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Published at 27th of March 2018 06:00:21 AM

Chapter 543: Brine Pig Elbows

He had a unique way of selecting actors, which made his films that much more realistic .

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He had abandoned professional actors and selected the most suitable ones from among the figurants . The protagonist of his film was an ordinary miner struggling in life .

Li Yang brought his newly-discovered protagonist along for dinner . The boy, who had never acted in a film before, had suddenly become the hero of an international film . What a lucky guy!

As Li Yang introduced them, Qin Guan shot an envious look in the direction he was pointing at . Then he burst into laughter .

Some actors could make Qin Guan laugh just with their appearance . The list went like this: Huang Bo (No . 1), Xu Zheng (No . 2) and Wang Baoqiang (No . 3) .

He wondered what Li Yang's team had been thinking about . Maybe there had been no team . Li Yang hadn't hired a stylist for Wang . The guy had showed up just as he was .

His yellow hair was messy, and his grey loose suit looked strange on his body . He ran up to them in a hurry, sweat glistening on his forehead .

"What's the matter, director?"

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He looked admiringly at the director who had taken him abroad, with an honest expression shining in his eyes . He looked just like a Husky .

"I want to introduce a new friend to you . He is also a Chinese actor . His film is participating in the festival . "

"Qin Guan, this is my protagonist, Wang Baoqiang . "

"Wang Baoqiang, this is Qin Guan . "

Holding back his laughter, Qin Guan stretched his hand out, shaking the guy’s hand tightly .

"Brother Guan, how do you do? You are so talented . You are my idol . . . I am trying to learn from you . "

Unprecedented passion shone in his eyes . He knew the young man was formidable, but he couldn’t tell why . If my director considers him formidable, then he must be .

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"Just call me Brother Qin or Qin Guan . No need to call me Brother Guan . "


Because you have a poor accent . . . If Qu heard it, I would never live this down . . .

Wang was an honest man . Qin Guan was older than him by one year, but he admired Qin Guan a lot .

"Okay, I will just call you Elder Brother . You are so handsome!"

Qin Guan did not comment on his taste .

The three Chinese men began their short journey in Berlin, a strict city full of tall men . As a tough country, Germany was famous for its strictness and regulations . On the evening of the Berlin Film Festival though, the city looked lovely .

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The mascot of the festival, which was a bear, could be seen everywhere around the city in different poses . It looked both pretty and funny .

Some stores had dressed the mascot in colorful traditional costumes, which added a sense of fun to the boring streets .

The food in Germany was no better than the atmosphere . British food was rightfully considered the worst in Europe, but German food was the first runner-up .

Even though Germany was a large nation, there were only a few dishes that could be enjoyed by foreigners . These included sausages, pig elbows, beef, and pig knuckles . If one also took beer into consideration, then Germany’s reputation could be saved .

Li Yang led them to a small household restaurant at a small corner of the city . The customers included idlers who spent their whole day drinking beer and kids who bought takeaway for school .

Most of the customers were nearby residents who wanted to enjoy pig elbows .

When the food was served, Qin Guan realized he had overestimated Li Yang’s taste . In his opinion, brine pig elbows, which were a famous dish in Berlin, were just pig elbows boiled in salty water . He wondered why the other two guys were eating them with such relish, especially Wang, who was actually sucking on his fingers .

"Try the side dishes . I’m not kidding! They are delicious!"

Li Yang stared at the broccoli and pickles on Qin Guan's plate with a hungry expression in his eyes . Qin Guan had to swallow a piece of broccoli and some mashed potatoes .

 They were a perfect combination! The salty pork was delicious and matched the broccoli and potatoes well . If one had it with cold beer, it seemed like the most supreme taste in the world .

The three Chinese men finished two portions of food each and left, surprising the simple, honest restaurant owner .

"If only all the customers ate as much as them!"

"If they did, we would run out of supplies and starve . . . "

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