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Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Forgiving Others and One’s Self (1)

“I was almost killed by the explosion earlier!” Gong Yi Mo’s voice trembled, “I am the most clear on the power of this weapon . It is powerful . If it is used in a battle, countless lives would be lost . ”

She straightened her back and looked into the eyes of the crowd, her eyes carried traces of sadness .

“Once it falls into the hands of the Emperor and he experiences the pleasure of mass murder, then all the Emperors that want to swallow the sky will create an inevitable war .

“Just bombing others is fine . However, this thing isn’t complicated to make . What if someone makes one and bombs you with it? What if it was used as a weapon for succession? Imagine its power, whether it’s a mountain, river, or a field, everything will be reduced to sorrow in an instant .

“And once it causes irreversible harm, people will begin to revolt without regard for the consequences . Later, when the army puts down the rebellion, hundreds of thousands of innocent people would be dead . If the people are displaced, then I am the greatest sinner of the ages!”

She kneeled as she spoke, the sorrowful light in her eyes moved the others . She seemed to already see the scene where blood flowed like rivers . She created a weapon of destruction, but it was for the good of the people .

A girl who was so considerate of the world when she herself barely escaped mortal danger thus kneeled embarrassedly in front of them . It made them feel ashamed of themselves .

Gong Che was definitely disappointed . As the Crown Prince, he definitely wished to use such a powerful weapon for his country . However, Gong Yi Mo’s every word beat against his heart, and he couldn’t bear the ruin of destruction . He also didn’t want to do anything she didn’t want him to do so regarding this thing, he’d rather pretend he never saw it at all .

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In her last life, because she didn’t properly control the situation, there were countless wars and lost lives .

Gong Yi Mo originally invented gunpowder for mining, but because the composition was leaked and fell into the hands of the emperor, he used it to win an easy war…

A good thing doesn’t last forever . After tasting the sweet taste of victory, the empire wanted to expand northward, but the backyard was lit on fire as the princes rioted . In just a few short years, rockets, ammunition, cannons, sprung into being . The empire completely broke down, and the four princes with the most power fought to no end!

Because of the loss of control, Gong Yi Mo and Gong Che guarded the Imperial City but had no way to bring back the situation . Violence could only be tamed with violence!

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A five year long civil war broke out!

Gong Che defended the courtroom, and she… created river of blood, becoming the infamous executioner!

That was why she didn’t want to relive the events of her last life! That was why she so easily forgave Gong Che and Gong Jue, because she thought the reason a sinner like her died was only right subconsciously since all those innocent people killed by her creation could be said to be dead by her hands . She was guilty!

The greatest responsibility of the ones at the top wasn’t punishment but forgiveness . So in this life, only if she forgives everyone else would she be able to forgive herself!

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She succeeded in the end . After a long five years, she cleaned up the mess caused by gunpowder . Other countries took advantage of this weakness to invade, which she splendidly countered . She took over the three countries using the time’s weapons and swallowed the three countries, unifying the Central Plains .

But by that time, the country was ravaged with corpses and it wasn’t known how many years it would take to recover .

She struggled and clawed her way to the position of Empress and was around 30 years old by that time . Gong Yi Mo had used her most beautiful time of life to kill others . It was no wonder why she was so cruelly cast away .

But she also hated it . She was was indeed the one who invented gunpowder, but was this all truly her fault?

She intended to use it for the good of the people . If it wasn’t for men’s crazy ambitions and uncontrollable civil wars causing destruction until nothing was left, the later situation wouldn’t have been so hard to prevent .

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