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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:59:02 PM

Chapter 116

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"I already had Emma leak news of the incident online last night and I destroyed the surveillance video from the bar . Currently, the word out is that someone else injured Ling Feng . " Xu Fengnian reported to Zhang Xiaohua .

Zhang Xiaohua became confused and asked: "Wait, if it wasn't me who injured Ling Feng, then who was it?"

Xu Fengnian gave Zhang Xiaohua a look and said: "I had Xiong Zhuang go to the police station and surrender last night . We needed to delay their investigation, I hope you can understand . "

Zhang Xiaohua was stunned, he understood Xu Fengnian's intentions .

With Xiong Zhuang's surrender the police would be unlikely to investigate further for a while, giving them at least some time . Anyway, the surveillance videos had been destroyed . Without this, just Ling Feng's arguments alone couldn't constitute as evidence . Even if the people around him came out to testify, their words would just be seen as biased and unfair now . With the matter gaining online attention, it would be harder for the Jinsheng Group to manipulate things .

This way, the Jinsheng Group wouldn't be able to make the situation bigger than it was . This would allow Xiong Zhuang to get away with the minimum sentencing of 15 days detention .

One was the security manager of a small company and the other was the successor of an international business group . If Xiong Zhuang took the fall, it would allow Zhang Xiaohua to stay out of the matter .

However if the Jinsheng Group was really determined to make trouble, then Xiong Zhuang would definitely suffer big losses .

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In general, in most cases of assault, the assailant was just detained for 15 days at best and made to pay a fine .

But if Ling Feng insisted on pursuing it, then he could face up to three months of imprisonment .

Especially if he faked out an injury, reported it as a grievous wound, and then pressured the judicial department in the name of the Jinsheng Group .

Zhang Xiaohua shook his head . He had caused this, he couldn't allow Xiong Zhuang to carry this burden, it wouldn't look good to those inside and outside the company, plus it was too risky a play .

If he didn't bear this responsibility, how was he meant to gain and retain loyalty and respect . How would he face the brothers under Xiong Zhuang?

Deeply sighing, Zhang Xiaohua looked at Xu Fengnian and sincerely said: "Uncle Xu, I know you have my best interests at heart and I am very grateful to you for thinking about me . However, Xiong Zhuang is not only a member of our company . He is also our friend . I can't just watch him take the blame for me . "

"Boss, you plan to go to the police station to surrender?" Emma widened her eyes, horrified .

Yuan Datong suddenly spoke up: "If your going to surrender, I will go with you . "

"We'll go too . " The rest spoke up in support .

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Zhang Xiaohua looked at everyone with gratitude and smiled: "You are the top executives of the company . Without you, how would the company operate?"

Zhang Xiaohua picked up his clothes: "Your kindness is forever in my heart . But you can rest assured, Ling Feng is not my opponent . If he wants to play with me, he is still too weak . "

Zhang Xiaohua went out to wash his face and dress up, then ate some breakfast .

Looking at the time, Zhang Xiaohua smiled at everyone: "You need to get to work . Rest assured, I can take care of it myself . Even if I can't handle it, I believe Xu Fengnian will help me . "

Zhang Xiaohua discretely flashed a sly smile to Xu Fengnian .

Seeing Zhang Xiaohua insisting, they gave in .

"Oh yes, this is the video I took last night . I deleted the rest of the video yesterday . I only retained the part of Ling Feng swearing and spouting abuse . I hope it can be of help . " After that, Emma sent the video to Zhang Xiaohua's mobile phone .

"Thank you, I'm sure it will come to use later . "

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As the rest left, Zhang Xiaohua held back Xu Fengnian . …

… .

Under the eyes of everyone, Zhang Xiaohua drove away, his destination was Xiqiao Police Station .

"Emma I'll trouble you to inform the media that there will be a big event going down at Xiqiao Police Station, tell them to get there as soon as possible and await more info . Also inform the factory director about what happened last night and what just happened now . " Said Xu Fengnian .

"Tell Zhou Yi???" Emma's face was full of doubts and the others were also confused . How was this gonna help the situation? It would only cause panic .

Xu Fengnian didn't explain, he just ordered them to carry out his orders .

. . .

Twenty minutes later, Zhang Xiaohua arrived at the nearby police station .

Just in time to run into Ling Feng and his entourage .

Outside the station was a group of people, in addition to Ling Feng and Ling Qitian, Cao Dequan and Cao Huahua were there along with Cao Feifei of course . Even Director Guo, Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, had come in person . It could be seen how big of face Ling Qitian garnered .

Seeing Zhang Xiaohua, Ling Feng was filled with shock, then became infuriated .

"Guo, what's the f**cking meaning of this? Why isn't this waste being detained? Why is he here?" Ling Feng's eyes sparkled and his anger was unstoppable .

Director Guo was speechless . This case was the responsibility of the Xiqiao Police Station . He only heard about it, he had no idea of the specifics . He had no idea how to answer .

"Don't be rude . " Said Ling Qitian giving a stare Ling Feng, then he turned his head to Zhang Xiaohua, carefully looking him over .

Ling Qitian had recently read a bit about Zhang Xiaohua in the papers, for such a young fellow who started from scratch to earn hundreds of millions in a few short months, he truly was a promising talent!

Looking back at the Ling Feng, Ling Qitian couldn't help but be disappointed, they were both around the same age but so different in every other way . . .

One knew how to make money and the other only how to spend it .

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