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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:25:11 PM

Chapter 323

After the Bureau Chief had left, Tang Muxin carried Little Meow into Hong Dali’s personal Soaring Angel and asked, “Dali, did Uncle Chief give something good again?” In Tang Muxin’s heart, the Bureau Chief was now a good person who sent them resources…

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“More or less . ” Hong Dali grinned . “I asked Uncle Chief to help me get some titanium alloy, then it’ll be awesome to use that to make cars . Most importantly, it’s sturdy…”

“Yes, that’s true . ” Tang Muxin thought for a while, then suddenly said, “Dali, to think of it, the Bureau Chief must be very busy usually since he’s in such a high position, right? It’s definitely not so simple if he comes here just like that . ”

“Of course . ” When there were no outsiders, Hong Dali actually thought quite intelligently . “I feel that the Bureau Chief should be expressing to me his standpoint . That means that as long as I don’t do anything that involves matters regarding principles, he’d express his fullest support to me . ”

“Then, doesn’t this mean that you can now do anything as you please?” Tang Muxin exclaimed . “You must control yourself and don’t seek your own death!”

“Of course . ” Hong Dali nodded . “I’m a very low-profile person . The sins we do upon ourselves are the hardest to cope with . Anyway, I’ll not go and cause unnecessary trouble . It’s quite nice to be able to spend some money and squander as usual . ”

“That’s true . ” Tang Muxin agreed . “Let’s play by ourselves and not care about others, hee hee . ”

“Alright . ” Hong Dali stuck his head out from the car window . “Everyone, get into the car . It was quite fun playing with planes today, let’s pack up and leave, then go to the school construction site to check its progress . After the car is manufactured, let’s drive them around together!”

Everyone roared in approval .

After Lin Chuyin had gotten into the car, Hong Dali took his smartphone out and said, “Chuyin, this contains the latest blueprint sent by Uncle Chief . I can’t understand by looking at it, but Uncle Chief says you should like it, so he asked me to give it to you . Um, it’s been filed into this folder, I can’t understand all the messy formulas and letters on it . ”

Heh heh, the Bureau Chief has come at the right time today—If I directly give Chuyin the Neural-connection technology blueprint, it would easily cause trouble . Now that he’d given it to her in the name of the Bureau Chief, there was nothing more to fear . Anyway, Chuyin wouldn’t possibly directly ask the Bureau Chief where this blueprint came from, right?

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“Mm, OK, I got it . ” Lin Chuyin instantly agreed .

Tianjing City West Fourth Loop, Imperial Hotel, in the premium VIP room .

“Young Master, currently, within the West Fourth Loop area, you have already purchased two nightclubs and, including this Imperial Hotel, three hotels rated four stars and above, as well as all the land that belongs to them . ” Ko Gohon’s bodyguard reported to Ko Gohon . “The total amount spent is 160 million USD . ”

“Mm, very good . ” Ko Gohon sat on the sofa and nodded . “Are there any others?”

“Yes, Young Master . ” The bodyguard said in a deep voice, “Currently, we’ve been gradually more involved in the things that Hong Dali had started up . At the moment, for the celebrity aspect, Miss Min Feiyao is already preparing . For the nightclub and hotel aspects, we have bought some of them too as mentioned just now . For the online novel website, currently, we’ve contacted a few companies, and I believe that the deal will be closed very soon . The IP site traffic of these few websites, when combined together, will not lose out much to Zhong Dian website . ”

“Not bad . ” Ko Gohon smiled . “Since we plan to overturn him, then, of course, we must surround and corner him in all aspects . How’re things going at the film media company side? Are there any good targets for the beverage companies?”

“A few film media companies have already been contacted to discuss this,” The bodyguard reported . “Currently, Hong Dali has given them quite a lot of stress, so they are very enthusiastic about the matter of us finding them for collaboration and to invest in them . Negotiations are also already undergoing with the beverage companies, and there is already quite a lot of progress in them . Most probably, there will be a very big breakthrough soon . ”

“OK . ” Ko Gohon touched his chin . “We must succeed in these negotiations as soon as possible . Are there any good ideas for the variety program side? These projects started by Hong Dali are indeed quite a lot . Oh right, contact a real estate company . We must acquire large amounts of land within West Fourth Loop . It’s not convenient for us to directly intervene, so just find a readymade company to be the puppet for us . Currently, the value of the land here is already rising . We must make something bigger out of it, and by then, we’ll fight a price war with Sangle Company . Heh heh, they plan to just sit there and wait for the price to rise . I’m afraid it won’t be as easy as they think . ”

“For the aspect of variety shows, currently two programs have been designed . The form of the programs are close to ‘I Am a Singer’ but on a larger scale, so the popularity won’t be too bad as well . Moreover, a few TV stations with higher viewership ratings have expressed their welcome in collaborating with us . Of course, all of these are handled by the middleman we’ve found . At the moment, Heavenly State still has rather hostile feelings towards our Jaban empire . I’m afraid that directly intervening would affect the progress of things, so I’ve changed the method of doing so . ”

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“Good job in handling this matter . ” Ko Gohon sniggered . “Heavenly State has always had hostile feelings towards our Jaban empire . Directly intervening will do no good . Has the puppet company for the real estate side been found?”

“It’s been found . ” The bodyguard slowly said, “Currently, there are already three companies that have agreed to our capital injection, and they are currently searching for suitable pieces of land . But due to the nation’s impending development of this area, the prices of land are constantly rising . If we want to purchase large areas of land, the cost will probably be much higher . ”

Now that the nation was planning to develop the land at West Fourth Loop, it was naturally very difficult to purchase a large area of land over there .

Ko Gohon had naturally thought about this problem before . He touched his chin and suddenly asked, “Mm, it’s probably not very easy to directly purchase it . Oh right, those three real estate companies you’ve contacted, how are the confidentiality measures going?”

“Definitely not an issue!” The bodyguard said with certainty, “We’ve all contacted them in private . There’s definitely no spies by the enemy around the area . I can guarantee this . ”

“That’s good!” Ko Gohon fiercely slapped his thigh . “Those pieces of land bought by the Hong Family, I remember that they were purchased under Hong Dali’s name, right?”

“Yes . ” The bodyguard was evidently caught off guard when he heard that . “Young Master, what you’re trying to say is…”

“Heh heh, what I’m trying to say is very simple . ” Ko Gohon roared with laughter . “I’m asking you to contact those three real estate companies to compete against Hong Dali to purchase all those lands under his name! Humph, humph . Though the prices of land now are already not low, so what? We’d rather spend more money, and with that character of that prodigal, this matter would very possibly be successful! As long as it’s successful, after we properly develop the land, the price will definitely increase by a huge amount again! By then, it’ll definitely be quite a big setback for the Hong Family . Remember, only contact Hong Dali . This prodigal is quite dumb, there’s a chance of success if you directly contact him . Don’t let others in the Hong Family know about it . Otherwise, it’ll be stopped!”

“Yes! I understand!” Upon hearing Ko Gohon’s command, the bodyguard instantly saluted . “Young Master’s brilliant idea is definitely not something ordinary people like us can think of . I salute Young Master!”

“Stop currying favor . ” Ko Gohon humphed . “For the online gaming aspect, what good things do we have?”

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“Young Master,” The bodyguard lowered his head and said, “For online gaming, our Jaban empire is not very adept at it . But the technological skills of those large online gaming companies in Korea are already very advanced . I believe that as long as we commission for some games and do many advertisements, it’ll definitely achieve good results . ”

“Haha, that’s settled then!” Ko Gohon laughed heartily . “Go and contact a few online gaming companies . We’ll inject capital into them and contact the Korean gaming companies to commission the games, including the advertisement in the later part . They only need to use their names and wait for their dividends . ”

Speaking up to this point, Ko Gohon gleefully said, “All these will be enough to make Hong Dali suffer a bit, heh heh . ”

“Young Master . ” The bodyguard reminded . “Hong Dali is a prodigal, but the Liu Family’s Liu Mingxin is a genius . Won’t it be better if we try our best not to provoke him?”

“Genius? Hehe . ” Ko Gohon disdainfully smiled . “No matter how much of a genius he is, so what? Without sufficient capital funds, how would he be able to fight with me? He’s only in control of a gaming branch company under Turkey Software, and its total assets are only around 500 million . We have 1 billion USD as our budget for our few games . Even if he’s a genius, what can he do? As long as we have sufficient funds, these so-called geniuses will all have to bow and admit defeat in front of us!”

“Yes!” The bodyguard stood up straight . “I understand!”

“Go . ”

After the bodyguard had left, Ko Gohon looked at the streets below bustling with people and cars and said with a cold voice, “Our Gohon Family’s Toyoda Conglomerate has had tens of years of feud with the Heavenly State’s Hong and Wu families . This time, I must fight a brilliant and successful fight and completely destroy their confidence! Hong Dali, he’s only a lucky prodigal . This time, I want you to know that my Jaban empire is impossible to defeat! Humph, humph, humph…”

Heavenly State, in the National Security Bureau .

“Chief, the research results are out . ” Mu Huishou stood beside the Bureau Chief and cautiously said, “Those remote control airplanes have all been disassembled, and currently some uncommon aspects have been found . ”

“You’ve discovered them?” The Bureau Chief was pleasantly surprised . “The energy of that remote control airplane and the accuracy in its control has far exceeded our expectations . The exact reason for that has really been found?”

“Yes . ” Mu Huishou nodded . “These should be unknowingly created by Miss Chuyin . The structure inside has been much more improved, and it’s much more effective than the ordinary ones . We haven’t discovered anything special in the others at the moment . ”

“Mm, not bad . ” The Bureau Chief thought for a while, then said, “Ask that group of scientists to research on it by themselves . It’s easy for me to take some samples back, but if I go and ask Hong Dali and Lin Chuyin about it, those two would probably not say anything, and I’d leave a bad impression on them . Anyway, just ask that group of scientists to research well on it . The cost is not a problem . ”

“OK . ” Mu Huishou was a little envious . “Chief, don’t you think Dali’s luck is a bit too good, he chances upon anything . ”

“Now the most commonly spread words in the upper class of Tianjing City is that all kinds of abilities have to kneel down in front of Dali’s exceeding luck . ” The Bureau Chief smiled bitterly . “Anyway, things like this didn’t happen just recently . Oh right, remember to store all these model samples well, and tell those people to watch their mouths . ”


After Mu Huishou left, the Bureau Chief looked up at the sky outside and mumbled, “The rise of a nation will surely lead to the arrival of a lucky star? Hehe, I’ll see what he can make of things . ”