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Chapter 136
Handkerchief in mouth, the J shirts boss watched the opening ceremony of LEE’s flagship store in China . He expressed his endless feeling of resentment to the long queue outside the LEE store, which sold only torn jeans .

After carefully scrutinizing Qin Guan’s poster, he gritted his teeth and signed the tenancy contract with the Leasing Department of the Plaza .
The rent was about three times higher than that of his stores in other areas, but he had high hopes for the future .
As soon as Qin Guan finished his exams the next morning, he was taken to the J clothing headquarters by Sister Xue . The contract came into effect immediately . They went into a J clothing van, heading for the 4A company to shoot a TV advertisement .
The director who met them had originally been unsatisfied with the customer for picking a model in advance . Based on his analysis of J clothing, he had already chosen several good candidates for the advertisement, considering the brand’s rising status, audience and budget . Domestic models such as Huang Haibin and Ren Quan were all popular stars .
He didn't care about the choice the boss had made for the poster and T show, but only a famous model would qualify for a TV advertisement .
When Qin Guan got out of the car though, the director was stunned . The models he favored were ordinary people compared to Qin Guan .
Relaxing, he asked his assistant to lead Qin Guan to the makeup room, while he stayed outside to finish the preparations with the J clothing staff .
Qin Guan went out of the makeup room and saw some figurants in the studio, who would serve as background in the advertisement .
While the leading actor would be running, they would follow him around to create momentum . When the leading actor was still, they would stay behind him like wallflowers .
Suddenly, Qin Guan saw his old acquaintance, Ouyang Fen .
Ouyang Fen's expression was thunderous when Qin Guan came out . They had been the winner and runner-up of the same national competition . The gap between the two of them was not that broad . Besides, Qin Guan was just an amateur model in Ouyang Fen’s mind .
However, Qin Guan had overcome countless obstacles and conventions in the modelling circle .
Convention I . It was difficult for an amateur model to sign a contract with a formal agency, as most amateurs models were not qualified enough . However, Qin Guan had been pestered to sign a contract with a formal agency for several months .
Convention II . It was difficult for amateur models to win domestic contests . Most models were promoted to C Level after signing a contract and stayed at that level for all their lives . Without strong financial support from the agency, it was very difficult to win a domestic contest . It was like the 25,000 kilometer Long March of the Red Army .
Still, it had been easy and smooth for Qin Guan, who had just drifted along with the current . He had cleverly chosen a competition for new models without latent rules and a clear winner . With the approval of both the judges and designers, he had won plenty of awards in his first competition .
After the competition, he had been promoted to B Level . Ouyang Fen gave him a forced smile . Qin Guan got himself a brand endorsement, while I’m still stuck in the background .

Qin Guan walked to the centre of the studio . To Ouyang Fen’s surprise, he didn't sneer at him . He just patted his shoulder without a word .
The director’s voice woke Ouyang up . He was slightly shocked, but he felt warm in his heart . Maybe Qin Guan is a good man after all!
Qin Guan greeted the director in cotton knitwear, a waistcoat and leisurely pants .
"Have you shot a commercial before?"
Qin Guan shook his head .
"Do you know how to follow a camera?"
Qin Guan shook his head .
"Do you have any related training or experience?"

Qin Guan nodded before adding, "Most of my experience is on printed media and photos . "
The director exhaled in relief before telling Qin Guan, "Just relax and imagine that this is you in your everyday life . Do what I said, but don't drift too far from the camera . The sense of the lens is inbred . I have confidence in you!"
Qin Guan had gained himself another admirer . The shooting began, and the figurants followed Qin Guan as he ran around and leapt . The first film was finished fast .
The director gasped in admiration at Qin Guan's performance . No wonder that models had the best lens sense . They can always find the best angle for shooting . Even the smile on his face is just right!
The scene was finished during the second film, as the figurants had been running in the wrong order at the beginning .
The second scene was simpler . They just chased each other on circling stairs .
The final scene was shot at the top of the mansion . When they climbed to the top breathlessly, Qin Guan was surprised to see a roof lawn .
The company seemed to have spent a lot on the advertisement . The director of A . M wouldn't tell anyone about it, but they had evaluated J clothing as a senior customer with great potential .
This meant that if the boss of the J shirts was satisfied with their work, there would be another contract .
In the final scene, Qin Guan was chased by everyone else . People tore at his clothes to express their inner desire as Qin Guan shamelessly exposed a part of his chest .
When the director said that they were done, Qin Guan was confused . It had felt like a camera had been recording his daily activities .
He watched the playback doubtfully . In the special subdued light, his features were magnified naturally . His long legs were moving in perfect rhythm as the camera got closer . His sexy butt was clear in the leisurely pants . In the natural light of the setting sun, Qin Guan stood still among everyone else . He was the most dazzling person in the frame .
He had been born a leading actor .
After the shooting, Qin Guan was approved by A . M, one of the top three 4A companies in the capital .
They filled Qin Guan’s name in the "optional" column and wrote a "B" silently next to it .
Considering his popularity and audience though, the director should have written an "A" .
After the work was done, Qin Guan got a text notification about a bank transfer . Deducting Sister Xue's payment, 60,000 yuan had fallen right into his pocket .