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Chapter 505

Extreme joy begot sorrow . Qin Guan performed at once . He was in very low spirits now . He hung his head down, his short hair hiding the sorrow in his eyes .

He passed by them on purpose . As they sneered at him, he started crying . He just moved his lips, showing no response at their malevolence as he walked past them sadly .

This irrigated his fans, who had been disappointed at first . An idol couldn't be good at everything though . Qin Guan was good at studying and acting . They couldn’t ask any more of him .

As they watched his lonely figure, they got angry . F*ck! How dare you bully our idol! This is nothing but a mistake . He’s already made a good jump!

Qin Guan's opponents had no idea about the misfortunes that would befall them in the future . No girl would go near them during the rest of their time at Harvard .

They were currently watching the third try of the handsome boy, who seemed to be crying . Ha ha! You’ll land outside the pit!

As Qin Guan began running from the starting line though, they sensed his fierce confidence . The glowing man looked like he was flying in the sky, the golden sunshine shining on his back like angel wings .

Farther… Farther . . .

Qin Guan landed in the pit again . The referee ran over to measure the distance .


 "16 . 79 meters! No foul!"

Deafening cheers burst out as girls from both Harvard and Columbia hugged each other excitedly . The boys around them enjoyed the feeling of the girls in their arms .

They were really grateful for Qin Guan . You eat the meat, bro . Just leave the soup to me .

Rongzi, Xu Xiaoxiao and Lan Jin cheered loudly . Then, as if they’d suddenly remembered something, they began to beat their chests and stomp their feet .

Qin Guan was only one centimeter away from reaching the standards of an international athlete!

Vivian was pressing the shutter like crazy . She would share the wonderful moment with her friends at OMG .

Qin Guan’s opponents were stunned .

"Sorry for the mischief back at Columbia, but I don't want to lose . "

Qin Guan walked over to them with a sincere smile, stretching his hand out .

Some people were born with a surprising charm . The closer he got, the more anxious they became .

"We accept your apology . The Columbia football team really sucks though!"

"Ha ha! Agreed!"

The sweat on Qin Guan's forehead was sparkling under the sunshine . His smile was like a blooming flower .

The bus left, leaving behind legends about Qin Guan . He had more loyal fans now than he had before .

 That evening, when everyone had fallen asleep at MIT, Vivian posted a vivid article on OMG .

"This is a travel blog about our idol . If you are interested, please follow me to observe Qin Guan’s daily life . "

"It's the first day of the trip . We are at MIT now . During the daytime, we visited Harvard, where some interesting things happened . I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them . "

When the users clicked on the post, they saw countless pictures of Qin Guan . There were pictures of Qin Guan’s back, of him and Cong Nianwei on the bus, of Qin Guan's bored expression during the meeting, of his wonderful leap in the competition . . .

The girls loved them . The most excited ones were already on their way to Qin Guan's location . The list of Qin Guan’s new fans at Harvard grew .

There were more than 30 pretty signatures, plus some ugly ones signed by men . They all made the girls both excited and sad .

Some excited girls realized their locations were on Qin Guan's route .

 "His next destination will be Connecticut! I’ll go to Yale and wait for him!"

"Why is California his last stop?" It was because California was the farthest away from New York .

Those living far away from his route went crazy .

"What’s the governor of Texas doing every day? Riding horses? Cowboys are stupid!"

"New Mexico is always ignored . "

"My university is also famous . Why is Qin Guan skipping it?"

"Which university are you studying at? Tell us!"

"The William Paterson University in New Jersey . "

"Ha ha . . . " A university that was not on the list . . .