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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:58:08 PM

Chapter 170

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Two days later, Zhang Xiaohua took great pains to finish writing songs for Yang Kun .

He wrote a total of ten songs among them, the one he expected to blow up the most was a song called 'Moonlight' .

It was a beautiful song .

In his office, Zhang Xiaohua had been sitting in front of the computer all morning . His whole body was stiff .

He leaned forward and called Yuan Datong to his office using the phone line on his desk .

As Yuan Datong entered Zhang Xiaohua said:

"Here are the ten songs I've prepared for Yang Kun, make the backing track music for these songs as soon as possible .

In addition, get Yang Kun to begin learning the lyrics he needs to know them off by heart before the concert . " Zhang Xiaohua said seriously to Yuan Datong .

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Yuan Datong smiled cheerfully, he had already become used to Zhang Xiaohua's perverted music creation speed .

After taking the notation of the ten songs, Yuan Datong carefully read it again .

To be honest, apart from 'Moonlight' in Yuan Datong's view, the other nine songs weren't on the same level as the other the classic songs that Zhang Xiaohua created before but they were still on a superior level to the music currently being produced .

Coupled with Yang Kun's existing five songs, it should be enough to have a concert .

"Okay, I will inform Yang Kun and get him into the studio . "

Just as Yuan Datong's voice fell, they heard the office door get pushed open .

It was Yang Kun, he strode into Zhang Xiaohua's office . Behind him, followed a middle-aged man in a black suit with a briefcase in hand and a pair of Armani glasses on his face .

Seeing Yang Kun appear, Yuan Datong said: "Perfect timing Zhang Xiaohua has just written ten songs for you . We need to head to the studio . Your concert is fast approaching, we have to hurry and record the songs . "

"No hurry, we still have time . "

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Yang Kun forcibly took the notation of the ten songs from Yuan Datong's hand, and then carefully looked at it .

"In addition to the concert, the company has already secured you two advertisement deals they are all well-known brands . You'll earn a hefty sum this time . This should keep you satisfied haha . "

Yuan Datong said with a laugh .

He was a trusting man through and through, he regarded Yang Kun as his own even despite his attitude .

However, Yang Kun showed no signs of being excited by the news .

Looking at the middle-aged man who came with Yang Kun, Zhang Xiaohua felt that something was wrong .

Sure enough, he heard Yang Kun speak up: "This is my private lawyer, Lawyer Chen . "

Then he introduced to the middle-aged man: "This is my boss, Zhang Xiaohua . "

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The middle-aged man took out a business card and took two steps forward and handed it to Zhang Xiaohua . He said with no expression: "Hello, I am the representative lawyer for Mr . Yang Kun . From now on, I will be responsible for all the legal matters involving Mr Yang . "

"Lawyer??" Yuan Datong looked at Yang Kun with incomprehensibility and asked: "Why do you need a private lawyer?"

Yang Kun didn't answer, instead he looked to Lawyer Chen who said solemnly: "A citizen of any country ruled by law has the right to appoint a lawyer and as your company has made no provisions for him he has sought me out for himself, which is his legal right to do so . "

Yuan Datong was speechless at the same time, he couldn't help but look over to Zhang Xiaohua for help but Zhang Xiaohua was silent . Lawyer Chen was correct, the contract did not stipulate that Yang Kun couldn't hire a private lawyer .

But that wasn't important . What was important was why Yang Kun decided to bring a lawyer?

"What are you doing here with a lawyer?"

Yang Kun still refused to answer, instead he looked to his lawyer .

Lawyer Chen answered again: "I came here mainly to help my client, Mr . Yang to safeguard his rights . Your company has seriously infringed on the basic rights and interests of Mr . Yang . To this end, I officially present Mr Yang's request that HuaXiang Entertainment give a satisfactory answer to resolve this issue .

Zhang Xiaohua hadn't spoken when Yuan Datong shouted in anger: "Yang Kun, what the hell do you mean by this? When has the company infringed on your rights?"

"Sir if you continue to talk to my client in such a tone, I will consider it an attempt to intimidate my client . " The lawyer said in an icy tone warning Yuan Datong .

"You . . . "

"Datong, stop . " Zhang Xiaohua cut of Yuan Datong's speech and turned to the topic and asked Yang Kun: "Let's see, when did the company infringe on your rights?"

Yang Kun still maintained his silence . Instead Lawyer Chen opened up his briefcase after setting it down on Zhang Xiaohua's desk and took out a new contract and placed it in front of Zhang Xiaohua .

He said with conviction: "This is a new contract proposed by my client Mr . Yang please take a look .

As for the previous contract, we wish to nullify it as there are too many unreasonable conditions .

For example: Mr . Yang Kun currently only retains the rights to sing the song 'Indifferent' from his current album . For Mr Yang, this is troubling .

My client wants the rights to all his songs, otherwise we will be forced to sue you for exploitation and infringing on the rights and interests of Mr Yang . "

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