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Published at 6th of November 2019 11:11:46 AM

Chapter 228

Chapter 228: How to Win Her (1)

The Empress was shocked by his words and expressions!

When he talked about the pain he had suffered, his expression didn’t show any pain . However, when he started talking about Gong Yimo, his expression was full of love and sweetness . When he said that he misses her and loves her, the happiness and joy he displayed were almost infectious!

Her son……had really fallen in love with Gong Yimo to the depth of his bones!

She felt very regretful……she had long since noticed it, but she didn’t put an end to it when Gong Che had left capital . Perhaps even then, it would’ve been too late to put a stop to his feelings . After all, some feelings are unconsciously buried deep within their hearts .

So, when they finally realized it, it was too late .

The Empress couldn’t speak for a long time, and tears spilled from her eyes……

No matter how much Gong Che loved Gong Yimo, she was his little sister! Her son was the crown prince and he served as a role model for everyone . If he made a mistake, then there would be no hope of reprieve! He would never be able to turn his fortunes around!

When Gong Che saw the Empress cry, he felt somewhat guilty and ashamed . As a filial person, he couldn’t bear to see the Empress cry because of him . However, there was nothing else he could’ve done……

Only the Empress’s soft sobs could be heard in the entire Fengqi Palace; she was heartbroken by his confession . The originally warm and bright palace now felt desolate and gloomy .

“But she is your little sister! Your feelings for her can’t exist in this world!”

The Empress was crying as she said that, she continued trying to dissuade him . She really didn’t want to see her son walk down a road of disaster .

Gong Che’s face was full of grief as he looked down at his hands . He muttered to himself .

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“But I can no longer control it……mother”


When the Empress heard what he had said, she slowly closed her eyes . She didn’t want to look at him anymore .

If she told him that Gong Yimo wasn’t the Emperor’s biological daughter, it would only make the situation worse!

So she couldn’t tell him that, she had to make sure that he would never ever know about it .

Besides, her son’s deep love for Gong Yimo might have been because he never interacted much with other females . Maybe after he got married, his longing for Gong Yimo might slowly disappear . Even if it was a one in a thousand chance, she had to take it!

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After thinking about it, the Empress was even more determined and resolute . She couldn’t allow his feelings for her to develop any further . She had to think of a method to stop this and the best method would be to let Gong Che get married . Right now, she had to think of a plan to convince him to marry someone else .

When her thought process had reached that point, the Empress finally stopped crying . She calmly wiped away her tears and looked at her distressed son . A trace of grief flashed in her eyes when she saw how distressed he was .

“Che’er……do you want to be together with Gong Yimo?”

Gong Che bitterly laughed when he heard her question . When had he ever not wanted to? Even in his dreams, he wished he was able to be together with Gong Yimo!

But he really didn’t know how he could to obtain those dreams . As long as he could achieve his wish, he was willing to do anything!


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At that time, the Empress’s voice slowly got lower .

“It will be impossible for you to be together with her right now . If you want her now, the other princes will try to slander you . You will lose your position and the East Palace; you will also have to find a way to block the rumors regarding you and her . So, it’s impossible for the two of you be together for now . ”

Her words made the light in Gong Che’s eyes dim . He already knew that once he got together with her, the prejudices from other people would eternally doom Gong Yimo .

“However……” A light gleamed in the Empress’s eyes as she continued, “There is only one person in the world who can do as he pleases . No one will dare to oppose that person, nor will they question his actions!”

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