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Chapter 740
Chapter 740: Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Vs . The Chinese Mainland

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Qin Guan was both suffering and having fun . He was about to execute a brutal elimination . He had to weed out 42 out of the 108 top models selected from all over the country .

Chinese people considered 66 to be a lucky number . This was also the number of models one needed to participate in a large-scale fashion event .

The selection began at Teacher Li's school . Qin Guan, who was the only judge, was happy to return to his old classroom .

In Paris, the models would concentrate only on the runway show, so Qin Guan did not set high standards for the fashion photoshoot . The models only had to be expressive and walk elegantly on the runway . The best test was an underwear show .

Revealing clothes set the bar very high for models, as any flaws on their bodies would be exposed before the judge .

This was unfair for famous models that took perfect pictures, but a chance like this was considered very valuable in the industry . If one couldn't overcome the difficulties they faced on the way, they could risk destroying their reputation .

Some Hong Kong models like Xie Tingting didn't participate in the competition . Instead, Hong Kong had sent a group of girls known for their runway walk . When they came out, Qin Guan nearly spit out his water .

Hong Kong was a tolerant city where at least 10 races from different countries resided . Renowned female models, including Gaile Lai, Kathy Chow and Lisa S, swarmed out . Their agents had worked really hard for this opportunity .

When they reached the stopping point of the T stage, Qin Guan, who was the decision-maker, crossed out Gaile Lai's name .

It was strange to see a 175-centimeter tall girl among 180-centimeter tall girls, even if she had long legs . As a result, the popular girl was the first to be eliminated .

When the models from Taiwan came out, Qin Guan tried his best to hold back his laughter . It was the future favorite of lonely indoorsmen, Lin Chi-Ling .

She was 30 years old at the time and only 175 centimeters tall, but she was still walking down the runway intently . Qin Guan felt all kinds of feelings well up in his heart .

You don't need to work so hard, sister . Soon, a goddess with a childlike voice and bigger boobs will become popular on the Chinese mainland .

The model had become unexpectedly successful when her agent had moved her to the Chinese mainland .

Just be grateful for your young looks and the boys' tolerance for Taiwanese girls .

Qin Guan knew that the clever woman was aware of her own shortcomings . Her presence was just a friendly gesture aimed at Qin Guan's firm . She was hoping that Qin Guan would help her in the future, as one's achievements mattered more than their age in that industry .

She was very clear about what she wanted, so she managed to keep up a sweet smile, even though she was surrounded by taller girls .

The other models, who were feeling jealous because Qin Guan had paid more attention to Sister Lin, Du Juan, Lv Yan, began to sneer at her .

"Her smile is beautiful, but she is too short to qualify . "

"Yes, just look at her breasts . 32A at best!"

That size was actually very common in the modelling circle .

Before they could finish their words, they saw their idol cross out Lin's name .

As more and more models from the mainland walked on the stage, Lv and Du closed their mouths . They felt nervous to finally meet their real rivals .

Qin Guan had no time to pay attention to them . He was too busy looking at the best models from different Chinese cities . Lynn Hung? Isn't she from Hong Kong?

Qin Guan looked down at her resume and found out that the famous Hong Kong girl, who had actually been born in Nanjing, had just won an award at the Chinese Fashion Week .

Eileen and Liu Wen were right behind her .

Qin Guan read their resumes quickly . How old are they? Why did they come here today? Lynn Hung, I understand . She is only one year older than me . Liu Wen was born in 1988 though . She is just a little girl who's made her presence known in the capital . It seems like newborn calves are not afraid of tigers . . .

The girl had been selected from the Hunan Province by New Silk Road . Hunan had originally wanted to send her to the national competition, but their attempt had revealed their secret weapon early .