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Published at 21st of May 2019 12:15:06 AM

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 The Go Game

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Since Song Yun and Gao Ming went out to play mah-jongg, there’s no dinner at home .


After complaining about his carefree parents, Gao Ge decides to dine out with Zhao Jin . “Dinner’s on you this time, I am pretty poor . ” Says Gao Ge repeatedly .


Nodding his head, Zhao Jin agrees with a bitter smile .


They enter a tiny restaurant downstairs, then order three dishes, a bowl of soup and several bottles of beer .


“The Ning Family invited the master of the Yue Family and the master of the Zhao Family to their home . Our master called Ning Yun, the current master of the Ning Family, a moron several times when he was back . ” Says Zhao Jin .


Gao Ge opens a bottle of beer with his teeth and hands it to Zhao Jin . He then opens another and drinks directly from the bottle .


Zhao Jin looks quite tense . “Honestly, you could have chosen a better place, I am richer than you think . ” Says him uneasily .


“I found it out last time you came to my home . ” Says Gao Ge while putting a peanut in his mouth .


Zhao Jin coughs lightly .


“Please go on . ”


Zhao Jin takes a deep breath and says slowly, “The Ning Family plans to allay with the Yue and the Zhao Families . And then they will deal with you, or to be more specific, Xia Lu . ”


Gao Ge smiles .


Previously he was worried about leaving Xia Lu alone in that small house .


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But now, it seems that it’s unnecessary to feel anxious about her .


Actually, the Ning Family is thinking about how to deal with her next attack instead of how to catch her .


So they are in a negative situation now .


However, it’s undoubtedly a good thing for Gao Ge .


He now has enough time to prepare for everything . Besides, Meng Fang will arrive in Jiangnan City tomorrow, Gao Ge hopes nothing might be worse .


“Well, I was wondering if you could offer me a hand . ” Suddenly Gao Ge puts down his chopsticks and asks sincerely .


Zhao Jin hesitates for an instant and looks at Gao Ge surprisingly .


“You also want my help?”


Gao Ge smiles .


“Just say it . I won’t let you down as long as I can do it . ” Coughs Zhao Jin .


Before he comes, Zhao Xing specifically asked Zhao Jin to come forward and then instructed him carefully . The central idea of what he said was asking Zhao Jin to try his best to make a good relationship with Gao Ge . No matter what origin and identity Gao Ge has, as long as he can enter the Immortal Academy, he is definitely not an ordinary person .


Since Zhao Jin is very tactful and alert, he immediately realizes his opportunity just comes .


As long as he accomplishes this mission, his status in the Zhao Family will be heightened .


This is the only shot he is going to get at this . When he is considering how to get close with Gao Ge, Gao Ge just asks for his help!

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He feels awesome!


“I want you to find several experts to protect my family . ” Says Gao Ge .


Even though in the martial world, it’s widely believed that taking revenge on one’s wife and children is strictly forbidden, Gao Ge isn’t sure what the Ning Family is going to do . Besides, a rule like this is not mandated, what can he do if they don’t follow it?


Hearing Gao Ge’s words, Zhao Jin nods and then frowns .


He thinks Gao Ge’s concern is rather necessary . However, he cannot just say yes to this issue .


“I need to talk to our master . ” Zhao Jin says, feeling a bit helpless, “You know, although I am a member of the Zhao Family, my status is not high . So, it is impossible for me to mobilize the experts of the Zhao Family . ”


Gao Ge nods softly and continues to enjoy his dinner .


Zhao Jin walks out, planning to make a phone call .


He immediately agrees to Gao Ge’s demand when he is back .


“Besides, our master suggested you sending your parents to the Zhao Family if possible, they would be much safer there . ” Says Zhao Jin .


Gao Ge shakes his head, “I don’t think so . I don’t want my parents to be worried and scared . I want those experts to keep them safe without letting them know . ” He then chuckles and goes on, “And please tell your master that if I am successful in the future, and the Zhao Family happens to need me, I will definitely return the favor . ”


Zhao Jin feels quite surprised .


He understands Zhao Xing’s real purpose after hearing Gao Ge’s promise .

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Zhao Xing hopes to get closer to Gao Ge’s parents more directly .


Without Gao Ge’s words, Zhao Xing won’t realize this at once .


Of course, this also shows that Zhao Jin’s IQ is limited . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be easily fooled by Gao Ge in the past . However, if he had really had a direct conflict with Gao Ge, he would have been driven out of the Zhao Family by now . This is a typical fool’s blessing .


As the old saying goes, “Fortunes rise and fall . ” This sentence suits Gao Ge perfectly well .


When he is back, Zhao Jin meets Zhao Xing again .


“Did that boy really say that?” Zhao Xing puts down his black stone and looks at Yue Tuzhi in front of him, “Your turn . ”


Yue Tuzhi smiles while putting down his white stone, forming the shape of a mouth of a tiger .


After looking at Zhao Xing and Yue Tuzhi separately, Zhao Jin nods .


Zhao Xing laughs, “Alright, you may leave now . Oh, and tell my third brother to protect Gao Ge’s parents with some safeguards . You don’t need to worry about other things . ”


Zhao Jin is shocked, Zhao Xing’s third brother is a real expert .


Obviously, to Zhao Xing, this is a real big deal .


At present, Zhao Xing and Yue Tuzhi have formed a robbery, which is very common in the Go game . At this point, one side can not directly drop a stone, he can only put one down nearby to avoid fighting . Zhao Xing drops a black stone in another place in order to set up a new threat to Yue Tuzhi so that he cannot eliminate the danger directly .


“This Gao Ge is quite an interesting guy!” Zhao Xing says delightfully .


Yue Tuzhi looks up at him and asks, “Master Zhao seems to be interested in him?”


“Why wouldn’t I?”


“As far as I know, Gao Ge is neither a member of a noble family nor a student in a cultivation school . Therefore, he has limited potential even though he enters the Immortal Academy .


Zhao Xing shakes his head and, after dropping his stone, begins to run after Yue Tuzhi . Neither one of them is willing to give way to the other . At the same time, Zhao Xing says, “Entering the Immortal Academy as an ordinary person is his biggest ability, perhaps it also has something to do with Mount Duanlong, but it is still his opportunity . Just like we two playing the Go game, we first occupy corners, then occupy edges, and finally control the mainland, what for? It is because the corner has more potential, and we can use it to encircle more land . ”


Yue Tuzhi nods .


“What’s the Ning Family going to do? Tell me your opinion, Tuzhi . ”


Yue Tuzhi hesitates for an instant and replies, “Uncle Zhao should be more aware of their next movement . What would you do if you were Ning Yun?”


Zhao Xing drops his stone and sighs, “In fact, I know in my heart that Ning Yun does not really have to fight with Xia Lu, nor does he have to get Gao Ge into trouble . But he is the master of the Ning Family, who cannot get out of that position . He needs to keep his family in good hands, and he must be responsible for his father and all family members . Do you know what a master is? One who is always being threatened!”


He then shows a smile .


However, a hint of bitterness can be spotted on his face .


“Well, let’s see how can this Go game kill dragons . It’s Ning Yun who can decide to make it a brilliant move, or a stupid one . ” Yue Tuzhi finishes this sentence and slowly stands up, “Three sides are battling, Uncle Zhao, this game can only be reconciled . ”


Zhao Xing nods and looks out of the window .


He sighs softly after a long period of time .


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