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Published at 20th of March 2019 11:09:36 AM

Chapter 319

The next day, Liu Yang asked her matriarch, her husband, and Song Hanying's grandmother to play with the children for a while, as he had some serious business dealing with the women .

The three realized that matters were serious when they saw the solemn tone of Liu Yang since he usually had only a casual tone when speaking and was rarely serious .

After the two little girls left with their elders, Liu Yang and the women went to Xiao Xi's room . The women had serious looks on their faces as they knew Liu Yang had something important to talk about . But when Liu Yang said what he wanted, everyone was shocked and did not know how to react .

"My dear women, do you want to have a child with me?"

That was the only sentence he spoke of, but the shock the women received was so overwhelming that they stood still trying to understand his words, for they were too shocking for them to accept immediately .

Seconds later, they began to return to normal but did not know how to react to this sudden question of Liu Yang . The first person to speak was Fang Luoyang, as she was the strongest among them, she was able to recover faster .

"Rascal, what is the reason for this request? I know you're a pervert, but you always did your best not to get pregnant, and little Xi and Hanying became pregnant by the fact that they insisted . This time there is some serious problem? "Fang Luoyang asked in a worried tone, she did not know about the requirements to reach level 1000 and rank 10 . Because of this, she and the other women thought that Liu Yang could be in danger or something like that .

"My little Luoyang, I'm not dying or something . It's just that I'm at certain trouble in increasing strength . . . "Liu Yang could not speak the last part .

"To break that trouble is it necessary for you to get us pregnant?" The women noticed some things hidden by Liu Yang's words, he just nodded in agreement .

"Rascal, tell me the truth . What kind of trouble does it need to impregnate women to break it? "If it was someone else talking about it, women would think that person would be crazy, but as Liu Yang is, they were thinking what kind of trouble this is . Because he was always careful not to conceive any of them, but now he came with that strange request, they wanted to know what kind of problem it was .

"How can I say . . . Let's suppose someone wants to move to a new rank, but that person needs to have children with the women who went to bed with him . Would you believe that? "Liu Yang asked embarrassed, for it was very strange .

The women were extremely shocked to hear this, for they had never heard of such a thing . But Fang Luoyang was thoughtful when she heard these words, it seemed she had heard those words before .

"I'll be right back, you can talk in the meantime . " Fang Luoyang took a while to remember a few things and then she left the courtyard of Xiao Xi, she went somewhere else .

This scene left the women shocked, while Liu Yang realized that Fang Luoyang knew something . The group only talked a few random things for a while before Fang Luoyang returned with the matriarch .

When the matriarch saw Liu Yang, she began to imagine that her front was not a young man, but a monster .

"Girls, I'd like to have a serious talk with him, but it will not be long . I will return him quickly . "The matriarch signaled for Liu Yang to follow her along with Fang Luoyang . She had a serious face when she said that .

"Rascal, you can go . Then we continued the conversation "Xiao Xi said, she realized that the matter was more serious than it seemed . After she saw the serious look of her mother .

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"I'll be right back" Liu Yang knew that a supreme clan like the Xiao clan should have something related to advancement to level 1000 and rank 10 .

The three of them left the courtyard of Xiao Xi, the matriarch's husband and Song Hanying's grandmother was bringing the two little girls to the courtyard again .

"Mom, Mom . . . Where's Daddy?" The two little girls were riding on top of the beasts, when they came in front of Xiao Xi and Song Hanying, they asked about Liu Yang .

"Dad is talking to grandma, it will not be long . " The two women stroked the little girls' heads while they had loving looks on their faces .

The women wanted to ask about Liu Yang's trouble for Song Hanying's grandmother, but when they realized the subject was extremely serious, they did not do it, because of that sort of thing, the fewer people knew, the better . The women were already happy about the fact that Liu Yang asked them about it .

While the group played in Xiao Xi's courtyard, the matriarch took Liu Yang and Fang Luoyang to her private room . After activating all the spells and defensive matrices that prevented others from hearing the conversation of people from the room .

"Boy, tell me the truth . Are you nearly reaching rank 9 or something? "The three of them sat down, and the matriarch asked as she stared at Liu Yang with a serious face .

The question did not surprise Fang Luoyang much, as she knew that to reach the higher levels it was necessary to complete a certain life challenge . That was to have children because whenever someone got stronger, that person would have more difficulties in having children, this challenge was to maintain the balance in the world .

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"Let's suppose so" Liu Yang gave a vague answer, but he did not deny the matriarch's question .

The two women were surprised when they heard Liu Yang's confirmation, they did not think he really reached that level of power . They had both thoughts that he had found this information and wanted to test some things .

When they thought about Liu Yang's level nine years ago, Fang Luoyang was shocked by the evolution he had, but the matriarch had another thought because she remembered the day that Liu Yang met Grandpa Kun, the old man had said that could not see through it at that time, this showed that Liu Yang was already at a certain considerable level .

But now, he was at a still higher level than before . To reach the 900 level and rank 9, one would have to have at least one child and some manual skills in the final levels as it were the requirements . To reach 1000 and rank 10, the requirement was even higher, which was to have a child for every woman who slept with the person and maximize various manual skills, this was for men .

And vice versa, for a woman to reach level 1000 and rank 10, she would have to have a child for every man who slept with her . Because of this, from ancient times to billions of years ago, there were always more women than men at level 1000 and rank 10 . Because they always related to just one man, it was very rare for a woman to have more than one men .

But no one knew how many children were needed to meet the requirement for both men and women . Because of this, those who were in levels 800 and above always did activities to try to get pregnant .

The woman only did activities with her man while the man would do activities with tens or hundreds of women . Even if the woman did not become pregnant, this kind of scenario was extremely disadvantageous for men .

Because men always had more than one woman, that made them have to have many more children . There were cases of men who had a thousand more women, but in the end, he failed to reach rank 10 because he failed to conceive all of them .

The ancient clans knew about this requirement, but no one knew about having children equal to the number of partners . Only Liu Yang knew this, and that he would not tell anyone .

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"Boy, I'm impressed that you've managed to reach that level with only a few dozen years . This is something that has never been seen in the Nine Worlds before . "The matriarch spoke with a voice of praise . She really was surprised at this .

"I appreciate the compliment, but I only managed to reach that level because of the help of my lifemate . Without it, I would still be in levels 500 and rank 5 "

"I presume this mate is a woman . " When the matriarch heard the words of Liu Yang, she thought immediately she thought of Aisha, the princess of the dryads she had seen before .

"Hehe . . . " Liu Yang could only smile at that and did not comment .

Fang Luoyang was surprised by this revelation, she knew that Liu Yang was a great pervert but never imagined that he would have such powerful companions who could help him reach the level near 900 .

"Tell me, how many children do you need to have to break through?" The matriarch asked with curiosity, even Fang Luoyang was curious about it .

Liu Yang did not speak, he just raised three fingers .

"Two children? That's good, you just have to impregnate little Luoyang and that girl named Saya and Zi Jiao " When the matriarch finished speaking, she realized that there was something wrong, Liu Yang had slept with more than twenty women, he should not have so many children like that .

"Auntie, I think you misunderstood me, I still need twenty-seven more children"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!