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Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Forgiving Others and One’s Self (2)

These riots were all slowly one by one suppressed by her . It took her 10 years to end the Central Plains war, but no one thought well of her because she was the one who brought the evil into this world .

That was why after the end of the war, Gong Yi Mo had lost all of her power during the ceasefire and was usurped by Gong Jue and Gong Che . This eventually led to her tragedy . But in this life, she will no longer repeat the same mistakes!

She believes that she has the power to keep this weapon under her control! Even if others were jealous, so what? Can they they improve the gunpowder to her level? That’s akin to trying to reach for the heavens .

The same tool used in the hands of different people would differ vastly in outcomes . If one uses it to kill people, it will be a weapon of destruction . If used for progress, it becomes a tool for advancement!

Gunpowder brought disaster in her previous life, but this time, she will use it to build the world instead!

So she solemnly requested once again, “This tool in my hand can be used to not only repair the canal, but also to open roads! There are many things it can be used for! It’s not only effective as a weapon used to kill people . One day, when people’s attitudes towards technology have reached a certain standard, they will naturally use gunpowder for a better cause . But if we reveal it to the world now, it will only be used in massacre! Do you all want to see such a scene?”

Her words had a heavy impact on her listeners!

“Answer me, son of the Minister of Revenue, Li Ke; son of the Minister of Peace, Qin Qing; son of the Minister of Justice, Yu Zi Qing; grandson of the Yong Qing household, Xu Yuan! Will you report this matter to your families?”


Each of the young men trembled as she called out to them one by one . Although they were all distinguished people, each of them felt a sense of fear when facing Gong Yi Mo . They never felt this way even when facing the Emperor!

They never thought they would be this fearful of a person . After all, they were also young lords who were capable of causing a storm in the capital . But this time, the girl’s solemn tone caused them to subconsciously shrink with a sense of guilt .

Once this tool is known to the world, the pressure Gong Yi Mo will face is unimaginable . But even so, for the sake of building the canal, she brought it out and was prepared to bear all of the consequences .

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She was very confident that this tool could accomplish much good in the future as long as she prevented it from becoming a weapon of mass destruction!

A girl like her was willing to do this service for the world . If they share this weapon with others, where would their loyalty and brotherhood be?

Xu Yuan was the first to accept her plea . “Princess, you can be assured, even if the emperor finds out, this Xu Yuan will not be the one to disclose the secret . ”

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The chubby youth said in distress, “We all accept your terms . We will follow you wherever you lead us . ”

Gong Yi Mo’s heart was touched, but she still remained in place and simply looked up and Gong Che .

Gong Che sighed helplessly and helped her up . “Whatever you say, this elder brother will support you . ”

He agreed!

Gong Yi Mo once again displayed a wide smile . “You don’t have to worry . I’ll find a way to keep this a secret from the world . With this gunpowder, we’ll be able to repair this waterway within two years . At that time, if the emperor is outraged when he discovers that we’ve been keeping this from him, I’ll do my best to protect all of you . And this gunpowder will become my bargaining chip!”

Although she spoke with confidence and pride, Gong Yi Mo was also prepared to bear the consequences on her own . She was obviously younger than all of them, but her sense of responsibility was much deeper . They couldn’t help but stare at this little girl . If such a dark day came, they were willing to face the consequences together . Otherwise, how can they deserve to be called her friends!