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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:25:06 PM

Chapter 324: 324

Chapter 324: The Failed Battle Declaration

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Hong Dali was naturally unconcerned about what happened in the world .

After these few days of rest, he was currently in the laboratory on the fourth floor of Chenhui Building, reforming the airplane model with Lin Chuyin .

The last time the Bureau Chief came over, he’d mentioned about the passageway leading to the third story underground at the New Lanxiang city campus . Hong Dali especially liked expeditions, thus, he naturally couldn’t wait to go there and have a look .

Fortunately, he’d asked the toy factory side to increase their speed of production, and very soon, they’d manufactured over 30 small remote control airplanes about over 20 centimeters in length . After another series of disassembling and reassembling, the perfect-grade remote control airplane number two was in Hong Dali’s hands…

Since the main body of the airplane was perfect-grade, the lighting equipment and cameras that were added to it were simpler .

At the moment, Hong Dali and Lin Chuyin were installing the lighting setup onto the main body of the plane—to the superprodigal Hong Dali, the most important thing for the lighting setup was that it must be super luxurious . Thus, he used headlamps on the front of cars…

Other things aside, just a few lamps on the body of the airplane had already cost at least 100,000 yuan .

It was easy to install the searchlights . But came up next was the truly hard aspect .

Because they needed to install a total of five cameras throughout the body of the airplane, at the front, back, left, right and bottom .

According to the technical aspect, it was best to connect each camera to a screen so that there would be a clear image of all the surroundings, and it would be easier to inspect anything that was underground . Or else, if there was only one camera, it would easily result in some blind spots .

Thus, the two of them worked for a full two days and finally, the reformed perfect-grade remote control airplane model three was out!

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This perfect-grade remote control airplane had a more petite body: 22 centimeters in length, 17 centimeters in width, and 20 centimeters in height .

It had a more flexible maneuvering method: Pure aircraft connecting rod, which was referenced from the previous joystick on the flying device that Lin Chuyin had previously made .

A more stable energy: Hong Dali directly took all the batteries from the large airplanes and installed them into this airplane—for this, he’d specially asked the factory side to spare sufficient time to do that, and now, it was definitely not an issue for this model number three remote control airplane to fly for 4 hours!

After everything was done, Hong Dali asked Little Wang Mo to try out the plane, and everyone was extremely satisfied with the effect—compared to the first airplane that had been bombed and destroyed, it was definitely better!

“Dali, it’ll definitely not be a problem this time!” Tang Muxin stared at the images displayed on the five screens in front of her and smiled . “With this, everything in the surrounding can be filmed, hee hee . By then, when we put it into the cave, our point of view will be the same as the airplane’s . With Mo Mo’s maneuvering skills, this mission will definitely be successful!”

“Of course, the things developed by Chuyin are absolutely dependable!” Hong Dali laughed heartily and said, “Now that it’s more or less completed, we’ll just wait for the day when Uncle Chief brings us to take a look at that underground cave . Heh heh, I look forward to it, who knows what good things would be found in there . ”
“Yes, Dali . ” Tang Muxin’s eyes lit up brightly . “Do you think we’ll discover a gold mine? If we discover gold, diamond mines and so on, would they belong to us?”

“Probably not . ” Hong Dali pouted . “I’d never heard of gold or diamond mines being able to be possessed by someone alone… Instead, I feel that it’d be more exciting if we discover some historical remains, ancient tombs, aliens, flying saucers and so on . ”

Tang Muxin: “…”

Little Wang Mo exclaimed at a side . “Big Bro Dali, I’ll go and play now . ”

Hong Dali nodded . “Go . I’ll go back to the ninth floor as well to find Sister Nianwei and catch up with my afternoon nap…”

Alas, after he had just reached the ninth floor and hadn’t even laid down yet, Ling Xiaoyi suddenly hurriedly came up and reported, “Young Master, Toyoda Conglomerate’s Ko Gohon has come!”

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“Ko Gohon?” Hong Dali curiously asked, “What’s that pea-brain doing here? Still wanting to fight with me for the Young Master title? Doesn’t he feel pointless in doing so?”

Ling Xiaoyi anxiously said, “I don’t know as well what he has come here for, Young Master . You’re not going to take a look?”

“Alright, I’ll just go and take a look . ” Hong Dali got up as he mumbled, “This fellow definitely has nothing better to do, picking on me just for a damn title…”

Alas, once they reached the entrance, they saw Ko Gohon walking over with a large group of people . Once he saw them, Ko Gohon smiled and said, “Oh, this superprodigal has actually personally come out to receive me, hahaha . ” As he spoke, he glanced from left to right with an extremely arrogant look on his face .

“Your intelligence quotient is really worrying . ” Hong Dali sniffled with helplessness written all over his face . “You run over to my building just to say this nonsense?”

“Of course not . ” Ko Gohon shrugged his shoulders . “I’m not that idle . Hong Dali, I’ve come today to say something to you face to face . Regardless of whether you’re willing to admit it, you’ll always be the losing party . I will completely crush you under my feet . ”

His facial expression was rather exaggerated, but in his heart, he was sneering .

The reason why he came today was to act like an arrogant second-generation rich great hedonist purely to anger Hong Dali . He thought for a while on purpose . As the saying goes, a little impatience will spoil great plans . It’s fine for him to occasionally sacrifice his image . Though Hong Dali was a publicly acknowledged prodigal, he often had golden ideas . If he were to seriously compete with him, it wouldn’t be so easy for him to gain victory . Most important was his housing estates in West Fourth Loop . They couldn’t be meddled with . So, however he intervened in other things, it wouldn’t hurt Hong Dali’s foundation .

Thus, as long as he acted dumber and succeeded in provoking Hong Dali’s anger, then everything would be easy to handle .

“Stupid . ” The problem was that Hong Dali was very magnanimous . Though Ko Gohon’s acting was good, Hong Dali totally didn’t have much of a reaction as he only disdainfully pouted . “I think that you can never win over the rabbit in your entire life…”

After he said that, Tang Muxin and the other quick-witted ones instantly covered their mouths and giggled . Ko Gohon, however, didn’t understand what he meant . “I can never win over the rabbit? How is that possible? When have I ever competed against a rabbit? Who’s the rabbit?”

“Oh, the rabbit, it’s an athlete in running competitions . ” Hong Dali expressed his absolute purity . “The incident of you having a race against the rabbit has been heard by all the little children in our Heavenly State . ”

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This time, Ko Gohon had finally understood . Racing against the rabbit and winning over it, that was the classical story of the tortoise and the hare . Then, didn’t Hong Dali mean that he was a tortoise?

“You!” Ko Gohon was greatly enraged . “A petty person who only knows how to take advantage of your sharp tongue!” After saying that, he suddenly laughed again and said, “But that’s normal, you probably haven’t seen my way of doing things, right? Or could it be that you’d all along not dared to directly accept my challenge because you’re scared?”

“I’ve never been scared of fools . ” Hong Dali was getting increasingly impatient . “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to sleep . ”

“Hehe, you’re planning to flee just like that?” He had to put up a full show . Thus, Ko Gohon naturally didn’t mind acting more foolish as he laughed heartily and said, “If that’s so, there’s nothing much left to say . Heh heh, Hong Dali, I’ll teach you a lesson by then! Those silly things that you’ve started can just wait to be completely destroyed, hahahaha!”

“Alright, towards a person who’s mentally unsound…” Hong Dali despondently said, “It’s really quite a waste of time to talk to you . Do whatever you want to, I’m gonna sleep…” He rubbed his eyes . “Security guards, throw this crazy person out…”

“Heh heh, I believe you won’t be able to sleep very soon . ” Upon seeing that this show that he’d put up was more or less done, he felt that Hong Dali had definitely already treated him as a fool . In that case, he could take his time to plot things out in secret and defeat him in one stroke . Thus, he instantly sniggered and waved his hand . “I don’t need you to chase me out, hahaha . The legendary prodigal Hong Dali actually needs to call security guards . It’s really too funny, hahahaha!”

Actually, this show put up by Ko Gohon was still rather impressive .

An arrogant hedonistic second-generation rich who personally came to create havoc, and when he waged a challenge, the other party didn’t dare to accept it, then he gleefully left accompanied by loud laughter . This performance was realistic and his expressions were just right—even if Hong Dali didn’t mind it, his lackeys would definitely feel uncomfortable about it . Once someone lost their temper, it would easily cause trouble . Then, he’d naturally have a chance to take advantage of the situation .

Afterward, after he took his time to plot and scheme, Hong Dali would definitely be played around like a fool by him .

Initially, that was a perfect show, but alas, when it was about to be wrapped up, a mild buzzing sound suddenly came from the staircase, and then Ko Gohon had goosebumps all over his head as he saw a silvery white flying saucer slowly flying towards him!

“U… UFO?!” Ko Gohon nearly jumped up .

He knew about the wildly spread flying saucer incident previously on the internet . It was bombed and destroyed by the helicopters, how was it possible to appear here?

Ko Gohon stared till his eyeballs almost popped out . That flying saucer about 20 centimeters in size just flew steadily past his head and eventually came to a stop in front of Hong Dali . Once it stopped, a child’s voice sounded from it . “Big Bro Dali, I’m very familiar with controlling this thing now, hehe . ”

Hong Dali was not the least interested in Ko Gohon, but to Little Wang Mo, it was different .

Hong Dali grinned and said, “Mo Mo, your maneuvering skills are not bad, heh heh . Where are you now?”

Wang Mo: “I’m at the laboratory on the fourth floor . This plane that I’m controlling has made quite a few rounds around the corridor before it came here, heh heh . The view is really clear . ”

Hong Dali: “Mm, not bad, your maneuvering skills are quite professional!”

While Hong Dali and Wang Mo chatted, the gleeful look on Ko Gohon’s face had completely disappeared . He stared in bewilderment at the remote control toy model floating in midair and, after staring at it for a while, suddenly asked Hong Dali, “This thing was made by you?”

“Yes, what about it?” Hong Dali nodded . “It was manufactured by my toy factory . ”

“You’re already so old, yet you still play with toys…” said Ko Gohon distractedly . Then, he waved his hand and hurriedly went down the stairs along with his few bodyguards in a fluster .

“What’s this tacky guy doing?” Hong Dali perplexedly said, “Is it against the law to play with toys?!”

Once Ko Gohon exited from Chenhui Building, he felt that his clothes were all soaked with sweat . He anxiously said, “Go back to Imperial hotel, go back to the hotel, there’s a change in the situation!”