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Published at 6th of November 2019 11:19:24 AM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Decision to Help (2)

Translator: Kitty G .

Editor: Loreli

The princess’ appearance in the Main Palace was not favorable for her . This was different from the study hall where she usually appeared . The courtiers all gave her poisonous glares, ready to tear her down at any moment!

Sure enough, one of the angry ministers reprimanded, “Since ancient times, the harem has never involved itself in politics! This is not a place where the princess can come as she pleases!”

Gong Yi Mo glanced at him with disdain and retorted, “Oh, I remember you . You were the one who suggested getting rid of the 50,000 troops stationed in Xi Zhou last time . Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Her gaze was cold as she pointed accusingly at the official .

“Women can’t do politics? Then, where did you get the idea of connecting the reservoirs? Was it you who came up with the method of saving water for the citizens? If you didn’t have this princess to guide you, you would have insisted that the Emperor withdraw our troops . When the time came and the border was invaded, you would of all been accused as sinners! But instead of admitting that you have benefited from this princess, you insist that I don’t get involved? Before trying to exclude me, why don’t you come up with a better plan?”

Gong Yi Mo was very blunt with her words, causing all the ministers in the palace to turn red-eyed in anger . She raised her chin and stared back at them without fear .

Emperor Gong sighed . “Yi Mo, don’t cause trouble!”

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Gong Yi Mo turned to face the Emperor and said solemnly, “Father, this child came here to speak of a serious matter . ”

“Oh?” Emperor Gong knew that his daughter would never make a move without reason . “What kind of matter?”

After receiving the Emperor’s backing, her expression immediately turned wrathful .

“It’s regarding him!”

She pointed to the Right Minister, who knelt low in the ground . He sobbed as he closed his eyes . Seeing the princess point to the Right Minister in accusation, the originally dissatisfied courtiers immediately quieted down . Only Gong Che continued to stare stunned at Gong Yi Mo in shock–he could not believe that she was also someone who would deal a blow a person who was already down!

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Thinking back to how he had just worried for her, Gong Che laughed at his own stupidity! He could no longer be of benefit to her, right? Now, his position would be a hindrance to her . She most likely came to pave the way for his younger brother, the Ninth Prince .  How great!

Gong Che looked at Gong Yi Mo with an ice-cold stare .

How great .  She only cared about the Ninth Prince’s achievements, so she completely disregarded the feelings he shared with her from the beginning!

Gong Yi Mo felt the Crown Prince’s sharp stare drilling into her head, but she did not spare him a glance .  She pouted and said to the Emperor, “This princess never imagined that someone here would be blackhearted enough to meddle with disaster relief supplies . When the scheme was revealed, they were even shameless enough to implicate the Crown Prince!”

Her words stunned all the listeners in the hall . The Right Minister looked to the princess with deep gratitude . He never expected the princess to have come to protect his grandson!

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Meanwhile, the Left Minister was vexed and displeased . The princess had actually defended the Crown Prince by putting all the blame on the Right Minister . If Gong Che is successfully saved by Gong Yi Mo just like that, then what about his efforts? The Left Minister clenched his fist and spoke up .

“The Princess’ reasoning is flawed .  If he did not have the Crown Prince and the Empress’ support, he would not have the ability nor the ambition to meddle with the supplies? Your Majesty, the Crown Prince’s involvement in the disaster relief is of great suspicion . Please investigate him thoroughly!”

“Is that all?” Gong Yi Mo cleared her throat then said to the Emperor, “Father, you know what type of person this daughter is . Aside from seeking pleasure in food and drink, I don’t concern myself with other affairs . How would I know about the corruption involved in the past with disaster relief?”

She continued, “A few days before the group’s departure to Xi Zhou, Elder Brother Crown Prince informed me about this matter and encouraged me to prepare early on for any setbacks . That was when I came up with the idea of splitting the relief group into three . Moreover, Elder Brother helped me in the process by summoning the imperial guards and safely escorting the carriages out of the Southern Gate…

Thus, it can be concluded that the Crown Prince was unaware of who meddled with relief supplies . If he had collaborated with the Right Minister, why would he also remind me to be careful?”

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