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Rebirth of Magic - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Published at 1st of May 2017 08:38:46 PM

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 : Saint Dragon Magic Academy

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« Third stage magic swordman, Jacob Amengsen, please take care .  » While speaking, Jacob pitch black magic sword once again slashed at Xiayi .

Xiayi rolled on the side, dodged awkwardly the slash . And when Xiayi heard that Jocab is a descendant of the Amengsen family, he immediately felt ‘ Trouble ‘ .

Amengsen familly, the whole amengsen family from old man to two or three year old children, are all battle maniac type of person . It can be said that the battle maniac gene flow in all the member of the Amengsen Family . And sometimes, they know they are just like moth flying into fire but even so they will advance while struggling . Because of this, this family pratically control the whole military force of Riyao .

« Quasi-magician, Xiayi » Xiayi can only reply helplesssly .

Jacob Amengsen after hearing Xiayi words, frowned but the magic sword dance is still lightning fast (1) .

At this era where strengh is justice, strengh is generally divided by level from one to nine and each level have a corresponding title . They are from the top to the bottom, Modi, Moling senior, Moling Mage, Grand Mage, Mage, Magister, Primary Magician , Magician , Quasi-Magician . (2)

So if Xiayi is at the level of Quasi-Magician, and if only Mage level or above can resist the gray energy in the Death Desert, how can he be alive? Futhermore the level needed to resist the death evil energy while being unconscious is the Grand Mage level . It should be impossible for him who was unconoscious in the Death Desert to be alive .

Because of it, Jacob can only think that Xiayi is a high level person hiding his strengh . What does the people of Amengsen family like the most? That is to battle the strong . The weak is the food and the strong is the eater, if you have no strengh, you have no right to live .

The sword strike became sharper but Xiayi can still barely dodge it .

« Your strengh should not only be dodging right?! » Wilson said while looking at Xiayi

« It looks like that Jacob defeat is fixed » Icarus .

« How can it be? Can’t you see that Jacob have the upper hand? » Adolf .

« Icarus is right, Jacob will loose . Look, his sword is starting to slow down .  »

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« Oh! Is it the case? » Andy

At this moment, Jacob’s sword slash is already not that sharp and his strengh is gradually leaving him . And Xiayi just by stretching his leg while rotating, easily knocked over Jacob .

« As expected Jacob still can’t use the Fallen sword for long » said Icarus . « But who in the end is this Xiayi… »

« *sigh* Finally ended . Your technique is not bad, just your weapon isn’t adapted .  » Xiayi thinked .

« Xiayi xiongdi, you are strong! » Wilson walked to the two side and said with a smile .

« Well, i just didn’t recover my leg because of inattention » Xiayi embarassedly said .

At this moment, Jacob whose already have a depressed face stood up . « Xiayi xiongdi, aren’t you a magician? Why didn’t you use spell? »

« Just call me Xiayi, as for magic… » Xiayi spread out his hand and said « Impossible . There are magic power in the air but this is basically unusuable .  »

« Unusuable? What does it mean that there are magic in the air? » Wilson and the other don’t understand what it meant .

« Unless this is the unique talent magic? » Robert said suddenly .

« Unique talent magic? » Wilson and the others, including Xiayi are puzzled .

Looking at the gaze of everyone, Robert explained : « Talent magic, divided between ordinary talent magic and unique talent magic . The magician who have ordinary talent magic, innately have one or several magic skill talent . When a magician is using his talent magic, the power of this magic can be doubled or more and at the same time, he can learn other magic .

And for unique type of talent magic, apart from this magic, the holder of unique talent magic can’t use any other magic . But the power of this magic can be magnified by ten time and even by a hundred time . Futhermore, if one is also talented, when using magic they can directly cast out forbidden curse .

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But there are only a few magician who have unique talent magic that can grow up to be a powerful magician . The Modi Muxier that everyone know is one of the unique talent magic holder . But the most is the one who couldn’t figure out what was their unique talent magic, so the fallen magicians are abound .  »

« Robert! I didn’t know that you are that « erudite! » Icarus told Robert .

Robert with a red face : « This… This is atleast the result of years of research of my old man .  »

« Then this mean that Xiayi xiongdi is likely to be as Robert said, one of the magician that have unique talent magic .  » Jacob

« Probably » Seeing that Icarus is serious, Robert said « Oh right, Xiayi xiongdi, can’t you really use any magic? »

« Look like it .  » Hearing the result of Robert old man reseach, Xiayi also get interested .

« Oh, then that means that Xiayi has a potential level of Modi magician .  » Adolf said excitedly .

« In theory, there is this posibility, as long as Xiayi can found his usuable magic, his strengh will soar rapidly, even reaching Modi won’t be difficult .  » Robert analysed : « Xiayi xiongdi, you should try support type magic . In unique talent magic, support type proportion is still relatively high .  »

‘Erase, retain man, jacob xiong’ (3)  Xiayi praised in his heart .

« Xiayi ge, then what magic can you use? » Andy asked with her eyes filled with stars . Modi… this status is equivalent to a king, futhermore the fingerstip is enough to determine the survival or not of a country .

« Oh, I don’t know yet » Xiayi exposed a look of puzzlement .

After Robert analysis, everyone naturally know that Xiayi may be a quasi-Modi, then of course, they wanted to make a good relationship . After all, these children are from nobility, if you can get a Modi’s support, their family future and their own future would have unlimited potential .

« Oh » Andy revealed a really regretful look .

« Haha, Xiayi xiongdi, i’m really sorry . I tought that atleast you are a magician, i didn’t think that you can’t use magic . Hahaha .  » Jacob patted Xiayi shoulder and laughted loudly . « But i’m really glad being able to fight against a future Modi .  »

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« Haha, if not for Robert knowledge, i wouldn’t even know what was going on myself and maybe i would have abandoned magic . Now that i think about it, i need to thank you .  » Xiayi also laughted .

They are a bunch of under 20 years old young people, all are unaturally coming fast and leaving fast .

« Well, everyone prepare to have dinner .  » Looking at the group surrounding Xiayi, Icarus is already in another carriage taking a pot . « Wilson and Jacob, you two go find some dry wood, the rest pitch tent please »

« Ok, stop surrounding Xiayi, dajietou(4) spoke up » Wilson ran immediately after he finished speaking .

« Wil! Son! » Only seeing Icarus taking out a stove from nowhere and smashing it at Wilson .

A *pan* sound resonated .

« Ouch! I will certainly come back~~~ »

Xiayi sweating bead of sweat, ‘ Don’t tell me that because they can’t catch a sheep, they also choose to rebirth!? ‘

Everyone are already no more surprised by this act, after all this two are well knoow to be couple by everyone . This passed by laughting leaving only a flushed Icarus .

Wilson and Jacob ran away, and everyone felt a cold on their back just like being fixed by a ferocious beast . Turning back, they saw Icarus and everyone immediately started to run as fast as possible and even wished that their father, mother gave birth to them with a few more legs .

« Oh, Xiayi you can rest, do not pay attention to them .  » At this moment, Icarus looking at the busy people in the forest slightly bent her mouth .

« Ah? Oh! » Looking at Icarus expression, Xiayi suddenly  understood something, then slightly smiled and helped Icarus to carry out food from the cariage .

After a moment, Wilson and jacob each came with a pile of firewood . Jacob had just put down the firewood, and suddenly flame jumped out of the firewood and frightened jacob who jumped out quickly .

Soon afterward, Jacob said while greeting his teeth « Robert~ »

« Enough, stop playing around . Robert go light the fire .  » Near Icarus there are a kitchen stove made out of stone and stack of firewood under it .

« It’s done » Robert said while laughting .

After lighting the fire, Robert once again burnt Jacob’s stack of firewood and a bonfire rised . Then everyone eated diner around the bonfire .

After finishing the diner, the sky is already dark . Sometimes they can hear the howling of wolf and also the rustling wind blowing through the forest . Leaving a burning bonfire, everyone is already sleeping . This night went over very calmly .

The second day early in the morning, after a day of hurried journey, everyone finally arrived at the paradise of magician build deeply, Saint Dragon Magic Academy .

« Xiayi xiongdi, we’ll separate first, hoping that you can enter the Saint Dragon Magic Academy .  » Wilson midly said

« Well, i’ll try my best .  » Xiayi answered .

After spending one more day togheter, Xiayi bounds with them have improved .

And because of the particularity of Xiayi’s magic, he don’t even know if he can get in the Saint Dragon Magic Academy . Because of it, Wilson and the other can only give their benediction to Xiayi .

Saying goodbye to Wilson and the other, and saying a little more to andy, they separated . After all Andy and the other all have received recommandation allowing them to directly enter the academy . But Xiayi have to pass through several layer of assessment and Saint Dragon Academmy assessment difficulty can be said to choose one from a thousand, the difficuty can easily be imagined .

« Haha if i still lived at this ‘home’, i probably wouldn’t need to pass the assessment to go in the academy! » Xiayi blathered self-deprecatingly .


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