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Published at 8th of March 2020 09:35:06 AM

Chapter 43

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Mutunga released an Intimidating aura the fills the entire room . Endless walked passed it and stood in front of Mutunga and smirked in front of him .

"Hahaha! . . . . You really are something!"

"If you want to intimidate me, you better throw in some killing intent," Endless said .

"Enough with these childish acts, Master . "

"Hahaha, sorry about that, let's go to the Guilds Garden so we can talk privately . "

Cistro opened the left door and guided the two to the garden, outside, a table is prepared in the middle of a gazebo built on top of a Koi pond . the place is covered with cherry blossom trees and as the three walks towards the gazebo, the flowers started covering the place with falling petals .

"What a beautiful garden . "

"Thank you, I want to create a place where I can feel peace . "

The three sat on the table and an NPC maid laid 3 cups and a bottle of saké or what they called rice wine .

"I'm only 14, you know that right?"

"Hahaha, what if you add your age before reincarnating here?"

"I'm not fond of alcoholic drinks so I'll pass . "

Mutunga then grabbed the bottle and drink it straight up without using a cup .

"Ahhhhhhhh! that was refreshing!"

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"At first, I want to invite you to our guild, but I respect your decision to create your guild . . . So now I'll just ask you if you want to create an alliance between our 2 guilds?"

"What will be the benefits of the alliance?"

"Total freedom, we and the other guilds that is included in the alliance will not step on others guild foot . but if an event or a venture where strong players are needed, we can gather all the strong personnel in each guild . "

"I see . . . "

"The guilds that are included on this alliance will have a meeting in a week and our first agenda is . . . The Annihilation of Amir Azen . . . The Storm Bringer . "

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"What level are the players?"

"Level 33 for now . . . but they are all preparing for the event . I'm not included in the event because I'm just visiting this server . Cistro here will be my proxy . So? what will be your answer?"

"I want to know the details about the loot drops and other kinds of stuff . "
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"The meeting will clear things up . "

"Then let me decide after the meeting . "

"OK then, Thank you for giving it a chance . "

Endless stood and turned his back .

"Let me guide you back Master Endless," Cistro said .

Endless then stopped and looked back .

"Do you know the reason why?"

The two then shook their heads .

"I'll be logging off for now, I felt exhausted after that last event . "

"Thank you again for giving us your valuable time . "

"No big deal . "

Endless then teleported out of the guild .

"You didn't even talk about the past?" Cistro asked .

"There are other time for that, I will return to my server too, I trust you to make the preparations . "

"Rest assured Master . "

Mutunga then logged out of the game .

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Endless teleported on the Vulcan Empire where Undying Flame and Flower Remedy is waiting .

"So!?, what happened?"

"I'll decide after the upcoming meeting a week from now . "

"I see . . . but what do you think about the guild?"

"They said that it's a well-established guild, but I just don't start trusting anybody, Flower Remedy, what's the status about the guild?"

"All of the requirements are ready, you just need to name the guild . "

"Gather all of them tomorrow, I will think of the name today, I just need to rest for now . "

Endless then logged out of the game .


Zeek woke up and he gets straight to the drawer and pulled a piece of paper, he then wrote the address that Crimson Butterfly gave him .

"First things first, I need to know something . "

Zeek then sat on the edge of his bed, he then holds his head .

*Rebirth . . . I thought I was the only one . *

Zeek stood and walked in front of the mirror .

*Why did I reincarnate in this time?*

He then looked at the piece of paper that he is holding .

*Maybe he knew something . *

He looked at the mirror .

*This is my second chance . . . Someone or something gave me another shot and I will make use of it . . . I will reclaim my throne*

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After eating breakfast and taking a bath, Zeek prepared everything and rode the train straight to District J where the address that Crimson Butterfly gave to him .

Suddenly his phone rang .

"Yoh Grid . "

"Why the hell are you absent!?, Your mom told me that you left early!"

"I need to go somewhere, tell the teachers that I'm sick or something . "

"Okay!, you owe me one!"

"Hahaha . . . Thanks, Bro . "

Announcement: The Train will arrive at Station J in 2 minutes . "Please do not leave your luggage unattended on the station . Luggage left unattended will be removed without warning or destroyed or damaged by the security services . "

"I'm already in my destination, I'll just see you in-game, Bye . "

Zeek ended the call and exited the train, he walked upstairs and saw a kid with the same age as him holding a signage with Endless written on it, the kid is wearing a blue jumper with a baseball hat .

"Did Crimson Butterfly told them that I'm planning to go today?"

Zeek approached the kid and ask him .

"Uhm . . . I'm Endless . "

"So you're just a kid . "

"But you're a kid too . "

"Let's not waste our time here . A car is waiting for us outside . "

"Who are you? I'm not entering the car with someone who I don't know . "

"Endalaus sent me to pick you up . "

"And you? what is your name?"

"Eve . . . my name is Eve . "

"Are you a girl?"

"Just shut your mouth if you don't have something good to say . "

"I'm just asking . . . You look like the boy I fought back at the game . "

"I told you I'm not a boy!"

"So you really are that kid!?"

An old butler with white hair and a white mustache approached the two kids .

"Madame Eve, is there something wrong?"

"Gerad, I told you not to call me madame outside!"

"Ohh, I'm sorry, sometimes I forgot things because of my age . "

"Not a big deal, let's just go now . "

The three entered the car and Gerad the butler started driving .

"Are we there yet?"

"We just started driving for more than 5 minutes! of course, we're not there yet . "

"OK fine . . . You gotta chill bro . "

Zeek looked up the window and saw the blue sky .

"We will have good weather today sir, so don't worry," The butler said .

"I see . . . Are we there yet?"

"You Little!!" Eve shouted while holding Zeek's neck .

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