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Published at 9th of December 2019 08:56:14 AM

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 The Ruckus from a Photo

In this one month, the Night Gang replaced Earth Tiger Gang’s position, and when they were absorbing the territories, they had even caused a major incident in West Street, making the whole city plunged into a chaotic situation . Although the Night Gang had concealed themselves on the surface, they had actually made preparations for countless nights waiting for the police force in the West Street to retreat so that they could be the first one to get all the resources .

Because of that, Xu Zi Hang and the others did not move together with Song Ye . After school ends, they would head out first while Song Ye would leave back for after-school classes . She would then meet up with them at the training ground soon after . With her being left alone for a month, it had seemed like Song Ye who was cared for before had become isolated and helpless and many girls anticipated when Song Ye will cry due to that .

Sadly, after anticipating for a month, Song Ye’s mood became better and better . Not only did she answered the questions in the class greatly and received praise from the teachers, she had even shown to be enjoying her after-school classes . This had made them felt puzzled and had even let those that held a grudge against her feel frustrated .

In the end, Wang Han was not able to hold it in anymore and called a certain number .

“Hello, Miss Wang . ”

On the other end of the phone, the voice of the man sounded nasty . Wang Han furrowed and bit her lips, saying:

“How many pictures do you have right now?”

“Hehe…… . ”

The man’s odd laughter came out of the phone and arrogance could be heard from his voice,

“So many that it can cause a person’s reputation to fall apart . ”


Wang Han felt happy and sneakily glanced at the girl in the classroom . Looking at her exquisite face under the sun, jealousy began to gush out as if it was about to drown her,

“Publish it . I want her to completely disappear from my sight . ”

As long as there’s no Song Ye, the position of school belle and Xu Zi Hang’s focus of attention will come back to her .

Actually, Song Ye had noticed earlier that Wang Han carried her phone with her, which was of the latest model and very expensive as well . In a small place such as San Zhong, having someone like Xu Zi Hang who would seek vengeance for his younger sister is rare . When there appears someone who’s ill-mannered and capricious is quite the mystery .

Since she had not gained anything from the incident last time, Song Ye had only thought of her as something akin to a fly . So, it’s not someone she would bother too much by .

But soon, she learned that even a fly knows to bite someone .

On the morning of the monthly exam, students didn’t need to attend classes, so most of them arrived only when the exam was about to begin . And so, Song Ye had only gone to school after she was done settling business in the West Street .

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She took her stationery and entered the classroom . Upon entering, she saw countless pairs of eyes looked towards her . Soon after, the headmaster who was by the podium walked towards her angrily . Seeing from that, for sure it won’t be good news .

In the midst of it all, she glanced into the classroom and set her gaze onto Wang Han who had looked happy due to her misfortunes . When she was about to open her mouth to say something, her arm was suddenly grabbed by someone . When she turned her head over, she saw Xu Zi Hang’s worried and impatient face,

“Why did you not walk from the stairs that you usually walk from? Something happened, you……”

“You are Song Ye?”

Before Xu Zi Hang got to finish his sentence, the voice of an old headmaster interrupted . Looking at this, Song Ye did not panic and politely nodded her head,

“Mmn, I’m Song Ye, sir . ”

The old headmaster had at first felt anger building up and when he saw Xu Zi Hang grabbing onto Song Ye’s arm, he had looked even more unhappy .

“Hmph, look at how both of you behaves in the public, how disgraceful . ”

Song Ye was dumbfounded . She did not expect to be lectured first thing in the morning, so her face had appeared to be frigid,

“May I know what business does the headmaster have with me?”

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Most of the students at that age felt scared at their parents and teachers . With only a slight scolding, tears will threaten to fall from their eyes, which at the same time will also earn the sympathies of the other person . Today the old headmaster had come with the aura of being her headmaster to look for her, but in the end, he had waited for her for half an hour . The anger he felt was as if oil was poured onto the fire, but now seeing Song Ye’s unperturbed and frigid face, none of the fire in his chest could be vented out .

Recalling the things he received in the morning, the gaze of the old headmaster towards Song Ye began to fill with hostility,

“Follow me to my office . This boy as well, and also all the people who had a relationship with you as well . ”

What does he meant by all the people that had a relation with her, and the ones he called up are all boys……

Song Ye’s heart felt heavy and she was somehow able to guess what was up . As she had thought, upon arriving at the office, the old headmaster directly threw and showed the pictures to Song Ye . All the pictures had Song Ye in it and all the angles are facing the entrance of the hotel . There are pictures of her coming out late at night, and even pictures of Zhao Zhen sending her back . The date at the bottom of the picture showed that the date these pictures were took was around the time during the incident of the bar and Yun Cheng .

Now she knows, that what she felt that day was not her imagination . Looking at her frowning deeply, the old headmaster continued to humph coldly,

“Hmph, so you do know that you should feel scared now? Not learning anything proper as a student your age and only know to do all sorts of improper words . Since this has been revealed, I advise you to explain all of it to me clearly . Or else, don’t even think of attending this school anymore . ”

He was going to retire the next year . Although he has no great achievement during his time in San Zhong, he had also never faced any major problems as well . He had wanted to pass his days peacefully until his retirement, but who would’ve thought such a scandal will come up . If this was exposed to the internet, then he would have to step down earlier than expected as a headmaster .

At this moment, Song Ye’s heart was becoming more and more heavy . It’s not because she minded about the pictures, but she was shocked at how careless she was . She had not noticed anyone following her for two days straight . If this had happened in her past life, it will become a deadly mistake to her .

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She can’t help but smile bitterly in her heart . Seems like due to the peaceful days, she had let her guard down . But, isn’t the words of the headmaster in front of her a bit too severe? She coldly raised her eyebrow,

“What does the headmaster wants me to explain?”

“Don’t act stupid . ”

Looking at her calm face, the old headmaster felt anger surging up . He then threw the water cup,

“Who had brought you to stay in the hotel? Who was the man that sent you back? With you staying outside for so many days, just what kind of shameful things did you do?”

The questions came out rapidly and all of it was as sharp and direct as a knife . After the headmaster howled all those out, he then realized that by the door that he had forgotten to close, a lot of students had gathered . Both the students and teachers were shocked when they heard those .

In the middle of the crowd . Wang Han’s lips curved up and an evil smile can be seen her in eyes . She purposefully lured all the people here just for this very moment . Just to let Song Ye become the mud that everyone treads on, just to let others think how ugly her heart was when they looked at her beautiful face .

When it was reaching the boiling point, Xu Zi Hang who was silence all this time shouted,

“To hell with that! Is this how a teacher is supposed to be like? Framing Song Ye with only those pictures and no evidence? If it is to be investigated that all the pictures are mere farce, how are you going to compensate Song Ye for her tarnished reputation? Let me tell you, I believe in Song Ye, and I will not allow anyone to humiliate her!”

When the last sentence was dropped, it was so shocking that everyone widened their eyes at that .

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