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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Bishounen Song Ye

Song Ye neither had low self-esteem nor is she not pretty at all . Reversedly, her facial features are exquisite and beautiful with a solid feeling to it . With a smooth and delicate skin and a slightly curvy watery eyes, she don’t even looked like those typical girls coming from the countryside that have oily face during summer and two big red spots on their cheeks during winter .

The reason why Tang MeiLing trio hated and bullied her was because they coincidentally saw her face during the junior high school entrance ceremony .

The jealousy of women are sometimes even more scary than demons .

When her short hair fluttered under the sunlight, Song Ye can’t help but to raise her head towards the sky, thinking about how refreshing it was with all those annoyance off her head .

In her past life, she usually sported a short hair as she had to complete all sorts of missions that required her to disguise . Along with the white jacket and black jeans that she had worn earlier, she looked handsome as the attire reduced her beauty as a girl . If one does not observe her properly on purspose, it will be difficult to know her actual gender .

Zhao Zhen woke up early in the morning and printed out the contracts when the sun is not even up yet . After preparing the seal stamp and documents, he sat alone in the shop and occassionally looked at the shop’s entrance . He waited and waited untill all the employees had came to work and yet the one that he waited for had not appeared .

If not for the rare emerald that was currently in his bag, he would’ve really thought that it was all a dream .

Just when the employees were busy working and at the same time guessing who their employer was waiting for, a slender silhouette then walked into the shop . The person that wore white jacket that showed their thin bodybuild along with the short, black hair resting at the corner of their clear eyes that looked as if it was like a deep well filled with water was standing there . All of it looked as if it was a very exquisite poster .

“Oh, what a handsome face . ”

“Yeah, that’s right . Seeing all the young masters and young ladies that frequent this shop, this face for sure is the most exquisite among them . ”

“But, is that a boy or a girl?”

Actually, Song Ye herself don’t really look androgynous at all . But due to her short hair and the neutral gender attire that she wore along with her cold and indifferent expression, it had caused confusion .

Given one to two years, when she had grown taller, she might’ve really became a pretty boy .

Zhao Zhen of course had also noticed the handsome face that caused a ruckus among the employees, but he had only looked for a second before shifting his eyes away, not minding who that person was .

He looked down that the watch on his wrist . It’s almost nine past thirty now, why is she not here yet……

When he was thinking that, a shadow appeared in front of his eyes . He raised his head and saw that it was the handsome boy that stood in front of him . When they had eye contact, Zhao Zhen blanked slightly .

“How may I help you?”

Obviously, he did not recognize Song Ye .

Although Song Ye is a cold person, she’s also not the type to play ‘guess’ with others and directly tell him .

“Uncle Zhao, I’m Song Ye . ”

After she dropped the sentence, while the employees around were exclaiming what a good voice she had, they then turned and saw their employer was so shocked that he stood up suddenly, causing the chair to fall .

“You, you are Song Ye? Yesterday… . . ”

He was feeling thirsty as he had waited there for a few hours, not to mention after facing such a situation that further shocked him, he was unable to speak properly .

Song Ye curved her lips slightly and nodded her head .

“I am . ”

She did not even changed her face or did any plastic surgery, did he need to be that shocked?

That smile of hers had caused Zhao Zhen’s eyes to blurred out for a moment and he came to realization how impudent he was earlier, he then coughed a little .

“Ahem, you looked different from yesterday so I did not recognize you . I have prepared all the things, please do head inside . ”

“Mm . ”

Song Ye then walked towards the direction that Zhao Zhen had pointed, not feeling in the slightest that what she did was condescending .

But when this scene happened in front of the other employees, all their jaw dropped .

A man aged thirty something that did the motion that indicates ‘please’ to a kid around fifteen years old is already weird enough as it is . Not to mention that this man is the very owner of the famous YuFu Jewellery Shop in Yun Cheng .

In actual, other than knowing that he is an honest and straight-laced man, Song Ye knew nothing in regards to Zhao Zhen .

But looking at the contract and documents in her hand and the related terms and conditions, Song Ye felt satisfied with his working capability .

Looking through the ten columns worth of contents and informations, she then signed her name onto the document . As she is underaged, she also need to do a thumb print on the documents .

Zhao Zhen was questioning if a kid of her age is able to understand all those business terms… . .

After signing the document, Song Ye can be considered as an official shareholder of YuFu Jewelleries .

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Just when Zhao Zhen planned to introduce the operations of the shop, Song Ye had unexpectedly opened her mouth first .

“Is it due to emergency situation that Uncle Zhao even used the capital of the shop to purchase the apple green emerald?”

Thirty thousand in addition with the thirty percent shares . In this age, it was considered a large sum for a small jewellery shop .

Although Zhao Zhen adored emeralds, he was, at the same time, a businessman . there’s no way he will take such a risk .

Hearing that, Zhao Zhen blinked his eyes and sighed as she had expected . He sat on the sofa with a worried expression .

“Actually Yun Cheng does not lack wealthy people, but our position here are secluded . Not to mention, the raw stone market route that we use are the land route, and the distance in between is too far away . Even if we go there, we are not able to get any good quality items . And so the jewellery shops in Yun Cheng also began to fall one by one . Occassionally, there will be auctions in the raw stone market . During that time, if the sellers are able to take out jewel stones of quality high enough, it will leave a good reputation behind and then the resources for that seller will also be richer . ”

The resources mentioned here, worked as if spreading out like a cirlce . The ones at the centre will have the most benefits, while the ones at the outer circumference will be weaker .

It was awkward, considering the position of Yun Cheng . So one can’t really blame Zhao Zhen’s desire to auction the apple green emerald no matter what .

But now that Song Ye also owned part of the jewellery shop, naturally she would not allow it to face any loss just like that .

“When will the auction take place?”

“Tonight . ”

Zhao Zhen ahd actually planned to prepare himself and head there after he’s done with the contract .

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Song Ye nodded her head and leave the documents aside .

“Then I will head there together with Uncle Zhao and stock up while we’re there . ”

Stock up? Zhao Zhen was stunned for a moment and only understood what she meant by stock up after a while and he twitched his mouth . Deducting the content inside the raw stones is difficult even for a God, while for her it’s just something like stocking up from a wholesale?

But thinking about the fact that Song Ye was the one who provided the emerald, Zhao Zhen then did not touch upon the topic anymore .

“Okay, then we will be heading out later . The distance is a little far, so we might need to stay overnight there . Do you want to contact your family first?”

No matter how mature Song Ye appeared to be, she is still underaged . Zhao Zhen will still be a proper adult in regards to some affairs .

Song Ye still looked indifferent towards it and directly shook her ehad . She stood up and walked outside with Zhao Zhen .

“We can leave now . ”

Although the Song family tended to scold or curse her for no reason at all, they for sure won’t be concerned enough to come out and search for her . This, she can be sure of .

Zhao Zhen opened his mouth wanting to say something but he did not do so in the end . His instincts told him that Song Ye don’t like him prying into her business .

The raw stone market is at the border of Lin Cheng and the total travelling time would be around three hours . When Zhao Zhen ahd stopped the car in the hotel parking basement, it was already 2p . m .

The two of them then ate a simple meal and decided to return and rest in the hotel first . Before heading out, Song Ye stopped in her tracks and dropped her gaze at the attractive shop sign diagonally opposite of her .