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Chapter 191

"Right, inform Du Chengyi to come sign the contract . It's time to reclaim our spot . " Zhang Xiaohua said seriously .

Xu Fengnian nodded and immediately took out his phone . He quickly contacted Du Chengyi and asked him to come in .

Just half an hour later, Du Chengyi arrived at HuaXiang Entertainment .

Zhang Xiaohua took out the prepared contract .

Zhang Xiaohua couldn't deny that there were big loopholes in the contracts that he had drafted before, causing him to suffer losses .

So after a few days of repeated revision and editing alongside a few lawyers from the Guangming Firm a new contract was created .

Now HuaXiang would be able to withdraw the rights of their singers to sing their songs after termination of the contract .

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In addition, Zhang Xiaohua had made detailed improvements to artist's welfare, not only increasing the artist's share of the profits made but also giving them more preferential treatment . To balance this all out he raised the cancellation fee to one hundred million!

It was an absolutely sky high price that very few could afford to pay let alone be willing to pay .

Reading the contents of the contract, Du Chengyi was so shocked he nearly dropped it .

He was very satisfied with the previous clauses so he didn't see a reason to refuse but when he saw the cancellation fee was as high as 100 million yuan, he suddenly wanted to cry .

Seeing that Du Chengyi was hesitant, Zhang Xiaohua asked a little frustrated: "What, you don't want to sign?"

"No, it's just that this cancellation is too scary!" Du Chengyi said with a bitter smile .

"Oh . . . as long as you don't have plans to betray the company, then even if the withdrawal fees are as high as one billion yuan, what does it matter? Unless of course, if you plan to just use us till you get famous in which case you should reconsider . " Zhang Xiaohua said seriously issuing a warning .

No longer hesitating Du Chengyi signed . He was willing to gamble to change his fate

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"Where do you live now?" Zhang Xiaohua asked casually .

"I live in the construction site dormitories . "

"You are the star of tomorrow, that kind of place isn't suitable for you . " Zhang Xiaohua said as he took out 17,000 yuan from the desk drawer and handed it to Du Chengyi: "This is for you from New Century Entertainment . Use it to find a hotel to stay and begin preparing to record the album . We will buy you a house after we finish . "

Du Chengyi nodded with joy and said with gratitude: "Thank you boss!"

Zhang Xiaohua laughed and said nothing . He picked up the phone and said to Emma: "Notify everyone and prepare for a meeting . "

. . .

A few moments later, everyone had gathered in the conference room .

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Zhang Xiaohua looked at Yuan Datong and said to him: "Your department should prepare as soon as possible and strive to help Du Chengyi record songs tomorrow . Also inform Zhou Yi to be ready, after we have recorded the songs we will record the music videos . This time we have 15 songs to get through, the workload is immense . "

Yuan Datong seems to be somewhat confused: "Why don't we take this step by step and take it slowly? Anyway, our company has nothing to do at the moment, we can ensure the quality this way and reduce stress . Why are you in such a hurry?"

Zhang Xiaohua said with a serious attitude and said to everyone present: "Yang Kun is about to hold a concert it can't be you want to let him have it easy . "


"Of course not!"

"But what can we do?"

Zhang Xiaohua showed a slight smile . "We will be also holding a concert for Du Chengyi on January 1st next year and the scale will be even bigger than Yang Kun's . Yang Kun's is at the Tianhe Stadium . Let's do this Du Chengyi will hold his at the Workers' Stadium .

"Workers Stadium ?!" The crowd exclaimed, filled with excitement and expectation .

No wonder . . .

It should be known that the Workers' Stadium was one of the largest gymnasiums in Tianjing, it was large enough to accommodate 90,000 people . It was a high-level stadium dedicated to international sports events .

"From now on, Du Chengyi's stage name will be Adu . In the future, regardless of his songs or participation in events, they will be promoted under the name 'Adu' . In the future, I want to let the name 'Adu' to be remembered all over the country!"

"Adu?" Everyone looked at each other in confusion .

Zhang Xiaohua smiled he had decided this earlier, the name 'Du Chengyi' was indeed very sound but the name 'Adu' gave people a sense of intimacy and it was easy to remember . Plus, Du Chengyi shared an uncanny resemblance to the singer Adu from Earth .

"I understand; our department will do its utmost to finish Adu's songs" said Yuan Datong .

Zhang Xiaohua cast a trusting gaze on Yuan Datong and smiled .