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Chapter 377
Chapter 377: Invitations From Everyone

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After half an hour, the owners started a fierce fight over the magazines . There was also a strange atmosphere in Chinatown .

The owners of traditional variety shops had bought one magazine each . The magazines had come from Qin Guan's loyal sidekick, Xu Xiaoxiao . He had seen the magazines on stands around the area and made the decision to distribute them evenly .

Not everyone was happy though . In an office building with the sign "New York Japan Corporation Office", Yamaguchi Tsutomu was sitting in a large black chair .

Across her desk were two lines of men in black suits, bowing before her . They dared not get up or speak . They were even holding their breath .

Yamaguchi Tsutomu looked at them and said coldly, "What have you been doing all these days? Where is my investment? So many people have turned me down . New Yorkers don’t care about money, do they?"

"What did the Mayor of Manhattan say? Senators are idiots on both sides! What are you afraid of?"

Her tone suddenly became high . She intended to throw the magazine with Qin Guan on the cover at her stupid subordinates, but she suppressed her temper at the sight of her prince .

"Tomorrow is their traditional festival . Those idiots like funny things . "

"Since they won’t cooperate with me, we don't need to save face for them . We are Japanese, so we do not celebrate Halloween . We could send them an unforgettable gift though . "

"Yes!" The men in black bowed before her together . "Who shall we choose from Chinatown?"

"Since Xu has been away from the gang for a long time, I’ll just let them go . Kill the toughest person on the street to give them a lesson . "

"Yes, madam!" They all left together, leaving only the loyal, silent fat man behind . Miss is very clever . All her decisions are right .

Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei had no idea about those thrilling events . Qin Guan was sitting in a classroom sincerely .

Those days, whenever Qin Guan was on campus, Prof . Martin would have a talk with him during the breaks .

This was because of his perfect scores . His peers were itching to get back at him . Although Qin Guan was in a good mood every day, the over-enthusiastic tutors troubled him a lot .

On the other side, the confident boy called Kuhn had become more and more gloomy ever since that last incident .

Qin Guan always felt his cold, depressed eyes staring at his and Xu Xiaoxiao’s backs .

Whenever they came across each other, Kuhn would stare at them with a grimace on his face .

"Is he okay?" Qin Guan asked Xu in concern . In his opinion, Kuhn looked very dispirited .

"He's always like that . Proud in looks, but cowardly at heart . He can't withstand even the smallest attack . Don't worry, he would not dare harm you . Oh, by the way, I saw your magazine . Do you feel any different about yourself now?"

Xu rubbed his palms excitedly . "Different?"

Suddenly, a group of beautiful girls walked up to them . They had full boobs, smooth skin, and long curly hair . They looked like fairies from a fairytale .

"They are coming . . . " Xu stared at them with shining eyes, saliva dripping down his chin .

"Qin Guan, I saw your magazine! It was wonderful . Here is an invitation to our Halloween party!"

The leader, a girl with red hair, handed Qin Guan several invitations . There was a rose tattoo on her fair hand .

So that was what Xu had meant by "different" .

The popularity of a student decided how many party invitations they would receive .

As the prince of freshmen, Qin Guan had more chances than other students . Besides, his pictures were in three different fashion magazines, which had made his popularity reach its peak .

He was just like a magnet, attracting invitations nonstop . All the party organizers wanted to invite him to their parties to promote their status and taste .

As a result, various troops headed for the same battlefield .

That group of girls were the best students of Barnard College . They were all good at dealing with men .

"Thanks, I’ll come if I have spare time . "

He looks like such a gentle boy . He’s so different from the fierce, savage guy on the magazine .

Some girls, who always felt like queens among men, blushed spontaneously . They walked away, looking back time and again . Xu took one of the invitations .

"Bro, you have to go to their party and take me along!"

"Or what?"

"Or I’ll move in your house and eat all the food in your fridge . I’ll also cry . . . "

They kept joking with each other, when some more invitations arrived . A guy with a forced smile, who was the acting chief of the Chinese Student Union of Columbia approached them .

"Qin Guan, would you please come to our party? You have brought glory to the Chinese nation, even if it is an unusual kind of glory . . . I have faith in you!"