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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:57:35 PM

Chapter 204

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Two o'clock in the afternoon,

Xu Fengnian returned to the company with a dejected look .

Entering Zhang Xiaohua's office, Xu Fengnian couldn't help sighing and sighing, he didn't speak, but instead looked at Zhang Xiaohua with a disgruntled face .

Zhang Xiaohua seeing this couldn't help but frown, he could guess what had happened but he still asked, "What's the matter? What did the leaders of the Administration of Sports say? Are they willing to rent the Workers' Stadium to us?"

Xu Fengnian shook his head in frustration and said, "They said that the stadium was a symbol of the country and a sacred place . Not a place for music concerts . They didn't even take time to consider our proposal . "

Zhang Xiaohua's face couldn't help but crumble .

During this time, everybody in the company had been working extremely hard; even working overtime to complete their tasks . All with the aim of placing Adu on the stage at the Workers' Stadium on January 1 .

Now everything was nearly in place, but they couldn't get the Workers' Stadium . Everyone's efforts would have been wasted .

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Xu Fengnian sighed helplessly . He knew that Zhang Xiaohua had placed great trust in him by handing over such an important task to him, but he had failed .

Since switching companies, this was the first time Xu Fengnian had tasted defeat .

Looking at Xu Fengnian who was blaming himself, Zhang Xiaohua smiled and got up before patting Xu Fengnian on the back .

"Uncle Xu, don't worry about it . You are not to blame . I know you tried your best," said Zhang Xiaohua .

"Xiaohua, what will we do?" asked Xu Fengnian turning to look at Zhang Xiaohua .

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Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said, "I was hoping not to have to do this, but I guess we have no choice . Leave this matter to me . "

Zhang Xiaohua took out his phone and dialed Chairman Sun Qingdong of the Music Association .

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Originally, Zhang Xiaohua didn't want to trouble Sun Qingdong for this matter . After all, this was only a small matter, gaining Sun Qingdongs favour had cost him 5 million yuan .

And if he called in the favor now, it would be wasting such a good hand .

However, due to time constraints, Zhang Xiaohua had no choice but to ask Sun Qingdong for help .

With the status of Sun Qingdong, even central officials would give him face, let alone those officials from the General Administration of Sports . Such a minor department couldn't afford to fight him over such a small matter .

After Sun Qingdong picked up, Zhang Xiaohua said coolly, "Chairman, how have you been recently? Is everything well?"

"Oh, I've been well . Thank you for the concern, Boss Zhang . " came Sun Qingdong's voice over the phone .

"That's good to hear, at least one of us is in a good state," said Zhang Xiaohua with an exaggerated sigh .

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"President Sun, you must take good care of your body . We can't live without you . The entire Huaxia music industry is inseparable from the leadership of Chairman Sun!"

"Hahah . . . Boss Zhang is too polite . If only others were as kind as you . You must make sure to stay in good health as well . After all, the younger generation must take over after us, old fogies, pass . Now, what is all this about not being in a good state? What happened?"

"It's nothing much . But if Chairman Sun could advise us, it would be great . "

"Of course, explain and let me see how I can help . "

"Our company plans to hold a concert, and the location we are thinking of is the Workers' Stadium . But sadly, the leaders of the General Administration of Sports are turning out to be more difficult to talk to than we expected . They aren't willing to rent out the stadium .

"I would like to ask Chairman Sun to help me convince the leaders of the General Administration of Sports to rent the stadium to our company . I feel this will prove to be a great contribution to the music industry . After all, it is vital for there to be cooperation between the government and companies . "

"This . . . will be hard to do . . . !" came the voice of Sun Qingdong over the phone .

"But since it's you asking, a devoted activist in the music industry, you can consider it done . "

"Wow, thank you so much, Chairman Sun . I will make to sure to repay you for this . "

"Hahaha . . . no worries . Just continue doing what you have been doing for the music industry and, of course, the Music Association . "

" . . . "

Swearing at the shameless bastard in his mind, Zhang Xiaohua said,

"Thank you, then I will wait for the good news from Chairman Sun . "

Zhang Xiaohua then quickly led the conversation to a close before Sun Qingdong tried to elicit money from him .

" . . . " Having listened to the whole conversation, Xu Fengnian was speechless .

What the actual hell? Since when did this kid learn to bribe others and elicit favors?

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