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Published at 6th of November 2019 11:14:39 AM

Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Opposition on Longteng River (1)

A trace of tenderness flashed through Gong Sheng’s eyes, “Long’er, you don’t need to worry about this matter . You’re not in good health, so don’t worry about it . ”

So it turns out that Concubine Long has claimed to be sick all year round and used that as an excuse for not meeting with others . If Gong Yi Mo were still in the palace, she would’ve sighed and praised this woman to be as so beautiful and delicate, she could make cities fall!

She blinked her eyes . Those autumn-like eyes were full of worry, “Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry too much . After all, those rumors aren’t true . The Crown Prince may have really been targeted and cannot return to the capital . It’s not that he has thoughts of rebellion . Please be patient for a little longer, Your Majesty, don’t be angry . ”

Her words were spoken slowly and weakly, but Gong Sheng’s mood only grew colder and colder .

Gong Sheng’s face sank and even twitched twice .

“It’s best if he doesn’t have those kinds of thoughts! This position can only be given by this Emperor! No one can take it forcefully!”

With that said, he walked out of the palace with wide strides . He wanted to go meet this son of his that became so famous in the one year they didn’t meet!

Long Xiang Xiang looked at the Emperor’s indifferent back and smiled .

Longteng River was the moat and Dongcheng Gate was the nearest one to it . At this time, the Emperor stood atop the gate looking into the distance .

Unlike Emperor Gong Sheng’s complex emotions, the officials had their own attitudes towards the event; some were anxious while others were calm and assured . But there certainly was a tension all around, as if they were preparing themselves for war! When a magnificent ship slowly sailed forward, pulled with ropes by hundreds of men in a crowd, the officials couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise!

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It was just too large, way too large! It was almost the size of a palace! No wonder they needed so many people to pull it . They had never seen such a large ship before .

Some people seized the opportunity to whisper behind the Emperor, “It was only an assassination attempt, yet they need to take such a large ship back . The Crown Prince isn’t the Son of Heaven, but he still dares to return in such a glorious fashion while spoiling the civilian’s hard work and wealth! If he really becomes the Son of Heaven, how many lives would he ruin for his own greed?”

When Gong Sheng heard this, he turned around and glanced at the man behind him . Seeing such a gaze, the speaker felt chills run down his back and instantly shut up, afraid to lift his heads back up .

Even if he doesn’t say it, there were always others that would say it .

“The Crown Prince’s character is not like that . When the Crown Prince dug out the cauldron, it came with prophecies that would bring , I believe that there were others fanning the fire which is why the Crown Prince has been brought to this extent…”

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“A Crown Prince’s character shouldn’t act that way . I heard that when the prince dug out the sacred cauldron from the Yulong River, there were prophecies of one becoming a ruler written on it . Prince Gong Che must have been flattered by the slanderous words of those officials around him . ”

“Hey, hey, ‘The one that repairs the canal will rule all under the heavens,’ how gutsy!”

Their words caused Gong Sheng’s mood to sink further . As he thought of the rumored gunpowder that could shake the heavens in Gong Yi Mo’s hands, along with the Crown Prince unearthing the cauldron… he gradually became more tense, his eyes turning colder and colder .

Seeing the ship approaching, he waved his hand, and his hidden men immediately moved! Five thousand troops surrounded Dongcheng Gate . Watching the ship draw closer and closer, their faces all revealed confusion . If they really wanted to rebel, why did they have to be so high-key?

It arrived…

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Countless scholars gathered at the front felt the tense atmosphere both inside and outside the city . They lifted their heads proudly, straightened their backs, and all knelt .

“We greet His Majesty the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!”

The earth-shattering cries brought Gong Sheng back to reality . He looked at the murky, black crowd below him, his expression complicated and doubtful . Why would they follow procedures and bow to him? What was Gong Yi Mo trying to pull?

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