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Published at 15th of June 2019 08:05:07 AM

Chapter 183: 183

Just when Mu Su was proud of his wittiness, his face suddenly froze .

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That is not right!

His Highness is in animal form right now, and Lady Ye is completely unaware of His Highness’s identity . How are they going to get along??

Human beast…

Mu Su suddenly sensed that his thoughts were very dangerous and immediately decided to bring His Highness back first . But when Mu Su turned around and was about to turn into a wolf, he saw…

Gu Yanqiu and Meng Sheng had already brought a carriage over, and Ye Qingtang carried the silver wolf up the carriage .

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That carriage quickly disappeared right before Mu Su’s eyes .

Mu Su went crazy!

Ye Qingtang sat in the carriage while hugging the wolf, and other senior brothers rode on their hoses on the way back . Meng Sheng was perhaps guilty for suspecting Ye Qingtang and, thus, took on the role of the coachman and even helped Ye Qingtang to hang the bloody bag containing Wu Qi’s head outside the carriage .

There were some obstacles in this journey, but everyone returned safely . A line of them headed back to Xuanling Sect in a mighty formation . They only wanted to return to the sect as early as possible, turn in the mission, and exchange for Xuanming points to continue in their cultivation .

Perhaps the day was too tiring, Ye Qingtang leaned against the silver wolf and fell into a deep sleep throughout the bumpy journey .

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In the next instant, after Ye Qingtang fell into a deep sleep and her breathing was stable, the wolf suddenly opened its tightly-shut eyes and turned his head a little to look at Ye Qingtang, who fell asleep on its body, with a complicated expression .

A black fog suddenly floated out of Ye Qingtang’s chest and slowly formed into a little black ball .

The little black ball shuttled to the front of the silver wolf, and it could not stop moving its round body . Anyone could tell that it was agitated at this very instant .

“Wow wow wow . Would-be father, you’re finally taking action! I still looked down on you previously and did not expect that you would be so amazing this time!” The little black ball happily bounced about while looking at the silver wolf .

As early as when its mother met the silver wolf, the little black ball already knew that the other party was its would-be father . Who would have thought that would-be father was so witty: he discovered that mother liked wolves and knew how to give her what she liked!

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This was much more reliable than before .

The silver wolf watched the little black ball with cold eyes which were devoid of emotion .

However, the little black ball blabbered on happily as if it completely did not sense the silver wolf’s indifference .

“But… I keep thinking that there seems to be something wrong with your appearance… Uh… Is that taste for a human beast a little too…” Before the little black ball finished its sentence, the silver wolf suddenly launched its paw at the little black ball .

The little black ball which was a conscious being could only be touched by the Demon God, and this paw caused its palm-sized body to knock into all areas in the carriage!

In just the blink of an eye, the little black ball, whose head was spinning from the collision, fell in front of the silver wolf . It wanted to float up dizzily but was pressed on the ground with the silver wolf’s paw…

“Boo hoo…” The little black ball wanted to cry . Its would-be father was so violent, and it was impossible for its tiny body to escape from that huge paw!

The silver wolf looked at the little black ball coldly and flipped its paw to kill off the little black ball’s voice . Then, the silver wolf shifted its eyes, looked at Ye Qingtang sleeping soundly on its body, and quietly continued to pretend to be unconscious in the carriage .

While that little black ball whose state worse off than being dead was in despair .

Boo hoo hoo~ Is it too late to change a father?