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Published at 31st of August 2019 10:30:11 PM

Chapter 146

Chapter 146 The Contest Is Around the Corner

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After leaving the teaching affair office, Liu Zhongyi doesn’t know whether to cry or to laugh . He says, “Gao Ge, you are so bold . ”


“Thank you . ” Gao Ge sniffs, “After all, he doesn’t dare to do anything to me . ”


Liu Zhongyi shakes his head and can’t help sighing . It is so good to be young . No wonder his teacher, a Confucian master, likes Gao Ge very much . The reason is rather simple—they have one thing in common . That is wildness . Lou Zhoutian was famously wild at his early age . That was a yearning time indeed…


In the teaching affair office .


Wang Yan is playing with his pen with a teasing smile .


“In fact, I don’t really have a spite at Gao Ge . I just feel that you are a bit shameless . ”


Tang Jiusi gets dumbfounded and looks at him confusedly .


Wang Yan says with a sneer, “I believe that you must have instigated Gao Ge to kill Shen Mo . ”


“I have made it very clear—It is Gao Ge’s right as a leader to kill Shen Mo, Wang Zhe and the other team member . ” Tang Jiusi says unhappily .


“Really?” Wang Yan asks, “Shen Mo killed two innocent people while executing your task . It was an unjust case . He also took away some stuff for himself . I know all these things and you must have known them, but you didn’t punish him . Yet, he ended up dying this time . Do you really dare to say that you didn’t add fuel to the fire? Gao Ge may be in conflict with Shen Mo, but the conflict was not that serious . Xiao Linran advised Gao Ge to kill him . I can understand his doing because he slaughters all the way to his swordsmanship . However, you are different . ”


Wang Yan picks up the cup to take a sip and then spits the tea leaf back .

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Tang Jiusi keeps frowning when sees Wang Yan’s act .


Wang Yan continues to say, “I don’t want to see our students used by you, even including Gao Ge! Dragon Court is Dragon Court . Cultivation Academy is Cultivation Academy . They should not be mixed up . Otherwise, everything will fall into a mess . ”


Tang Jiusi doesn’t refute at once this time .


He thinks for a while and then raises his head to look Wang Yan in the eye .


“Director Wang, one thing you mentioned just now is quite true—I am close to Gao Ge . Just because I am close to him, I will never do anything bad for him . You have my words . Maybe you have some guess, but I will not tell you whether your guess is right or not . Since Shen Mo, Wang Zhe and the other relevant person are dead, the truth behind is not important . Even if you are right, so what? Didn’t Shen Mo deserve the consequence? If he were handed over to the Dragon Court, he would not die in the end . Do you believe that?”


Wang Yan doesn’t respond .


“You used to be a member of the Dragon Court . You know its penalty office well . It is a department which doesn’t have enough power to do what it wants to do . Isn’t that the reason why you left angrily?” Tang Jiusi asks, “There are some things that need people to finish . If everyone grudges its feather too much, the Dragon Court will not be what it is . ”


Wang Yan closes his eyes and lies on the chair, waving his hand to ask Tang Jiusi to get lost .


Tang Jiusi grins and stands up to walk out of the teaching affair office .


Standing at the door of the teaching affair office, he raises his head to look at the blue sky . He suddenly feels so good .


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When returning to the classroom, Gao Ge just sits down when a big round of applause fills the room .


“Gao Ge is awesome!”


“You have been rated excellent the first time you executed the task for the Dragon Court . Good for you!”


Led by Li Long, the whole class all congratulate Gao Ge .


Gao Ge stands up and then slightly makes a bow, reaching out his hand with his palm pressed towards the ground and telling his classmates with his mouth to keep it low key!


Liu Zhongyi laughs and steps on the teacher’s podium . He coughs first and then after everyone quiets down, he slowly says, “As is known to all, the Academy’s monthly contest will begin . Those who have made rapid progress and want to be upgraded must take the opportunity . As a saying goes, water flows downhill and man struggles upwards . Hence, you don’t need to feel stressed . It is good to be affectionate but you must try your best to enhance your capability!”


The students don’t jump for joy . Instead, they look at Gao Ge who is sitting at the back of the classroom .


They all know that what Liu Zhongyi said just now is actually meant for Gao Ge .


As to them, in no way do they make any rapid progress .


“Gao Ge, do you have anything to say?” Liu Zhongyi suddenly asks .


He directly mentions Gao Ge by name .

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Unexpectedly, Liu Zhongyi is so blunt . Gao Ge slowly gets up and looks at the expectant eyes of his classmates, laughing and saying, “I will do my best in the contest . I won’t let you down . ”


The class begins to sigh in despair .


Gao Ge’s answer means that he is about to leave No . 8 Class Chaos .


“Ah, he is still leaving…”


“He has to leave anyway . After all, No . 8 Class Chaos won’t be able to keep masters…”


“We are nice to him . Does he have to leave…”


Bang .


Li Long punches the desk and stands up, saying angrily, “Stop the crap talking! Boss is so strong! If you were him, wouldn’t you want to go to Class Heaven? Wouldn’t you want to be upgraded? The students in Class Heaven can have eight spiritual stones per month . Don’t you want to enjoy the same privilege? Now you should condemn others from the moral perspective . Bah!”


Everyone keeps silent .


Gao Ge coughs, “We are still in class . Sit down . ”


Li Long immediately sits down and whispers to Gao Ge, “Boss, just ignore them! They know nothing . I have your back!”


Gao Ge gets a goose bump .


It is hard for him to accept that a man claims to have his back face to face…


“Well, a teacher will come to give out the cultivation resource of this month . ” Liu Zhongyi turns around to leave after saying that .


The so-called cultivation resource refers to the spiritual stone that is given out every month .


For the students of Class Chaos, a spiritual stone is rather critical .


However, the students of Class Heaven can get eight spiritual stones every month . This is a huge difference, which causes the serious polarization of the students in the Cultivation Academy . The strong one will become stronger while the weak one will become weaker .


Moreover, the distribution system is somehow reasonable . After all, the students of Class Heaven are rather gifted while the students of Class Chaos are relatively less gifted . The resources like the spiritual stones are rather limited . So is it the case with the Academy . Resources must be given to the geniuses first rather than be placed on the students of poor qualification .


Even if Gao Ge is asked to distribute the spiritual stones, he will make the same arrangement .


Gao Ge naturally gets a spiritual stone . He doesn’t care about it and just puts it away .


When he returns to the dorm, he sees that Yue Xincheng places all the eight acquired spiritual stones on the table .

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