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Chapter 63

"Affection system? Hmm… Oh right, it was mentioned in the favourability explanation under the help option . If I recall correctly 'when favourability reaches the maximum, I will be able to build up affection with the NPC'… We had sex, so I understand why her favourability jumped all the way to the maximum, but why did her affection only jump to 30?… What does even 30 affection supposed to mean? If anything she should have only asked or agree to have sex once her affection was over 70 or something… not that I am complaining… I should check out the help window, maybe it got updated," As Dro's thoughts concluded, Naja stopped in front of him .

"Good morning, Dro," Naja smiled slightly .

Dro furrowed his eyebrows, hearing Naja's greeting . "Isn't she just a little too casual? Why isn't there even a trace of bashfulness on her face? Why didn't she give me a good morning kiss? Why didn't she call me 'dear' or 'darling'?… Did our last night hold no meaning to her? . . . Thinking about it—why would it even be meaningful to her? Why did she even have sex with me? . . . I killed her children… I made her kill her husband and she wanted to have sex with me? Why the hell?! That doesn't make any sense!… She should have resented me! Not wanted to have sex with me!" Dro thought .

Naja tilted her head in confusion, "Is something wrong, Dro?"

Dro looked at her and then said, "Naja, why did you have sex with me?"

"Because you are the alpha," she said without a moment of hesitation .

"That's the only reason?"

Naja nodded, "Yes"

"Then tell me what would you do if on our travels we met another alpha . "

"I would leave with the stronger alpha," she then frowned, "Why are you asking obvious questions?"

Dro closed his eyes; took a deep breath, "So I should just be the strongest and she won't leave?" he thought and opened his eyes but once his eyes opened they were darker than what they usually were and he said something that he wouldn't have said, "Naja, I have always hated one thing and one thing alone . "

"What?" She said confused .

"I despise b*tches!" Dro shouted out and bit into Naja's beautiful neck and she screamed out .

<Unique Skill Created, Devour, Kills your pet and steal all of its active skills>

"Why?!" Naja screamed out and her eyes closed .

<Skill Acquired, Beast Unique Skill, Leap, 80% Weapon Damage +100% Dexterity +50 Strength as damage, Leaps at the target, Range: 50-yards, Cooldown: 15 seconds, Cost: 30 Energy>

<Skill Acquired, Beast Unique Skill, Frenzy, Increases damage done 100%, Cooldown: 3 minutes, Cost: 50 Rage>

<Skill Acquired, Beast Unique Skill, Deafening Howl, Stuns all the targets in the area for 5 seconds, Range: 30 Yards (AOE), Cooldown 1 minute, Cost: 40 Energy>

<Skill Acquired, Beast Unique Skill, Heart Rend, Executes the target by ripping out its heart, Usable on enemies that are below 25% health, Range: Melee>

<Skill Acquired, Unique Werepire Skill, Feed, Restores All Health, Reset All Cooldowns and increases all attributes depending on the monster's status, Normal Monster – 1, Elite Monster – 3, BOSS monster – 5>

Dro's eyes returned to normal; he noticed that he was biting into Naja's neck and he mumbled, "What?" He moved away from her neck and she lifelessly fell down to the ground . His eyes moved to her head body and he blinked his eyes, "She is dead? I see… that's too bad, I liked her…" he thought and moved his eyes away .

Dro opened the menu and from it the help window .




<Fighting higher levelled/lower levelled enemies>

<Item Examination>



"I see two new options but I should take a look at <Favourability> as well, maybe there is something more there," Dro thought and first tapped on the <Favourability> option and a new window opened before him .


<Incresing the favourability with the NPCs will increase your relationship with the said NPC . Which, in turn, will unlock NPC specific quests or even give unique rewards>

<Reaching 100 favourability with the NPC will allow the player to start building up affection with the said NPC>


"Nothing new…" Dro thought; tapped on the <Back> button and he saw the help window once again . He tapped on <Dungeons> and the window changed again . This time with information, he didn't see before .


<Normal dungeons will reset every day at sunrise>

<Doing the normal dungeon with a party which's average level is higher than the dungeon's level by more than 2 levels, will not yield any prestige rewards for first, second and third clear>

<Normal Dungeon Clear Rewards>

<First Clear – 500 prestige>

<Second Clear – 300 prestige>

<Third Clear – 100 prestige points>

<Hardmode dungeons never reset>

<Hardmode dungeon can only be cleared once>

<Hardmode can be done with the party of any level>

<Clear Rewards>

<First Clear –1000 Prestige>

<Killing hardmode dungeon's last boss will yield special rewards>

<Any party that is within the hardmode dungeon after someone has cleared it, will be teleported out>


"Only normal dungeon information is new to me, but since I am out levelling the normal <Wolf Den>, it doesn't matter to me . Wait a minute! Original <Wolf Den> is below <Level 10> and if maybe If I could get a weapon from there, I could identify it with the scroll I received which only works on <Level 10> and below items . " Dro thought shook his head and his thoughts continued, "I am too optimistic, I should just proceed onward without looking back, I need to get a profession and start making money, then get a proper weapon of my level and use that instead of a weapon of below <Level 10> . Hmm… I wonder if there is an item examiner profession," he tapped on the <Back> button and returned to the help window .

Seeing the options once again, he hovered his finger over the last option, "Naja is dead now so it's meaningless but looking at it won't hurt," he thought and tapped on the last option .


<Genereal milestones for affection>


<Some NPCs don't work in the norm and may act outside of the milestones below>

<NPCs with 10 affection will most likely accept hugs>

<NPCs with 30 affection will most likely accept kissing>

<NPCs with 55 affection will most likely accept to have sex>

<NPCs with 80 will most likely accept marriage>


Dro closed the help window and the menu . "It would be a pain to walk all the way back," he thought; extended his hand and cast <Realm Gate>; it opened up before him and he walked through . The realm gate closed after him .

<Rift Between The Worlds>

Dro walked through familiar surroundings and stopped by the huge rock, "Human novice village," he said and a flash of light flashed and a moment later, a notification flashed .

<Human Novice Village> and immediately after another notification flashed, a notification that surprised him .

<Global Announcement, Player Valeif is the first player to have cleared '5-man dungeon Bone Graveyard (Hard Mode)>

<Global Announcement, Bone Graveyard (Hardmode) will no longer be available to players>

<Global Announcement, For clearing Bone Graveyard (Hardmode) player Valeif will be rewarded with: +100 Attribute Points, +5 Talent Points, +1000 Prestige Points, +1 Skill Upgrade Token>