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Rebirth of Magic - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

Published at 1st of May 2017 08:38:46 PM

Chapter 1


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Darkness, a deep darkness which we can’t even see the five finger while extending hand . The wind is roaring, from time to time also came the impact sound of ping-pong . The sand all over the ground was rolled up and pass through in the pitch black tempest like a bullet .

If at this time a light come in, then we will uncover that there are white powder all over the place . From time to time, bone roll up in the land of sand, but in the violent sand storm , all of this will turn into white dust .

After a long time, the desert calmed down . No long after, in a yellowish white sand dune, a small quantity of sand raised, like something want to crawl out from inside .

This is someone whose whole body is wrapped in a black and long robe, who took a lot of effort to finally to get out of this exquisite flour like yellowish white sand .

Looking at this yellowish white sand, the black robed man (1) whispered : « The black sandstorms appearance is now more and more frequent . And the Death Desert is also becoming more and more white, not even knowing how much bones was buried here to form that much bone powder . Change is inevitable, it seem the pattern of the world will change, not knowing who will become the one fixing the rules .  »

Just after the black sandstorm passed through, the terrain has already undergone tremandous change . But the black robed man ,just by looking once at the sun that will set, has already determined the way to advance .

The night is coming forth but there is still a long way to go to the black robed man destination . The black robed man, before the sunset, has already determined a place to pass the night . Just when he wanted to grab something to eat, he realized that the the thing he carried on his back has already flown away without him realizing it .

« Heck! I was thinking to much, so much that i didn’t even realize that i don’t have anything to eat or to drink anymore! »

The black robed man scratched his head strongly, and searched through his whole body . There was nothing a part from a letter .

After beholding the result, the black robed man went stiff for a while and afterward fell to his back on the ground . By falling to the ground, he made the mixture of white powder and exquisite sand flying . Some of them get into the black robed man nose choking him and making him cough again and again .

« Heck! » Staring straight at the starry sky, the black robed man can not help but sight once again : « *sight* There are some powerful magic floating in the air but a part from that spell, the other can’t be casted!  »

« *sight* If a normal magician get at my current magic power, he may be able to not eat or drink for a month . *sight*  »

While speaking, feeling dizzy he lay down on the ground of sand to sleep

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Day two

The sun is slowly acending yet the black robed man have already walked for a long while . Futhermore the temperature is also rapidly ascending and soon afterward, the black robed man is already soaked in his sweat .

One hour later…

« So hot!  »

Two hours later…

« I’m so thirsty .  »

Three hours later…

« So hot, so thirsty, so hungry!  »

Four hours later…

*flutter* The black robed man can’t go on anymore, he fell on the yellowish white sand .

« Oh!  »

A breeze blew through here, blowing away the black robe of the black robed man . Under the black robe, a young man face was revealed, a 17 years old young man .

 » *sight* Not being able to use magic insulation is really life threatening! (2) If not for having trained for some time… *sight*  » The young man said while mocking himself : « If there are a next time, i must take with me some scapegoat .  »

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After he finished talking, the young man fainted under the blazing sun .

« Oh? Where is it? »

The young man slowly opened his eyes . He found that there is some dark place with only a thread of light coming from a fissure on the front but he feel a little bumpy . Atleast for this young man, he feel uncomfortatble, very uncomfortable . From his judgment, he should be in an progressing carriage .

« You woke up »

‘ The voice is very good to hear, there is also a touch of body flagrance, she should be a beautiful woman . ‘ This is the tought of some just waking up wolf (3) .

« You fainted for almost half a month . Also, how come you fainted in the Death Desert? The vicinity is the leakage point of death evil energy (4), if not for coincidently passing through here, you would be dead for sure! »

‘ Don’t say the like of « You would be dead for sure »! How can i die so easily . Uh? (5) I fainted? I also probably got a heat strike, the heart of the Dead Desert is more than hundred degrees Celsius! ‘ Tought the young man but he replied stoically : « Where is it? Who are you? »

At this moment the young man revealed a very confused look but in fact, he has already deduced 70 or 80% of the situation . ’ It’s probably them who found the fainted me in the Death Desert and saved me afterward, i just don’t know if they have any aim or not ‘ tought the young man .

A breeze blew in the carriage, we can only see a young man leaning against the inner most corner of the carriage ,near a blue shawl, with the face of a cute magician .

« Oh, let me introduce myself, my name is Andy, Andy Xierte, just call me Andy . I come from Riyao and just like you can see, i’m a water magician »

« I’m Xiayi (6) » The young man paused but immediatly tought ‘ Xierte , this surname seem to be the surname of a second class aristocratic family of Riyao (7) . ‘

« Xiayi ! ? » Andy while looking at Xiayi, tilting his head like he was thinking about something but afterward he revealed a ‘ Whatever ‘ look and said « We are currently heading toward Saint Dragon Magic Academy, and you? »

« Oh, i was also going there » Xiayi replied .

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« You are also a Saint Dragon Magic academy student? » Andy feeling suspicious .

« No »

« That… »

« I was going to sign up »

« Oh . I see .  » Andy relaxed and replied « Since you are also a magician, how come that you fainted in the Death Desert, don’t you know how dangerous is the Death Desert? »

« Ha ha » Xiayi scratched his head . « I know but always wanted to see »

« Why » Andy feeling suspicious, watching Xiayi scratching his head, he tought « Perhaps by practising to much magic, he became dumb? »

Xiayi replied « In order to be able to enter the Saint Dragon Magic Academy, I wanted to train myself a little at the Death Desert . Maybe i could obatin some enlightenment but i have never tought that i almost didn’t make it back . Im really thankful to you for saving me Andy .  »

Watching Xiayi staring at herself, Andy blushed « This is nothing, actually it’s Wilson gege (8) that found you and bring you back . I only helped you by deploying water »

« Whatever, i really want to thank you Andy » Xiayi tought deeply ‘ Wilson? ‘

Afterward, Xiayi and Andy talked to each other for a long time . He understood that apart from Andy and Xiayi, there are 5 more people in this trip . They are by age: Wilson, Icarus, Edward, Adolf, Jacob, Robert and Andy Xierte . (9) The oldest is Wilson, 18 year, and the youngest is Andy 16 year old .

Listening to Andy tone they all seem to be Riyao nobles, of course, in addition of Andy herself . Andy did no say from wich noble family she and the other are from but she always wanted to go to the Saint Dragon Academy . In this party Wilson and Icarus are already Saint Dragon Academy students and the remaining of them all have recommandation to enter the school .

Xiayi and Andy chatted for a long time, unnoticed the sky has already fell into darkness . Andy party also stopped the carriage to rest, and after the carriage stopped Andy lead Xiayi to the other to introduce them .

« Xiayi xiongdi (10) also want to go to Saint Dragon Academy? Futhermore you dare to enter alone in the Death Desert, how much would your strengh be? » The one speaking is jacob . His  whole body veines storm like maggots . We can say that of Jacob, all trainable muscle are trained . And he carry on his back a black great sword, we can easily see through that he is a magic swordman .

« Regrettably, i am sorry toward the empire, toward the empire citizen and toward my parents! I practised magic for so many years but i didn’t even reached a Quasi-magician level .  » Xiayi have a face plastered with regret .

Pfffffff! After hearing Xiayi, Wilson and the other can not help themself but think ‘ Fortunately, I didn’t drink water . ‘

Enduring his laughter, Jacob said « You mustn’t say this, Xia xiong (12) must have your own unique technique, if not how would you dare to go training alone in the Death Desert . Take care! »

While speaking, Jacob unleashed the sword on his back and using both hand, slashed at Xiayi .

On the scene, a part from Andy leaking out a bit of worried expression, Wilson and the other are observing Xiayi and Jacob but did not come forward to stop Jacob, obviously agreeing Jacob way of doing thing .

Wilson and the other resting place is in a dense forest . This forest is called the Elements Forest . Entering the Elements Forest means that they will shorly reach the Saint Dragon Academy . In the Elements forest, there are a small road, just enough to let 2 carriage pass each other .

At this moment Wilson and his party 2 carriages, one on the front, one the back, are parked on the side of the road and some horse tied to some tree are lowering their head eating grass .

Looking at Jacob Magic Sword slash incoming, Xiayi akwardly dodged, frustration flashed across his eyes but he is leaking out panic and fear .

« Why do you attack me for no reason? » Xiayi panically said to Jacob and the other .

« Just testing your strength .  » Jacob replied straightforwardly . « I don’t believe that someone who fainted in the Death Desert, God and Demon cemetery, can survive under the attack of an infinite number of death evil energy, even more for someone who don’t even have the power of a Quasi-magician .  » While speaking, a dangerous light flashed across Jacob eyes just like a hungry wolf looking at his prey .

Death evil energy is divided into Black and Gray… Black energies dwell in the heart of the Death Desert, God and Demon cemetery . The power level required to being able to walk through the black sandstorm is Moling (13) senior level, otherwise one could not resist the black sandstorm . And the Gray energy dwell in the entire Death Desert . The power level required to being able to walk through the gray energy is Mage (14) level otherwise one could not resist the gray energy . ———« Record of the dangerous Death Desert » .



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