a deep breath, "Here goes nothing," she thought; then crouched down on the ground and propelled herself forward .

<-185, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +16 Rage>

"I feel it, my attack is stronger than it was before!" Naja thought and unleashed a combo of three punches starting with her left hand and ending with it .

<-203, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +14 Rage>

<-210, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +17 Rage>

<-243, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +18 Rage>

Naja smirked and the wolf angrily growled . She ignored the growl; her hands transformed into that of a turned werepire and she delivered two slashes, first from her left and then from her right .

<Werepire's Slash>

<-567, Dire Wolf>

<Werepire's Slash>

<-597, Dire Wolf>

<Dire Wolf, Level 12, Elite>

<HP: 1,745/3,750>

The wolf came in for the bite but then just before the dire wolf could reach her, Naja opened her mouth and howled loudly . So loudly that even standing from the distance, Dro felt it was as if high-quality headphones were blasted off on the maximum possible volume .

<Deafening Howl>

<Dire Wolf, Stunned, 5 Seconds>

Naja started punching the wolf, only stopping when five attacks were launched and when the dire wolf's health dropped below 25% of its health .

<-203, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +14 Rage>

<-210, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +17 Rage>

<-260, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +18 Rage>

<-290, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +14 Rage>

<-312, Dire Wolf> <Naja, +17 Rage>

There was still a quarter of the second of the stun left . Naja's eyes flashed with viciousness; her right arm morphed into that of a turned werepire; it pierced into the dire wolf's flesh and the dire wolf let out a loud yelp of pain . Ignoring the wolf's scream, she pushed her arm inside and the wolf yelped out even louder than before . Ignoring even louder yelps, she continued pushing her arm deeper and deeper inside and the dire wolf yelped louder and louder with every inch her arm took going inside .

Naja with her hand finally reached the wolf's heart; she grasped it and the dire wolf stopped yelping out in pain as she was no longer moving inside him but just after the wolf stopped crying out in pain, she yanked her hand back and a notification flashed .

<Heart Rend>

<Dire Wolf, Slain>

<+750 XP>

<Naja, Level Up>

<Naja, Level 6>

<Naja has been awarded 30 attribute points>

<Naja has 30 Unspent Attribute Points>

<Naja, Level Up>

<Naja, Level 7>

<Naja has been awarded 30 attribute points>

<Naja has 60 Unspent Attribute Points>

Naja pulled out her hand and dire wolf's body fell lifeless to the ground; in her bloody werepire's hand, there was a bloody beating heart . She looked at it and her eyes flashed dark red . She raised the heart above her head, tilted back her head and opened her mouth; then squeezed the heart and a stream of blood descended down into her mouth . Her eyes started glowing and continued glowing while the blood descended into her mouth .

<Unique Werepire Skill Created, Feed, Restores All Health, Reset All Cooldowns and increases all attributes depending on the monster's status, Normal Monster – 1, Elite Monster – 3, BOSS monster – 5>

"She drank the blood from the heart? . . . What is that skill, isn't it a little bit ridiculous?!" Dro thought .

After the last drop of blood dropped in Naja's mouth, her eyes returned back to normal, she closed her mouth and untilted her head; then she dropped the heart to the ground; her arm morphed back to normal but was still bloody . She turned around, faced Dro and smiled, "You were right, I killed the dire wolf without facing any problems and I also felt that my attacks were much stronger as well . It seems that I am not pathetic at all, it was just that I was <Level 0> like you said . " She turned around, "Shall we go?"

"You levelled up, do you want me to allocate your points?" Dro said .

Naja turned her head back and shook her head, "No need, let's not waste any time, the current me is far more than enough for them . "

Dro nodded and he followed after Naja who walked deeper into the tunnel, leading him .

In the tunnel, they encountered 7 more Dire Wolves which Naja all killed alone and drank all the blood from their hearts which gave her additional 21 attribute points to all of her attributes . From killing them, they both received 5,250 experience points and Naja reached <Level 13> but even when she broke through <Level 10> no talents were unlocked for her .

Stepping out of the tunnel, they entered a large room . In the middle of the room laid a huge black wolf with more than 10 scars across its body .

<Alpha Xayor, Level 15, BOSS>

<HP: 88,000/88,000>

Naja looked at Xayor and took a deep breath, "Allocate my points and I will start . "

"Alright, Naja," Dro said and opened her character window .

<Name: Naja, Race: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Class: Werepire: Mutation Beast, Level: 13>

<Health: 9,430/9,430, Energy: 300/300, Rage 0/100>

<Strength: 161+, Dexterity: 86+, Intellect: 25+, Vitality: 129+ . Spirit: 25+, Luck: 25+, Armour: 2>

<Unpsent Attribute Points: 240>