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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Raw Stone Auction

When Song Ye reached out for the raw stone, a sport shoe then stepped onto the raw stone . Raising her eyes, she saw three teenage boys looking down on her arrogantly; the one that mocked her was the teenage boy leading them .

The three boys looked at Song Ye’s face momentarily and slightly blanked, not expecting that the boy that was digging through the raw stone pile would have such a beautiful face . Upon comparison, although the three boys were wearing branded clothing, they in turn were still incomparable to her .

The feeling of being a level lower than others had made the leading boy felt unhappy . He then frowned and snorted .

“Hey, I’m talking about you . Don’t you see what this place is? Outsiders should just go back to where they came from and don’t embarass themselves . ”

Since the other party had came knocking on the door, no matter how cold Song Ye was, she can’t just go and ignore it . She stood up suddenly and straightened her back in front of the boy, making him shocked and stepped onto other’s foot .

“The fuck, what the hell are you doing?”

Embarrassing himself, the boy then fumed and began spouting vulgar words .

With her usual cold face and not bothered to give even a different expression, Song Ye only replied shortly .

“A good dog never blocks the way . ”

That very sentence had all the three boys insulted .


The boy was so mad that he can’t even say anything in return . The two underling behind him then walked out to support their leader .

“How dare you talk like that to our young master Sun, are you that eager to die . ”

Young master Sun? Song Ye calmly dropped her gaze at the boy in front of her . By wearing the branded clothing did make him looked slightly better than others, but in front of Song Ye, he was just a kid that had not even grown up .

Although Song Ye had no expression on her face, Sun Shao still felt mocked for no reason inside out upon being observed by her .

He was originally in a bad mood and was only trying to take it out on Song Ye, but he did not expect that this weakling is actually a porcupine full of needles . The bad mood of his was not soothed but in return had him felt even more angry . Not wanting to say anymore, he gritted his teeth and shouted .

“Beat him, beat him up . If anything happened I will take care of it . ”

Upon hearing that, the underlings excitedly clenched their fist .

“Don’t worry, young master Sun . We will beat him up to the point his parents can’t even recognize him . ”

After much difficulty trying to be worthy to Sun Shao, those two boys then swung their fists towards Song Ye after showing their loyalty .

That pretty face will be your very downfall!

As they stood near each other when the arguement happened and along with how stealthy and fast the punches of the boys were, the people spectating at the side let out  a gasp and some girls even cover their eyes, not daring to see what will happen next .

After some time passed and the ruckus that were expected did not happen . The boys attacking was left shocked, blankly looking at their fist that were caught by the slender fingers, unable to pull away .

“Let go!”

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The boy angrily lifted his leg to kick upwards, the leg that was kicked upwards flexibly forced the both of them apart .

Seeing that, Song Ye was sure that the boy had trained before .

She then felt interested as her eyes glinted slightly .

“If I’m going to practise then I’m having you guys to practise with . ”

While saying that, Song Ye rolled up her sleeve . A long and fair arm can be seen, but at the next second, it strectched out to punch the boys, the speed of her punches were faster than those of the boys .

The boy did not expect that Song Ye knew how to fight, he sub-consciously raised his hand to evade the punches, but when his arm and Song Ye’s fist made contact, a crack  can be heard . Feeling extreme pain, he raised his voice uncontrollably .


The scream were rushed and high pitched . When the scream reached the ears of the spectators, they felt goosbumps all over .

With only one punch, the arm of the boy were broken; how much strength will it require to do so? This one hit by Song Ye had made others felt scared .

Song Ye frowned and took back her fist . She had only felt that something was wrong .

Last time when she was teaching a lesson to Xiao Dao in the residential house and breaking his bone, she had thought that it was due to the fact that the boy’s bone was loose and also the force that she had lent from a certain angle . She did not expect that punching it straightly this time would also had the same effect .

She looked at her fair palm and suddenly understood that the supernatural ability had also changed her constitution .

“Damn you! Daring to hurt others, I will have you pay for it!”

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Seeing that his companion had his arm broken, the other boy felt mad and dashed to attack Song Ye .

This time, Song Ye kept her hands to her back in time and raised her leg to do a side kick . She then caught hold of the boy’s arm and did a beautiful ‘over the shoulder’ to get the boy done in .

The white jacket fluttered around when she mvoed and the leg that was inside the black jeans when she sweeped her legs across was stright and seem strong . Those smooth movements along with that beautiful and handsome face had instantly KO everyone in the area .

The girls in the area was so taken by the scene and stared at Song Ye’s face, their face flushed for reasons unknown .

Sun Shao at the side that saw the two underlings being taken care off then felt something off and walked back two steps with tangled feet, threatening Song Ye at the same time .

“Don’t you dare to move even a step away from here . ”

After saying that, he then turned around to run away . Those that understood that knew that he was only scared of being hit and escaped .

Song Ye then quietly kept her glance back . Not even looking at the two boys that were groaning in pain , she then continued to go back to the stall to pick raw stones . This time, she had found quite a few raw stone of nice quality .

Seeing that she still had the mood to make purchase, the owner of the stall then said to her bitterly .

“Ugh, little lad, the one that you hit earlier was the son of the one managing here . Since they had not came back yet, why don’t you hurry and go . My stall can’t handle all of that . ”

“Okay, bill these up first . ”

Song Ye did not even look at his bitter face and directly placed two to three pieces of raw stones on the table .

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As the owner was scared that trouble will come knocking at his door, he had only sweepd his eyes across the stones and told the price .

“100 per piece, 300 bucks . Hurry and leave after taking it . ”

Song Ye blanked slightly . She did not expect the raw stones that sized around half a watermelon to be this cheap . She then took out money and packed the raw stones into a bag . When she was about to leave, another ruckus happened in the crowd . Footsteps that were faraway then walked up closer, the one leading was a middle-aged man . When he saw the boys that were rolling on the floor, his face changed and he walked towards them .

“Yu Ming, Yu Cheng . ”

“Hah, still daring to stay here . Dad, he’s the one that had hurt us . Don’t let him get away . ”

When Sun Ze saw how messy the place was, his brows frowned deeply . The eyes staring at Song Ye was not in the least friendly at all .

“Whose family are you from? Where are the adults?”

Before confirming the identity of the other party, he tried to push down his anger so as to not offend the wrong party .

But Song Ye had seen through the very thought of the man and replied in a cold and distant way .

“I came here alone . ”

Alone? Upon hearing that, Sun Ze’s eyes darkened and raised his hands to call up the bodyguard behind .

“Since you broke a person’s arm, then you will have to leave an arm here as compensation . ”

At the end of the sentence, five to six bodyguards then walked up and surrounded Song Ye that was alone .