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Chapter 883
Chapter 883: A Big Event

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Xie failed to get an answer from Qin Guan, so he changed the topic to the farce on the balcony . He couldn't help but share a secret with Qin Guan .

"Do you know Joy? She was the girl who fell down earlier . "

"I don't . "

I'm Chinese . I know nothing about the entertainment circle in Thailand .

"Her name was Joy . " Some playboys fell silent as soon as they heard the name . "Do you know why?"

Of course not . I don't know the girl .

"She was originally a man . She is a transgender person . "

Okay, you're scaring me! That delicate girl is actually a man?

Qin Guan shivered at the thought .

"She has known about her gender ever since she was a child . She was lucky to be born in a rich family . In Thailand, such surgeries are pretty successful . Now she is not a semi-finished product anymore . She has transitioned completely . "

That was why those young men hadn't showed any interest in the pretty girl . It was ridiculous for a straight man to fall in love with a she-male . Any man would run away as fast as he could . This was a symbol of the lowest social class in Thailand after all . The difficulties of transgender life drove many poor men to the road .

Individuals who had had unsuccessful surgeries couldn't survive for long, as they couldn't satisfy the tourists' tastes . It was an ugly, twisted business . Joy was different though .

Some poor men were forced into this life, but Joy had chosen it . Still, people would shoot meaningful looks at them all the same .

Qin Guan sighed silently . Life was really hard for transgender individuals .

When he saw that Qin Guan was not interested in the gossip, Xie Hanren changed the topic . He had just done his duty by warning Qin Guan .

Suddenly, Qin Guan felt something strange . He looked at Xie Guomin and the princess . The solemn expression on Xie's face indicated that there was a serious problem .

When they finished their conversation, Xie Guomin got on the stage at the front of the hall and clapped his hands to attract the attention of the guests . Then he pointed to the second floor of the luxurious building .

"First, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for coming here tonight . Of course, most of our guests are relatives or good friends of Xie . "

"However, we also have the honor of having our beautiful princess here today . The banquet is reaching its end, so I would like to present you with a surprise . Does everyone in here know that my hometown is in China?"

"Yes . . . "

"I would like to show you my collection of Chinese treasure! My private collection is unmatched in the world! It's a feast for the eyes . "

All the guests cheered up at the news . They belonged in the same circle, so they had basically the same taste . The collection of the richest family in the country had to be amazing .

Thus, they all followed Xie Guomin to the second floor .

Xie Hanren and Qin Guan were among the crowd . Along the way, Xie whispered to Qin Guan, 'This is strange . My dad never shows his treasure to anyone . I hardly ever see it myself . Why is he being so gallant today? Such a big number of people could break his porcelain!"

Is your dad's porcelain made of paper?

When the last guest stepped onto the second floor, all the servants left the hall in an orderly manner without cleaning up the mess .

Then a group of security guards poured into the hall . They all seemed well-trained and valiant .

In some turbulent countries, security agencies couldn't satisfy rich men, as the sudden dangers there exceeded their professional skills .

However, there was a strange group of people in the world called mercenaries . If one paid them enough money, they could be the best security guards in a peaceful environment . The security guards hired by the Xie family were exactly like that . The whole mansion was currently on guard .

No emergency could surprise Han Zhujiu though, who used to be a member of the Chinese Special Forces . He had sensed the upcoming danger as soon as he had heard about the phone call the princess had received . Although he had been working in Chinatown for a long time, the basic nature of a soldier was still in his blood . It was an indispensable instinct .

Thus, after whispering something to Qin Guan, Han followed the guests into the treasure room .