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Published at 21st of May 2019 11:52:49 PM

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 The Star field, the Star Map

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Gao Ge lies on his bed, feeling the power of stars flowing smoothly inside him, he cannot sleep well .


After a while, he sits straight slowly and looks out of the window .


Through the window, he can see those twinkling stars . Actually, the window of this room is very good, Gao Ge can see the starlight pouring in when he opens the curtains .


Looking at the stars, Gao Ge couldn’t help but think of the star map he saw on the Star Tree .


He stretches out his finger and draws lines in the air, trying to find the corresponding star map .


“Hey?” Gao Ge suddenly feels stunned and walks towards the window . He looks at the star field, eyes filled with shock .


He is surprised to discover that the star field he sketched out before suddenly turns bright, but soon becomes darkened again, and now it is similar to the surrounding stars .


His mind is running fast, thinking about those star maps he sees today .


“Right, it’s here!” Gao Ge slaps his thigh and shouts out . When he sees the star field, he immediately has a sense of familiarity . What he just saw correlates to a star map that remains in his mind .


With this discovery, Gao Ge glances at the sky excitedly . He now feels the same way as Columbus discovered the New World . After watching that map for a long time, Gao Ge still cannot find out what is hidden in that star field even though his eyes are sore .


However, the power of stars inside him becomes insurgent .


He stands up, quickly gets dressed, holds his slippers and rushes down stairs .


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He can feel that when he reaches his hand out and paints the star field, the power of stars in his body changes greatly after being gathered into a line .


The night is quiet, a small patch of poplar forest stands behind Gao Ge . He can sense the night breeze running through the forest, making leaves rustle .


He sits cross-legged and continues to look up at the star field he managed to find .


“Is it a star map?” Gao Ge is at lost .


He thinks the star field is actually a map formed by stars, but now he is not so sure .


It’s more like, a thing formed by many messy words .


He doesn’t know what it is, a painting with some vague ideas?


Or just some random and chaotic characters?


Gao Ge closes his eyes, trying to sense the power of stars inside him .


In front of him, the Star Tree with stars on it reappears .


Gao Ge endeavors to communicate with the power of stars and run it again . Surprisingly, he finds that the power of stars he mobilizes is much stronger than before .


This feeling makes Gao Ge excited again .

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“Because it’s during night?”


“But last time, I also tried to mobilize the power of stars at night . Although I was in my room, and my curtains were closed . ”


Gao Ge doesn’t know how long it takes before he slowly opens his eyes, he then stands up and returns to the house . Although he hasn’t found the answer he is looking for, he has a hunch that he is close to it . He is just one step away from finding a way to control the power of stars and to start practicing it . If he can, he will be much stronger than cultivators who can spread out their strength!


After sitting on the coach, Gao Ge still ponders the star map he saw before .


He could perceive that the Star Tree in his body is associated with the stars . And each star map may represent a star field . “Although I may not find the remaining star fields, they do exist!” Gao Ge thinks to himself .


“Indeed, mobilizing the power of stars at night is much smoother, this must be a key point . ” Gao Ge feels his chin and thinks . “At my current level, my sudden outbreak is really powerful, but I haven’t found a way to control it . Fortunately, I am now getting started, which is a good thing after all . ”


“Besides, I just counted carefully and found that the Star Tree forms a total of 35 star maps . There are 36 martial meridians in a human body, exactly corresponding to my 35 martial meridians which have disappeared, I wonder if there is a special connection?”


He thinks carelessly .


And soon falls asleep .


After a while, he wakes up with a start .


Gao Ge immediately opens his eyes and jumps out of bed . He walks towards the window and sees several black shadows passing by quickly .


Soon, another few shadows follow .

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According to his judgment, Gao Ge thinks those are all ancient martial cultivators .


He runs down stairs, and sees several men standing in his house, each of them looks very strong .


“Awake?” Asks the man standing in the lead in a bright and clear voice . He is about 40 years old, holding a large bladed weapon which looks antique and thick, several spots of blood can be seen on its blade .


“Yeah,” Gao Ge nods and asks, “what was that?”


“Just several bastards of the Ning Family . I drove them away . ” Says the man in the lead .


Gao Ge smiles thankfully .


Obviously, these are experts sent by the Zhao Family . Since the man in front said those were just a few bastards, it would be very easy for them to kill those guys with their strengths . The reason why they didn’t do it is simple . On the one hand, they aren’t sure if they can kill them without being noticed . On the other hand, they probably don’t want to irritate the Ning Family . They are now only helping to protect the family of Gao Ge, so there is still room for collaboration between the Zhaos and the Nings .


Even though Gao Ge totally understands, he isn’t going to burst that bubble, it’s no good for him .


Besides, it’s undoubtedly acceptable for the Zhao Family to make this decision .


They don’t need to make the Ning Family a foe even though they plan to get closer to Gao Ge, otherwise it would be unwise .


Making a deal and exchanging favors are totally okay . Actually, his relationship with the Zhao Family is not close enough to let them wilfully compete with another ancient martial arts family in Jiangnan City .


He thanks the third master of the Zhao Family sincerely, then goes back to his room without questioning their names .


Zhao Kan, the third master of the Zhao Family smiles and rubs his nose .


“I now understand why my big brother is so concerned about this kid . He looks so calm and steady, I believe he will definitely make a success in the future . But this kid thinks too much, I really don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing . . . ”


After saying these words, anxiety shows up inside Zhao Kan’s eyes .


He is worried about Gao Ge .


After coming back to his room, Gao Ge begins to sense the first star map in his body . Although when he was outside, he has mobilized the power of stars for a long time, the effect of it was not obvious . Now, he notices a star looking especially dazzling . After recalling the picture of stars suddenly lighting up the sky, he has an intuition .


When he completely lights up this star map, his strength will be immensely improved .


At present, the most urgent thing is to find a martial technique which can help him mobilize the power of stars, otherwise everything will be in vain .


“I have to count on my chance to get a suitable martial technique . The Immortal Academy is a perfect place to go . ”


Immediately .


Gao Ge’s expectation for entering the Immortal Academy grows larger than ever .




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