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Published at 19th of May 2019 10:34:08 AM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 The Standard in Buying Clothes

What Song Ye had on her when she entered the largest department store in Yun Cheng is a grey cotton shirt, an old and tattered cotton pants, and a messy long hair . The percentage rate for people to turn back and look at her is 100% .

Even if she don’t care being the centre of the attention, there’s still people that like to mock those that seem to be weak . This can be seen when someone’s snicker can be heard as soon as she entered a female clothing store .

“Hey, I say, since when did this store’s standard became so low that even a random beggar can also enter here freely? Don’t you care if she dirties the clothes here?”

The one that said that was a girl with a ponytail . From the fact that she was wearing a flare-cut jeans with a refreshing and nice colour, it can be seen that she’s from a well-off family; but only her mouth seemingly don’t know what does the word ‘respect’ means .

The clerk that was standing in front of the store entrance frowned, but she directed her eyesight towards Song Ye . The store manager was out at that moment, so she stepped in and blocked Song Ye’s path with a business smile .

“I’m sorry dear customer, our store currently are not able to serve you . Please do visit the other stores . ”

“Oh? For someone who opens their door to do business, this is the first time I’m witnessing a store such as yours that chases their customers away . ”

Song Ye said so in a peaceful manner but she did not stop her in her own track and continue to walk into the store . She directly circled over the people in front of her and walked into the store . At the long clothes stand, her fingers stealthily picked three sets of clothing out within a minute .

The clerk did not expect that and just when she was about to chase her out, she saw Song Ye handed the clothes to another clerk .

“Bill it . ”


Not only the clerk, even the girl that mocked her earlier was glaring at her, as if they can’t believe that the poor country bumpkin has the money to pay for the clothings . Not to mention, this store is even a level higher and so, more expensive than the other high-end clothing stores in the whole level . A random clothing in this store, even if they are on discount, easily exceed few hunderd bucks .

The girl that had mocked Song Ye earlier saying she is unable to buy the clothes now felt as if she’s been slapped in the face and that made it difficult for her to either enter or exit the store .

“*Coughs* Miss, please, do enter the store . ”

Whereas it was the clerk earlier that had walked up and welcomed Song Ye . She had already missed a commision, there’s no way she’s going to miss another one .

The other clerk that was new here was blanking out when she brought the three sets of clothing to bill up, unable to believe that this normal girl had spent a few hundred bucks worth of money just like that . When she thought about the commision that she was able to get from this, she began to feel excited .

When Song Ye passed by the girl, she gave her a single sentence in a light tone .

“It seems like the standard here is just that much . ”

After hearing that, the girl widened her eyes and her face began to turn red .


Song Ye stopped her foot from stepping out and looked at her with calm eyes, as if she’s asking her what she want to say .

The girl gritted her teeth and felt her face now burning, but no matter how much she tried to refute her, she was unable to come up with any refutes at all . She had only came up with an idea when she dropped her eyesight towards the clothing on the counter .

“Bill me up for those three sets of clothing . ”

This sentence had all the customers in the store surround them to spectate the outcome of this . Seeing that one of the girls that are fighting for the same products is fasionable and the other one a bumpkin, all of them thought that the bumpkin can’t win agaisnt the fashionable girl .

Even the store clerk had rushed in and jumped onto the same boat as the girl and snatched over those three sets of clothing .

“This miss here do have a good taste . All of these are new products from our store and there’s only one set for each design . I’m sure these suit your body the most . ”

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In between her lines, the clerk had smiled so much that the wrinkle at the corner of her eyes also showed as she began to calculate the commision that she is able to get from this .

“But, Liu Jie, these set of clothings were picked by that miss over there first… . . ”

The newcomer that stood aside was protesting for Song Ye .

As soon as she said that, the older clerk then began to scold her .

“Don’t you know the rule? Can’t you see who holds more ability to pay for them? Go stand aside . ”

Although this was directed to the young clerk saying that she lacks the ability to predict the outcome, she, at the same time had also mocked Song Ye saying that she’s just makig a farce even when she don’t even have the ability to .

Seeing that she had now paid Song Ye back, she then trotted to the counter, seemingly feeling proud from that .

“How much is it?”

“The total is five hundred and sixty bucks . Thank you . ”


The girl stopped her movement of taking the money out of her purse . She stared at the three sets of clothing on the counter, not expecting that it will cost her more than five hundred bucks .

Looking at the people that was observing her, the girl can’t back off and can only take the five old men out from her purse to pay for it . Her purse is now empty, and that was her allowance for the whole month too .

But for the sake of curing her pride, she gritted her teeth and when she was about to pay for it, an unexpected voice came from the back .

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“I will pay fifty bucks more than her . These three sets of clothing now belongs to me . ”

This familiar and calm voice had made the girl turned her head back and glared at the owner of the voice .

Song Ye walked in front of her and slightly bent down to looked into the eyes of the girl with her cold eyes .

“Six hundred and eighteen bucks . If you are able to take that amount out, then those clothes belongs to you . ”


The girl once again was not able to refute to Song Ye and poured out all the changes in her purse, not wanting to admit defeat . But no matter how, she was not able to take out the amount of six hundred bucks .

Feeling the eyes on her, the girl’s face was so red that blood seem to be dripping out of it .

Song Ye took her hand, now holding seven hundred bucks, out of her pocket and stretched her hand out to give the money to the cashier .

Comparing to her who was wearing fasionable and nice clothing but was unable to take even six hundred bucks out, the seven hundred bucks of the old-fashioned Song Ye made her felt as if she got slapped across her face, humuliating her .

Song Ye didn’t even glance at her anymore . She held the principle of ‘If one did not pick a fight with me, then I won’t’ . But if the other party does so, they then need to have the courage to take responsibility over it .

As this is only a small interlude, she don’t really put it into her heart .

After changing into the new clothings, she carried the shopping bags and walked out of the department store . When she saw the hair salon by the roadside, she then remembered about her messy hair and stopped in her tracks and then walked into the salon .

There are still some customers in the salon getting their hair done . When the barber saw Song Ye, he was taken aback slightly, as he had never seen any girls that had their face covered by their fringe that made her don’t seem to be that energetic at all .

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“May I know what kind of hairstyle do you want? Do you want to dye it or straighten it?”

The barber prepared the tools and asked in an unconcerned way as he thought that as a shy and timid girl that used her fringe to cover her face like Song Ye, they usually will not have any major haircut .

But what Song Ye told him the next second had him shocked .

“Short hair . ”

Short hair? The barber began to observe the girl through the mirror .

“How short do you want it to be?”

“Just like yours . ”

These three short and simple words had made the barber dropped his jaw .

As the barber is a man, his hair is naturally very short . But for a girl to cut it this short, won’t that make her a tomboy?

“Is there any problem?”

Song Ye creased her brow impatiently . The incident at the clothing store had wasted her time and she would like to head to the jewellery shop earlier .

The barber sub-consciously shook his head and seeing that Song Ye was not joking at all, he then picked up the scissors and cut the thick fringe down .

In the next moment, the face that was hidden appeared in front of his eyes and left the barber speechless .

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