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Published at 6th of November 2019 11:16:49 AM

Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – Suppressing Forbidden Feelings (2)

And those decorations on that shelf, it was obvious at first glance that those were randomly placed . If you dry some flowers and fill the shelf with it, then when you’re greeted with the sight of flowers the moment you enter the room, that would probably make your mood better…

Oh, she’s leaving for the Yangtze River canal expedition soon . She should start preparing for her business on the side too…

Not to say… she’s going to monopolize the entire canal . If she can just take over one small section, she would be satisfied . But how is she going to get it?

After thinking about it for a while, Gong Yi Mo looked at her small hands and sighed . She was still much too young . Everything she does at this age causes too much of a reaction .

Seeing Gong Che asleep, she lightly slipped out of his hand and tiptoed out of the room . As soon as she left, Gong Che suddenly opened his eyes .

He sniffed his hand which still had the lingering scent of Gong Yi Mo . It was the smell of the shaved ice they ate earlier .

He breathed in deeply and stared at the ceiling, confusion swirling within his eyes .

What is he going to do?

Yes, he can’t fall any deeper! He has to control himself!

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The clear-headed Gong Che was much more rational . He understood that if he continued on this way, Gong Yi Mo would be deeply hurt . She would be despised by others and would not have many prospects . This time was not favorable to women, he understood this deeply .

He slowly clenched his hand . Yes, restrain himself . He can definitely restrain himself!

Time flew by and the personnel were all gathered . Because they were leaving tomorrow, Gong Che stayed at the Eastern Palace tonight . No, Gong Che stayed there since three days ago with a different excuse every night .

But would Gong Yi Mo realize something like this? Even if Gong Che stayed there for a month, she would just assume that he was busy and didn’t want to be bothered .

Late at night, Gong Yi Mo was still up reading . There’s no helping it, she was too excited to sleep!

She was reading a book regarding ship building . Even though the shipbuilding industry was quite advanced and on a world level, in order to make her future fleet more competent, Gong Yi Mo had to study and work hard!

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While she was engrossed in her studies, the sound of something heavy landing came from the courtyard .

Gong Yi Mo found it strange . Since they were leaving tomorrow, all the guards were transferred away today . Was there someone scheduled to come tonight?

Thinking of this, she put down the book and walked out .

As soon as she opened the door, the smell of blood filling the air stimulated Gong Yi Mo’s nerves . She took a deep breath and quietly walked towards the corner .

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A man with loose hair lay on the floor, unknown whether he was dead or alive . Gong Yi Mo turned him around and looked at his face illuminated by the moonlight .

“Shen Shi Ye?”

Her voice made Shen Shi Ye open his eyes . He was covered in blood and severely injured . Gong Yi Mo panickedly lifted him up and transferred internal energy into his back . Shen Shi Ye coughed a few times, his face regaining some redness .

“What happened?!” Gong Yi Mo seriously said, “Was it your stepmother?”

Shen Shi Ye weakly nodded, “I… this young master is fine…!” He smiled with a pale face, leaning against her shoulder .

“I don’t have anywhere to hide so I could only come here… You… I trust you… don’t sell me out now…”

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