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Chapter 48

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"Fei-Fei, I have heard that it's your seventeenth birthday . I had come all the way from Hai Zhou to celebrate with you . " The middle age man spoke scholarly like a university professor .

He smiled to his daughter apologetically and then gave his wife a warm smile . "I am the father, of course, I need to be here for her birthday . "

Auntie Xu's face softened a little and then said wistfully: "Do you still remember us?"

The middle-aged man rushed to her and embraced her firmly as he whispered some placatory words into her ear . Auntie Xu struggled to break free, but she didn't try very hard . She then rested her head on the man's shoulder and started sobbing quietly .

Tears gleamed in Xu Rongfei's eyes, and she threw herself into the arms of the man and started crying as well .

"He is Fei-Fei's father? I thought she only lived with her mom . "

"I have heard that her father had abandoned both her and her mother and married another rich woman in another city . Who would have thought that he is back now . "

"Judging by his entourage, he is doing pretty well for himself . I wonder if he is going to help out his ex-wife and daughter . "

A swell of murmurs rose among the guests after seeing this development .

Chen Fan had kept his silence; he looked over the shoulder of Fei Fei's dad and saw a grizzled old man .

This old man had two muscular arms . His blue veins ran across his forearms, looking like withering dragons in the clouds . His eyes were half closed and glinted from time to time . All the brawny bodyguards looked at the old man with a great measure of fear and respect .

"Another Internal Force user who had reached Phenomenal Success . He is at least as powerful as Linbao and Elderly Man Wei . "Chen Fan exclaimed in his mind . Who was Xu Rongfei's father? Why would he need the protection of a powerful Internal Force user?

Suddenly, Chen Fan heard someone exclaim incredulously: "Is it just me or Fei Fie's father looks like Lord Ao . "

"Lord Ao? Who the hell is Lord Ao?" Everyone gaped at the speaker, and none of them had heard of such name in Chu Zhou City .

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Having followed Old Man Zhen around for many years, Han Yun knew a lot more than her younger friends . She suddenly exclaimed with a quiet but excited voice:

"Xu Ao of Hai Dong"

Han Yun's words shocked everyone . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Although no one had heard of Lord Ao, Xu Ao of Hai Dong was a household name in Jiang Bei region .

Hai Dong was a city under the jurisdiction of Hai Zhou City . Hai Zhou was close to other cities such as Zhong Hai and Jin and was one of the most developed and largest cities in the Jiang Bei region . Xu Ao was the richest man in Hai Zhou City if not the entire Jiang Bei Region .

Just like Xin Zhong of Tian He City and Third Lord of the Chu Zhou City, he was one of the most powerful tycoons in the region . Compared to him; Zhou Tianhao was nothing but a pawn .

"I have heard that Xu Ao's protector was a powerful family from Southern China who had deep roots in the Chinese industry . Because of the powerful backing, No one dared to ruffle Xu Ao's feathers . I had never thought that Xu Ao was Xu Rongfei's father!" Li Yichen's face hardened as he started to see Xu Rongfei as a very different person .

He always considered Xu Rongfei a beautiful doll—beautiful but powerless . She was popular solely because of her looks .

However, if her father was indeed Xu Ao, she had more influence than most of her classmates . No one in Chu Zhou City would even dare lay a finger on her .

"But I know that Xu Ao had his own wife and kids . Is Fei-Fei his… bastard daughter?" Zhang Yumeng spoke quietly under her breath .

"Not likely . I have heard that Xu Ao's son is only ten years old . He must have had Fei-Fie first, got divorced and remarried again . " Han Yun said as she shook her head .

Bastard or not, it didn't change the fact that she was Xu Ao's daughter and it must have been a well-kept secret . Should Zhou Tianhao know that he would never dream of making such a racket in the bar and demanded Xu Rongfie to drink with him .

After a while, the tears on the mother-daughter pair's faces were replaced with joy . The family of three finally walked to the guests together .

"Welcome to my daughter's party . I think some of you might have already known who I am . I am Xu Ao of Hai Zhou . Thank you all for looking after Fei-Fei over the past few years . "

Everyone stood up from their seats after they have heard Xu Ao's name .

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Xu Ao looked to Chu Minhui and asked, "Minhui, how is your father?"

"Thank you for asking, Uncle Xu . He is doing well . " Chu Minhui stood up and spoke in a respectful voice .

It was evident that Chu Minhui had known who Xu Rongfei's father was all the while .

Xu Ao nodded approvingly .

He looked around and asked . , "Who is Chen Fan?"

Everyone was taken aback by the question . They searched for Chen Fan and found him in a corner .

Everyone was convinced that Chen Fan was in knee-deep trouble today .

Chen Fan stood up readily and nodded at Xu Ao, "Nice to see you, Uncle Xu . I am Chen Fan . "

Xu Rongfei pulled an unnerved face and then jerked at her father's arm "Daddy! Don't be mean . He is a nice person . "

"I haven't spoken yet . Haha . I wanted to see him in person because I have heard so much about him that my ears are about to bleed . " Xu Ao jested . He turned to the other guests momentarily and then said:

"I didn't mean to crash the party; please continue!"

Xu Ao walked to the dining table and sat down at the center seat .

After Xu Rongfei sat to his left, Xu Ao called Chu Minhui to sit next to his daughter . Although he didn't speak a word to Chen Fan, everyone knew that he was sending a clear message to the boy .

No one spoke a word, and many people hoped for more drama to surface .

Xu Ao was a scholarly man, and he spoke with an even and refined voice . Soon, everyone relaxed and forgot that he was the most powerful man in the entire Jiang Bei region .

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"Auntie Xu, I have heard a mysterious Master Chen had shown up in the Chu Zhou City . Is that true?"

As the discussion at the table touched upon recent news, Zhang Yumeng raised a question curiously .

Auntie Xu worked at the TV station, and therefore she would be the first person to know the ins and outs of recent developments in the city .

She nodded and said, "Indeed, I have heard of him .

"I have heard that Old Man Zhen and The Third Lord of Wei respected him immeasurably . Even the experienced Master Qi vouched for his ability . He is said to be even more powerful than the grand masters from Hong Kong . "

"Is there really such a thing as Dharma Spells?" Some teenagers asked curiously .

"I am not too sure either . " Auntie Xu answered with knotted brows . "However, those who had met Master Chen all claimed that he could cast spells and is very good at it . "

Suddenly, Xu Ao spoke up, "As for this Master Chen, I think I can shed some light on the topic . "

Silence fell to the dining table as everyone looked to Xu Ao . He was the most resourceful person at the table, and therefore, it was not surprising that he knew much more than Auntie Xu .

"Have you guys heard of Xin Zhong of Tian He City?" Xu Ao spoke slowly .

"Yes, he is the boss of the Yuan Hai Group . He runs a shipping fleet and owns some assets overseas as well . Quite a resourceful man at least in Tian He City . " Chu Minhui chimed in to show off his knowledge .

"That's him . " Xu Ao nodded approvingly .

Chu Minhui shot Chen Fan a smug glance .

Chen Fan lowered his head and pretended that he didn't even see Chu Minhui .

Xu Ao continued: "Xin Zhong had brought with him some hot shot master and set up a con for Third Lord of Wei . However, one of the Third Lord's men, Master Chen, had seen through the fraud and defeated Xin Zhong's grandmaster in a battle . "

"Xin Zhong ran back to Tian He City and lost forty-five million yuan to Master Chen . "

"Forty-five million!" Everyone gasped .

At their age, the most amount of money they had used was in the tens of thousands . They found it hard to comprehend what it was like to suddenly gain so much money . It was nearly half of Zhang Yumeng family's entire assets .

"So the master Chen really is the real deal . Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to kick Xin Zhong out of Chu Zhou and extort forty-five million from him . "


Everyone nodded as their eyes were filled with respect for Master Chen .

On his debut appearance, he had driven the powerful Xin Zhong back to his city and earned a tremendous amount of money . It was as legendary as a legend could get . Even these teenagers powerful fathers and grandfathers paled in comparison with what Master Chen had achieved .

"I wonder what Master Chen is like . Oh, it would be so nice to marry him?" Zhang Yumeng said with an infatuated face .

"What if he is an old man? Plus, what are you going to do with Yang Chao?" Jiang Churan jested .

"Humph, if Yang Chao can be less of a loser, I might stay with him . " Zhang Yumeng said as she gave Yang Chao a hot glance .

Yang Chao let out a stupid smile and scarcely dared protest for himself .

Even as everyone was marveling at the mysterious Master Chen, Han Yun looked surreptitiously to Chen Fan, who was sitting in the corner and lamented .

"How would you react if you knew that Master Chen is among us right now .

"However, I will keep this a secret from everyone . This is the opportunity of a lifetime; I cannot let it slide away . "

The thought had lit up the eagerness and desire in Han Yun's eyes .