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Rebirth of Magic - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 8th of May 2017 10:44:06 AM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 :

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« Next »

Unknowingly, Ilya registration examination turn came .

« Oh »

Ilya replied energetically, and also, let the momentary lost, Xiayi escap .

« *sigh* I passed through it »

Xiayi made a motion of wiping sweat and patted his chest, but what’s this feeling? It’s somewhat similar to that time with Icarus . Freezing cold, yes, it’s freezing cold . Xiayi turned and discovered Alice staring at him, like a black widow . Of course, Xiayi won’t say this sort of thing out loud,  »we are civilised people » .

« Next »

‘Oh, little loli Ilya cleared . ’ Looking again at Ilya, what happened to you? My little loli, who bullied you?

Only seeing Ilya staying near Xiayi with a bored expression, the flame of anger, no, it’s rather the flame of jealousy gradually raised .

‘Little loli is mine, aside from me, no one has the right to bully her’ Xiayi tought like this .

« Hey, do you still want to sign up? If not, then quickly leave »

An old man in a green robe who have a neckline embroidered with five dragon and a full beard on his face shouted .

« Sign up! Of course i want to sign up! Excuse me, what should i do? » Xiayi said with a stiff smile .

« Name »

« Xiayi »*

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« Ok, give us 500 gold coins to pay the register fee »

« What? 500 gold coins? Isn’t it 100? » Xiayi got a shock .

Special time, special price »

« Ah, i feel like i heard this sentence before » Xiayi tought for a litlle while ‘Right, it’s her, the loli of the hotel’

« Faster, there are still people behind, if you haven’t money then don’t come to sign up »

« You are ruthless .  » Even if he said that, Xiayi still obediently took out the money, also having a bored face . Haha, little loli probably also got scammed .

« Ilya, what happened to you? » Xiayi walked near Ilya and asked .

« Woo, Xiayi gege, i’m broke now . It’s that damn old man, he took all of Ilya pocket money . Hum, when the time come, i’ll call sister to take care of him .  » Ilya hugged Xiayi, wailing and rubbing tear and snot on him .

« What!? This old man! If the opportunity arise, watch how i will take care of him . Oh, right, he wanted how much from you? » Hugging Ilya, Xiayi, face full of glee, but still said solemnly .

« 200 Gold coins » Ilya said while wiping her tear and snot .

« What? Only 200 gold coins? He took 500 gold coins from me! » Xiayi ransacked his pants pokets to only found that only a fraction of money were left . ‘Do this guy know how to read mind? Or is he farsighted? » Xiayi shocked .

« 50 Gold coins »

At this moment, they only heard an old man said that with a face full of kindness to Alice .

« Please, greet your ancestror on my behalf when you return home » . Xiayi can only make a stiff smile while watching Alice . Then he squeezed out some words out of his mouth .

« Ilya, where do you live? » Xiayi immediately said it warmly to Ilya . At this moment, Ilya only had her eyes slightly red and sniffed her snort .

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Enrollment will continue for 6 days, after all, there will be millions of students coming every year from the whole mainland to sign up . At this moment, the stars are already lodged in the sky, and Xiayi doesn’t want to go back to the damnable shop .

« Me, I live at home » Ilya said .

« Actually Ilya live at Saint Dragon city .  »

« Yes »

« Ilya, how to say that, gege right now doesn’t have a roof, i wonder, if you can let this gege live at your home for some days .  » Xiayi is shameless, he directly asked to go to the girl house just like if there were no problem .

« Pervert » Alice saw Xiayi like this and spit this word .

But Xiayi completely ignored her . ‘Arrogant daxiaojie(1) or the like are the most troublesome’ Xiayi tought of someone and cannot help but shiver .

« No problem Xiayi gege . My familly business is a hotel, come as you like .  » Ilya, as if she recovered all her energy, immediately  replied .

Just when Alice prepared herself to warn little loli to not let a wolf in her house, she heard that her family run a hotel . She glanced at Xiayi a little more, then she turned and just left .

In this regard, Xiayi can only say ‘Do not be obsessed with ge, of course,if you fall in love with ge, this will mean that your aesthetics are normal’

« A hotel? Let’s go! » Xiayi stretch out his hand to hold Ilya hand . Ilya, while bouncing with joy, lead Ilya to her home .

…… .

« Ilya? » Xiayi voice trembling .

« Yes? What happened? » Ilya turned her head, puzzled and looking at Xiayi .

Xiayi waved his hands . « No… nothing, haha! »

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Xiayi looked at the hanging sign ‘This hotel is the only recommanded hotel of Saint Divine Magic Academy, cheap, fair and confortable . This is the first choice for traveller ( the following omitted a bunch of nonsense )……… . ‘

« Jiejie, I’m back »

Ilya shouted, Xiayi followed the direction wich Ilya shouted and saw ‘a proud figure with a perfect youth stature, blonde hair, isn’t it another lovely lolita!’

Damn, isn’t it the damnable hotel of yesterday! And Ilya called her jiejie!?

« Return my money » Xiayi immediately grabbed Ilya jiejie hands, solemnly glaring at her and said that .

« Eh? » Elya puzzlingly looked at Xiayi, suddenly she seem to have remembered something and a slap flyed to Xiayi . Not only Xiayi was sent flying but she also added « Pervert! »

At the same time, all the well-dressed gentlemen brother also glared at Xiayi as if they wanted to peel and swallow him alive .

(Come on, we’ll interview what these gentlemen brother tought :

Gentleman A : My anger is boiling! My goddess was tarnished! Kill him!

Gentleman B : Kill! Kill! Kill!

Gentleman C : This isn’t real! This isn’t real!

Gentleman D : This beggar is only Ilya boyfriend, is only Ilya boyfriend and have absolutely no relationship with Elya!!!

Gentleman E : Come on, investigate this guy thoroughly and also found out his ancestror information for me!

… . . )

In the end, Xiayi became the number one rival of these gentlemen brother . They were scammed that much by Elya but they didn’t even touched her hands, of course, there are also reason why they didn’t dared to toughtlessly touch . Look! Isn’t Xiayi the pefect example?

Originally, even if someone touched Elya, these well-dressed brother won’t be bothered because they will be sent flying by Elya . But the problem is that Xiayi was brought back by Elya loved sister, Ilya . They can’t predict what will happen anymore .

« Jiejie, what are you doing? »

Ilya excalimed, tough Ilya know that her big sister doesn’t like man and liked to scam the one chasing her but at the least she wouldn’t immediately send someone flying even if Xiayi faulted first . ( Elya: ‘Ilya, jiejie spoiled you for nothing, only half a day were enought to capture you? )

After seeing Xiayi being sent flying, Ilya immediately runned to Xiayi to help him . Afterward, her eyes became read and said with a crying face : « Xiayi gege, are you alright!? » While saying it, she also helped Xiayi beat of the dust on his clothes, then she said toward Elya : « Jiejie, why did you hit Xiayi gege »

« Xiayi? Gege? » Elya looked at her sister appearance . If someone who originally know that even if i tried to push her away, she will still cling to me heard that she blamed me and called someone else ‘gege!’, then he would also be shocked . Elya at this moment can’t react, staying stiffly at the same place just like some old monk .

« That’s right Xiayi gege just wanted to greet jiejie, how could you hit him? » Ilya said while pouting .

« Let it go, Ilya, it’s gege fault » After all they are sisters, Xiayi don’t want to be the reason for the realtion between two lovely loli to deteriorate .

But, Xiayi word doesn’t sound like it for Elya . ‘Showing off? or rather retaliation?’ Whatever, Xiayi have been marked by Elya . ‘Ilya absolutely can’t approach this type of people, danger level : S . ’ Too frightening, i just scammed him this morning . Right, Ilya call him ‘Xiayi’ right? This Xiayi is too frightening .

I only scammed him some gold coins this morning and tonight he came back with my sister captured? Ah if only i knew, i wouldn’t have scammed this guy . My sister, my poor little sister . Elya who have a face full of snot and tear only heard Ilya add another layer .

« It’s not Xiayi gege fault, it’s all jiejie fault . Nearly 30 years old and don’t search for a boyfriend, now she nearly became a black widow .  »

« Nearly became a black widow… black widow… black widow… »

Just when Elya was preparing to say something, she was immediately smashed by the « black widow » from Ilya .


(1) da= big / great / grand…     xiao=little / small… .     jie=big sister
And daxiaojie means in general a daughter of a rich or influential family .

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