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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:57:59 PM

Chapter 179

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Xu Fengnian didn't answer Zhang Xiaohua's question . Instead he said:

"They would likely file against us after the lawsuit anyway for breach of contract if we went for one . "

Zhang Xiaohua remained silent and stared up at the ceiling in thought, he knew Xu Fengnian was right .

If they took the legal route and filed a lawsuit against New Century, the company really had little chance of winning .

There was a slight chance but even then that would be after a drawn out battle in court .

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New Century was solid; it was involved in a lot of industries . Even if they didn't engage in music, they had so many other sources of income that they would be fine .

HuaXiang on the other hand was currently only involved with music . Apart from this they had no other sources of income .

What's more, the shortage of stars in the company was very serious . Now, Yang Kun was gone . Only Ling Ming alone was maintaining the company's lifeline .

Zhang Xiaohua smiled bitterly, stretched his tight expression and eased his anger: "Forget it, since it's like this . We don't need to continue to cooperate with them . Although we can't touch Yang Kun for now, we can still control Ling Ming's . "

Xu Fengnian stunned and said: "What do you mean . . . You want to take Ming'ers songs down?"

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Zhang Xiaohua nodded and said with a firm attitude: "As soon as possible, draft a cancellation agreement we will cancel the contract with them . "

"In the contract between us and QuoDuo . It is stated that the cooperation period between the two parties is three years . If the period isn't fulfilled, whoever first proposes to terminate the contract, has to pay for breach of contract . If we do this, we will need to compensate 15 million yuan in damages to QuoDuo . " Xu Fengnian said with a heavy tone .

Recently, the company had payed off millions in damages . This had already lead to rumours spreading, discrediting their business practices . If the company cancelled the contract with QuoDuo, he felt the company would fall into an unfavourable situation .

"We have already lost a lot of money recently, 15 million more won't hurt . " Zhang Xiaohua said seemingly without care .

He had always regarded the Cao family as enemies . They couldn't share the same sky but now, QuoDuo had taken his enemies as friends and joined them in attacking him . They were now another company on his blacklist .

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Xu Fengnian stared at Zhang Xiaohua with wariness and doubt: "Since the concert Ling Ming hasn't released any new works, while Yang Kun has issued two albums, his current popularity and momentum has surpassed Ling Ming's own .

The sales volume for Ling Ming's songs have shrunk greatly . At present, Ling Ming's profitability is being mainly maintained by online downloads . So if we cancel the contract with QuoDuo and the songs are taken down, the company will lose its only source of income . "

Indeed, since Ling Ming's last concert, she had made no movements not to mention a new album not even a new song had been released, Yang Kun had completely overshadowed Ling Ming .

However, this cannot be said that Zhang Xiaohua was deliberately ignoring Ling Ming but recently Zhang Xiaohua had put his mind on Liu Yan's condition and Yang Kun's concert, so he did not have time to help to focus on other things .

However, as long as Zhang Xiaohua was willing, Ling Ming could have new songs in minutes .

But now, Zhang Xiaohua had put all his thoughts on Du Chengyi's . If they could find him then they could do one better and launch a two pronged attack .

The things he decided would never change easily . He would not continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with an enemy .

"According to my words, immediately terminate the cooperation with QuoDou . " Zhang Xiaohua said without hesitation .

Seeing Zhang Xiaohua leaving no room for negotiation, Xu Fengnian could only leave the office with a sigh and then personally drafted a contract cancellation agreement for QuoDuo . In the afternoon, he took the agreement to QuoDuo .

In the past if there was anything up, Xu Fengnian would have called Zhu Zongbain over to discuss .

But now things had changed, to outsiders now HuaXiang Entertainment was nothing but an empty shell now .

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