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Published at 20th of March 2019 11:09:35 AM

Chapter 320

When they heard that Liu Yang still needed twenty-seven children, those words shocked the matriarch and Fang Luoyang . But when they thought about his request to the women, they realized that each of them needed to have a child of his own, but inside Xiao Xi's courtyard, there were only twenty-one women, taking Xinyue out of the account .

However, Liu Yang needed more twenty-seven children, this showed that he had caught more women during his travels . At the thought of it, Fang Luoyang and the matriarch were annoyed, as Liu Yang was very perverted, he already had two dozen beautiful women waiting for him, but he still had the guts to get more . It annoyed them both, if it were not for the fact that they knew the personality of Liu Yang, they would have beaten him .

The matriarch did not know whether the three women who were with Liu Yang had become pregnant or not . But he knew that it would not be long before this happened, for they must know of his situation . Or they may even have become pregnant . These were the thoughts of the matriarch .

"Boy, did you really have fun for all those years . . . " The matriarch's voice seemed ordinary, but there was a faint killer intent mixed up . She wanted her daughter to find a loyal man like her husband, but in the end, her daughter found a rascal .

Whenever Liu Yang got an extra woman, the matriarch was extremely irritated by it, she wanted to skin him alive . But she was always stopped by Xiao Xi, she always acted like a girl in love, even if her man is unfaithful .

But there was one good thing about him, was that Liu Yang always treated his women well, he did not care about their origin or status, and he always treated them as equals . This kind of behavior was commendable to a matriarch who was a woman .

"Boy, this matter needs to be settled between you, I will not get involved in this, but I can guarantee the safety of your wives and children . That's the only thing I can do for you at that time, besides, you're part of an influential group, you should ask your teacher for help on this subject . "The matriarch spoke with a solemn tone, she could not protect the women and children of Liu Yang forever, but at least she would help a little .

"I know that . Auntie, do not worry about it, I have the means to protect everyone . Their safety will not be something you need to worry about, but I have a request, I would like the aunt to take care of them after I enter the tenth secret realm . "Liu Yang did not need to worry about women, he could put them inside the tower that Aisha received from Lu Mei, the four women and the three babies were inside the tower .

After the tower was taken by Lu Mei and delivered to Aisha, the time inside the tower was like in the real world, one by one, a day inside the tower was equivalent to a day in the real world .

Liu Yang had the goal of putting the women and children inside the tower, inside they could train because of the large amount of energy, even if it was only five times bigger than normal, it was still better than the energy of the outside world .

"I can promise you this, however, you will need to do something for me, I want you to find a certain item within the tenth secret realm"

"What kind of item?" Liu Yang did not care about this request, he had to help to be helped .

"That item . " The matriarch waved her hand and seed the size of a soccer ball appeared . Looking at that seed, Liu Yang saw that it was the seed of the Fruit of Reconstruction .

"Is that it?" Liu Yang asked to confirm .

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"Alright, I'll try as much as possible to try to find this seed, but I do not know where to find this"

"You just have to look for places where there is a lot of energy in the world, for there will be millions of herbal and medicinal liquids . This information was obtained from the Remnants, they sent this message to everyone in the Nine Worlds . The message said that the secret realm was divided into several areas, the central area was where the energy of the world"

"I see, Auntie, I promise to try my best to get the seed, but I think it will be extremely difficult as there will be people with extremely high ranks and ranks"

"Do not worry about it, I believe you will get the seed, even if you can not, bring everything you can"

"It's all right"

"Little Luoyang, you could go out first, I have something to discuss with him . " The matriarch spoke in a serious voice .

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"Yes teacher" Fang Luoyang turned and left the room, she was extremely shocked and happy at the same time . For her man became an extremely powerful man who could protect himself and his women .

"Boy, pass this information to the older sister: That clan of that woman and the Wolf clan will enter the tenth secret realm, some of the members of the holding group will be that woman, and the older sister's brothers and a few more powerful people of the two clans "The matriarch spoke in a heavy tone, it was obvious that she held grudges against these two groups .

"You see, Xillia will know that . Thank you, aunt . "After speaking, Liu Yang left the room, leaving only the matriarch lost in her thoughts .

"Big sister, you're still the best I am . . . Even after all these years, I still lose to you . " The matriarch just sighed when she said those words, she was remembering the past as she looked at the pendant matriarch wore on the neck .

After returning to normal, the matriarch also left the room .

. . .

There was still a full seven months to complete the ten years for the clan and Remnants to open the tenth secret realm . At that time, all clans were doing their best to train the young and old so they could have a better chance of getting something valuable .

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But the subject of Liu Yang was different, he just spent time with the women and the children . During the day he played with the two little girls and at night he would try to conceive the women, after which he would go to the room that was next to Xiao Xi's courtyard . Liu Yang came inside the tower to spend time with the other women and the three babies .

Although he had not slept properly for eight whole months, Liu Yang was not tired or anything, on the contrary, he was energetic and happy . For he was passing the time like a normal person, although having to escape when the women slept to visit Xillia Wolf, Aisha, and Zi Wu . He looked like an unfaithful husband who was visiting his lover when his wife slept .

The seven months were slowly passing, Liu Yang seized the time as best he could with everyone . And the women became pregnant little by little .

One of the problems that Liu Yang had was in relation to Little Fusion which was the merger between Little Angel and Little Devil, they were considered three different people . Little Fusion did not mind the fact that she would have to wait until she could get pregnant because if the other women are pregnant, there will be a big problem if they melt .

The four had a little discussion before deciding the order, in the end, the first to get pregnant would be Little Angel and Little Devil, and last would be Little Fusion . Liu Yang completely broke the family order when he impregnated the mother and daughter pair he had bought . But he did not care about that, he just left things the way it was .

After seven months, only Fang Luoyang and Saya still could not get pregnant, this made them extremely sad . But not all hopes were extinguished on the last night before departure . The last time the three of them doing activities, it worked, a few months after Liu Yang entered the secret realm, the two women discovered they were pregnant .

This discovery made them extremely happy, but this story will be for another time .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!