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Chapter 397

 The waist was low enough to reveal his V-line abs . As the girl pulled, Qin Guan's bottom was exposed .

 The girl burst into laughter . The accident drove her last bit of desire away .

 "You are so cute . Forget it, bye!" The girl covered her body with the sheet and put on her clothes underneath .

 She only had a small role, so her work was finished . She left without hesitation, seeking new prey .

 Qin Guan let out a long breath . Before he could put on his clothes, the prop master passed by with some equipment and told him, "Hey, Qin Guan . You don't need to put them on . You’ll have to take them off again later . "

 Qin Guan smiled awkwardly, but didn’t reply . The guy in charge of the costumes approached him . "You are saving me money . . . "

 Are you kidding? I like wearing clothes! 

 Beauty knew no gender .

 In the next scene, the hero wanted to get drunk after that failed attempt at sex .

 Qin Guan was naked again, but no important parts of his body were revealed . In the US, there was a strict movie rating system . George’s skill was exactly to the point .

 Qin Guan’s straight back and slender legs looked wonderful on the camera . Actually, people liked to be naked at home .

 Qin Guan left the bedroom leisurely and tried to find a bottle of beer in the fridge .

 Suddenly, the door opened . The roommate of the silver-haired girl, Drew Barrymore, walked into the apartment .

 There was no sheet or quilt covering Qin Guan’s body . He was only wearing a pair of cheap slippers .

 He immediately opened the door of the fridge to cover his most private parts .

 The fridge was an 1980s model . George and the prop team had tried their best to find a big one . The light came on when the door opened, shedding light on Qin Guan's bottom .

 Drew scanned him from head to toe with a seductive expression .

 "You’re her new boyfriend? I’ve never seen you before . Not local, are you? Where are you from?"

 "I’m a Jew . . . "

 "I just had a date with an Asian . I have dated people from many different races . Jews are very mysterious . Shall we have a try?"

 Then she put down her bag . "I’m thirsty . I want something cold . "

 Sister, what are you about to do? I’ll get you something to drink . Keep some distance from me, please! Leave me alone!

 She had become obsessed with him on first sight . Stretching out her fair hand into the fridge, she reached between Qin Guan's bottom and the fridge door .

 Qin Guan stood still awkwardly, waiting until she got two bottles of beer from the fridge .

 Everyone around felt jealous as they watched the scene . Suppressing his embarrassment, Qin Guan expressed his admiration of the beautiful woman .

 They looked at each other tenderly, love shining through their eyes .

 Barrymore handed Qin Guan a bottle and toasted with him . Their bottles clanked as they drank from each other's bottle .

 George let out a long breath . This was a wonderful meeting of two outstanding actors . People called that a meeting of diamonds .

 "Okay!" He decided to call it a day . Qin Guan and Drew looked at each other .

 Sister, could you please leave first? I’m still in the fridge . Although we have air-conditioning here, it's still winter . My fifth limb is nearly frozen .

 Barrymore gave Qin Guan a big, meaningful smile that he didn't understand .

 When she walked away, Qin Guan rushed to the bedroom as fast as he could . He had to recover under the quilt .

 The open fridge looked like a big mouth laughing at the poor man .

 When all the props were cleared away, Qin Guan realized that Director George was already enjoying himself in the resting area . He left without saying goodbye to him .

 He had to catch a bus, as his car had been taken by that terrible woman .

Sister Xue was at a stalemate with Qu Xuemei’s deadly foe at the VOGUE headquarters . Qu had threatened him over Qin Guan's inner pages .

 Richard was known for being capable to spot a real pearl among fake ones . Qin Guan's photos were on three magazines at the same time, but the positions were different . He was on a cover, some inner pages and one group photo . The results were quite interesting .

 One week later, the ranking list of the US fashion magazines was completely different . VOGUE had originally been in the lead, W following tight on its heels . Thanks to its unconventional cover though, Raynana's magazine, NYLON, had jumped up to the third place on the list, ahead of W . Only VOGUE and C were above it .

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