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Published at 28th of October 2019 09:51:14 AM

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Xu Zi Hang, Surrounded


The strong having an advantage over the weak was something that happens no matter the generation, and the location seemed almost like it was pretty much fixed . This sort of location provides the geographical advantage of showing one’s creativity, no one can hear no matter how loud the screaming was, and so, the freedom of teaching someone a lesson was granted .


As mentioned, one of Xu Zi Hang’s brother was kicked in the butt right into the river . As the young men had fun doing this, they began to laugh out loud .


And among the ones laughing happily, Song Ye recognized someone with just a glance .


When she was listening to Wang Tie Chuan, she guessed that it was a continuation of the incident in the residential house . And the delinquents that acted as her training dummies might have accounted that onto Xu Zi Hang .


In the end, it was not unrelated to her . And now that Wang Tie Chuan had come pleaded for help, she will just take this as training while doing a good deed .  


With his arm in a bandage swing , Xiao Dao acted all high and mighty, 


“Xu Zi Hang, once I’ve had my fun, I will hand you over to Zheng Ge . He had said that if you were to be handed over to him, he will reward the brothers with twenty thousand . If I had known that you were worth this much, I would’ve kidnapped you earlier . ”


Hearing the amount of twenty thousand, greediness showed in the eyes of the young men around them . At this time and age, that was considered a very large sum .


Xu Zi Hang held onto his stomach, but his pale face showed no sign of being weak,


“I dare you to kill me now, or else……”


Squinting his eyes, he pounced over when no one noticed . Grabbing onto a stone, he hit it onto Xiao Dao’s chest .




Xiao Dao felt the pain and the other underlings that had just noticed what happened and reacted by apprehending him . Following that, another round of punches and kicks rain onto him .


Xiao Dao had only regain his composure after a while . Seeing that Xu Zi Hang still refusing to give in, his eyes became red out of anger,


“Good, I see that you’re still very wild . Grab onto him, I’m going turn him into a cripple and see how wild he can get after that . ”


He had his arm broken that day and until now, the arm was still in a cast . Whenever he remembered about it he began to fume with anger . But no matter how, he was just unable to search for the bitch that did this to him . and now that, Xu Zi Hang had fallen in to his hands, don’t blame him for being cruel .


“Fuck, Xu Ge……”


Seeing one of his hands being placed on a rock, Wang Tie Chuan felt so aggravated that he began to sweat profusely, rolling his sleeve and was about to rush over .


Just after one step forward, his face was covered by a piece of clothing,


“Take this . ”


A cold voice giving him an order could be heard . By the time Wang Tie Chuan had removed the shirt off his face, he saw Song Ye’s slender silhouette walking farther away .


Xu Zi Hang was being held down all this time, and now with his hand about to be crushed, it would be a lie to say that he was not afraid . But his pride did not allow him to plead . It was only a hand, it will be alright as long as he can bear it .


“Hehe, now I want to see, how long your pride can hold on . ”


Holding onto the stone and with a cold smile on his face, Xiao Dao was about to slam it down but at that time his shoulder was tapped on . He subconsciously turned his head back and saw an exquisite and pretty face .

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“Who……” are you?


Before he could finish his words, that person began to move . Grabbing onto his wrist, it was twisted quickly .  Crack crack .  A clear and familiar sound appear continuously . By the time he regained his senses, the pain had already reached the depth of his bones,




“Hey, long time no see . ”


Song Ye squatted down and greeted him with calm eyes . As she felt that explaining it was a hassle, perhaps acting it out would help him remember it more deeply .


As expected, Xiao Dao slouched on the ground . Without both his hands able to exert any strength, eyes staring at Song Ye contained the familiar fear,


“It’s you!”


This familiar technique, this perverted torturing method . Other than the bitch in the residential house, there won’t ever be another person that would do the same thing .


Song Ye nodded her head and openly admitted it . As she stood back up, she stepped onto his hand with the momentum and another Crack could be heard, making the curses of latter turned into screams of pain .


Maybe because the scream was too impactful, or maybe the wind by the river side was too cold, everyone felt shivers down their spine .


“Who are you?”


The other hooligans stepped back three times together and warily  looked at the pretty face that appeared all of a sudden .


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Xiao Dao was in so much pain that he fainted, Song Ye walked towards Xu Zi Hang and stopped beside him and pointed at him,


“Will you let us go just like this, or do you want to have a fight first?”


Her tone was so calm that it felt like she was brimming with arrogance . The tone that felt like it was talking about the weather had made Xu Zi Hang sit up to observe her and her surroundings . After a while, he gritted his teeth while asking in a soft voice,


“Where are the others?”


He asked it carefully, but Song Ye was pretty open about it,


“I came here alone . ”


At that moment, Xu Zi Hang’s underlings blanked out, the hooligans in the opposition numbering more than ten also blanked out . They then looked around and laughed loudly,


“You dared to come and pick a fight even though you’re just a pretty face . Hahaha, brothers, let’s have fun with him slowly . ”


When she heard the words ‘pretty face’, Song Ye frowned unhappily . Although she was fair and was wearing a white shirt, it does not mean others should simply categorize her as such just from that .


But her frown was seen as being scared to others . And Xu Zi Hang who knew that she was a girl felt an extreme headache . He forced himself to stand up,


“What are you doing here alone, just go!”


He originally thought Song Ye had came prepared, but in the end she was just someone that was dragging their feet . If they found out that Song Ye was a girl, it would be really bad .


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Song Ye looked at the boy that was covered in dust . He looked like he could topple over after being blown by the wind but he still acted strong and she acknowledged him for it . Circling over him and standing in front of everyone, Song Ye rolled her sleeve and at the same time, she answered his question earlier,


“I alone is enough . ”


What? Xu Zi Hang was confused and before he could understand her words, the girl beside him had moved fast as lightning . The hooligans on the other side had been beaten down before they could see anything clearly .




Screams of pain could be heard, and the sounds of bones breaking followed . With that, all the hooligans had fallen amidst the chaos .


Xu Zi Hang watched it with his mouth agape and finally understood what she had meant . Just when he felt admiration, he saw a hooligan behind Song Ye’s back had taken out a dagger . At that moment his heart jumped,


“Song Ye, careful . ”


Before he could even finish his words, Song Ye had already turn her body and grabbed onto that person’s wrist . Flipping her fingertips, the dagger lightly fell into her hand . As the slender arm raise and dropped, blood could be seen and the dagger was thrust deeply into that person’s shoulder .


As the smell of blood wafted, everyone’s movement turned slow . Seeing how cruel Song Ye could be, all the hooligans felt their scalp going numb and escaped right after .


“AAhhh… . Don’t… . Don’t kill me… . . Please… . Ahh… Please, I beg you… . ”


The hooligan that had a dagger thrust into his shoulder begged on the ground painfully and groveled in front of Song Ye, his face pale as paper .


“I heard that, all of you belong to the Earth Tiger Gang . ”


Song Ye’s face was calm but as she was speaking, her hand caressed the dagger, the threat was apparent in her action .

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