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Rebirth of Magic - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 1st of May 2017 08:38:46 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : If i didn’t heard about it early on, i wouldn’t have come here

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Saint Dragon Magic Academy is a well-know Academy in the mainland . This academy has more than dozen of thousand years of existence behing him but it’s impossible to know exactly since how many year . The records have been lost in the flame of war . But everyone know that countless powerful magician have walked out of this academy and changed the rule of the world . So far, each magician appointed as the « protector of the kingdom » of each kingdom are either diplomate of Saint Dragon or a teacher of Saint Dragon Magic Academy .

The reputation of Saint Dragon Magic Academy is vast so this will naturally attract more magician .

And the enrollment conditions are very simple wich is 100 gold and being less than 20 years old . Everyone under 20 can sigh up but one need to pass through multiple layer of assessment in order to formally enroll . But even if 1/10 000 can graduate, than this will be considerate « not bad » .

Of course, aristocrats and wealthy businessmen can push their children in the school and there are also people like Andy and her party, people who are from great family or some powerhouse wich will have some certain enrollment places . Futhermore the talent and potentiel of noble children are generally superior to commoner . After all, in the magic cultivation, ones blood can affect ones cultivation speed .

At this moment, the imposing double dragon door of the Saint Dragon Magic Academy closed tighly . But the place in front of the dragon door is crowded, people is crammed together . The teacher of the academy are in the forefront accepting the applications, followed by a square where a bunch of magicain who want to sign up are .

Of course, the children of aristocrat and rich family are not in the line, they directly opened a path with money . That’s why we can mostly see some magician whose robe color even faded away .

Privilege is unavoidable after all . If one can’t get privilege, then would there still be people who train arduously in magic? Aren’t they drilling their head hard enough to break it to get in the Saint Dragon Magic Academy to get these privilege? Xiayi find it more or less comprehensible and doesn’t care anymore to be squeezed . Futhermore there are also many beauty squeered near Xiayi .

After bidding farewall to Andy and the other yesterday, Xiayi has gone to a hotel in the city governed by the academy to stay one night . But after paying the bill tomorrow, Xiayi only feel « scam » , « a rip off »,  » a rip off that even your ancestor will creep out » .

First let’s talk about this world currency, this world uniformly use gold coin . Gold has no value in the magic world but the nature of gold itself is good .

Just at yesterday night, after strolling around in the Saint Dragon city for a whole day, Xiayi found a rather cheap, clean and also having vacant place hotel . Before lodging in, Xiayi looked through the price board near the counter .

« 2 gold coins a night, that cheap? Let’s lodge here .  »

Today, while paying the bill .

« Shuaige (1), a total of 50 gold coins . Will you pay with cash or credit card? » The one speaking is a lovely blonde lolita .

As for credit card, it is referrring to the gold coin card . Due to the fact that there are not a lot of spatial magician, when a transaction requires a large amout of gold coin, the transaction become very troublesome . Gold coin card emerged because of it, and the whole word are connected through a magic network, so this can be used anywhere in the world . If you really travel with cash, be ready to be pursued .

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If it is not a lovely loli being the receptionist, Xiayi really wanted to **** and then to **** her . The hell! In one night the price multiplied by 25, do you think that i am a printing machine? If yesterday you, loli, accompanied me a night, the price will worth it, Xiayi tought in his heart .

« Xiao meimei (2), didn’t you calculate wrongly? » Xiayi played a big brother style and said midly .

The receptionist meimei kept a professional smile and said  » I don’t think so . Didn’t you sleep at the room 438? »

« Yes it’s me .  » Xiayi answered

« Then it’s right, 50 gold coins, cash? credit card? » The receptionist meimei maintain a professinal smile and said with a pleasant voice wich made Xiayi bleeding .

« 50 gold coins? Xiao meimei, look, aren’t there written that one night is 2 gold coins! » Xiayi said the endured dissactisfaction .

« Special time, special price » The loli receptionist said solemnly .

Seeing that the well-dressed gentlemen brother around him are looking at him like looking at an idiot,  Xiayi took out a bunch of gold coin with difficulty, count out 50 and thrown it to the loli receptionist .

« 50 »

Throwing a shinning gold coin, Xiayi turned away and left .

« Thank you for the visit, you are welcome to visit again .  » The loli receptionist smiled at Xiaoyi and turned her eyes  » Yea, earned one more time 40 gold coins pocket money .  »

Even if Xiaoyi walked to the hotel front door, he heard the last sentence of the lolita . He turned and glared at the recptionist xiaomei  » I won’t come again and i will not forget you .  »

« Oh do not be obsessed with jie (3), look, to chase jie, first line up! » The receptionist lolita said while pointing to the group of pig-like, well-dressed gentlemen brother .

Oh! Xiayi at this moment really wanted to kill her, but still left . he did as he never saw it .

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Recalling the morning scene, Xiayi can only think ‘a rip off, too much rip off . That much of a lovely loli can also scam me . ’ Xiayi can only confort himself ‘a good man do not fight women!’

It should be said that Saint Dragont Magic Academy is too famous or whatever, Xiayi slept earlier than a dog, got up earlier than a bird, early in the morning he lined up . But from the sunrise to the evening, not even speaking about the steady stream of people coming, Xiayi felt that he the line in front of didn’t even moved .

« God, receive this group of evildoer » Xiayi can only shout .

« Psychopath » Muscle man, one .

« Brain dead » Yujie (4), one .

« Big brother, are you alright! » Loli, one .

Immediately, people around Xiayi spread out at once . No other choice, it’s not like there aren’t people who trained magic until they became crazy .

In this regard, Xiayi now only want to squat in a corner drawing circle .

« Haha, no problem, no problem, i probably get a heat stroke .  » Xiayi said to the little loli but what Xiayi was thinking is ‘children mind is rather simple, first resolve her case’ .

« Oh! It’s actually like it .  » Little loli tilted her head and said .

‘Hey, you are boring, using this type of regard looking at me . ’ Xiayi see that beautiful, tall yujie looking at him like… how to say that…  like looking at people who have « special » hobby .

« Xiao meimei, you also come to sign up? »

Ignoring that look, Xiayi continue to get close with that little girl .

« Yes, obviously, i also came to sign up! » Xiao loli said enthusiastly .

« Amazing xiao meimei, oh yes, how old are you? and your name? »

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Xiayi contuned to use a uncle who is a loli trafficker like way of speach .

« He he he, big brother, you want to chase me? »  Xiao loli spoke naively .

At this moment, the surrounding people started to look at Xiayi weirdly, a while ago looking at him like a brain dead . now looking at him like a pervert . Futhermore, there are already some nutrient surplus « pig brother » type of character looking at him with a fiery gaze and killing intent just like looking at their most hated enemy .

Xiayi sweat a lot, but he can only awkwardly smile at them and turned again facing the loli, he said « Obviously not, but you look a lot like my little sister, so i wanted to ask . Please don’t misunderstand me .  »

‘This age, how come loli are this ripe? » Xiayi said with emotion .

« Actually, i look like your sister! »  Xiao loli thoughtfully said « Forget it, my name is Ilya, 12 years old . I’m a second stage light magician and you big brother? »

« Please just call me shuaige, i… »

« Narcissism »

Just when Xiayi wanted to say something, the beautiful type yujie interrupted him .

In this regard, Xiayi can only say righteous words like « This is not narcissism, it’s self-confidence, it’s self-affirmation . People can not lack self-confidence, other wise you are not human .  »

« You said who isn’t human! »

« *sight*, who is shouting then it’s this one »

It looks like Xiayi didn’t notice her fiery anger and added fuel to the fire . This is what currently Xiayi like doing the most .

« You! You! You! »

Feeling Xiayi is obviously talking about himself, meinu yujie immediately could not tolerate anymore . She, the dignified Alice ****Daofu (5), when did she has to endure this sort en of thing . Ordinary, who saw her, if not respectful, they are reverent, wanting to please her . Even if it is a prince, they have to face each other on equal standing .

This guys, after looking, he is only a little bit handsome . Clothes? He doesn’t even have an old magic robe? Only a washed until this a white brillant of? of? I haven’t even seen this sort of cloth! Probably some plebeian attire .

In short, however i see it, it is a poor that cannot be poorer little mage . This guy, just this guy dared to say that i’m not human . If, if you kid pass, just wait to see how i, Alice, will beat you to the pulp .

« Ok, i remembered you »

In the end, Alice can only threaten .

Xiayi also do not care much anymore, just a look is enough to determine that this da meinu if not rich, then is expensive . (6) Having nothing to do, she came her to join in the fun, isn’t it just searching for trouble! So i continued to speak with xiao loli

« Ilya, i can you like this right? »

Turned to Ilya, Xiayi immediately with a full smile said to Ilya . Leaving Alice aside who is spouting smoke through the seven orifices(7 idiom) .

« Sure! Da gege »

« Say it again Ilya, you can call me shuaige » Swinged a little  bit his hair  » My name is Xiyi, as you see, i’m 5 year older than you » Swinged again « I’m… i’m… »

« Yea? » Ilya tilted her head ‘I’m, i’m, i’ming, what are you! » (8)

! ! !

‘How should i say it? This only type magic, first no speaking about that most people doesn’t know, even if they know, how should i say it . I also can not just say that magic out! If i didn’t have heard of this year assessment content, i wouldn’ have come!’ Xiayi thought about it in his heart .


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