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Published at 12th of June 2019 11:19:24 PM

Chapter 66

Chapter 66 You Can’t Kick as Well as I Can

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When Gao Ge and Xia Lu go to the Ning Family, they do take Yue Xincheng with them .


Yue Xincheng asked, and Gao Ge agreed . Because he knew that even if he did not agree, Yue Xincheng would find a way to follow them .


“If we both die here, you’ll have to help us collect the bodies!” On the way, Gao Ge laughs and says to Yue Xincheng .


Yue Xincheng shakes his head, “It’s impossible . If you die, I’ll go and fight against them! How nice it would be if the three of us were to die in the wilderness together!”


“Well, that makes sense . Then let’s die in the wilderness together . ” Gao Ge nods his head in recognition of the idea of Yue Xincheng .


But Xia Lu, who has not said anything, finally bursts out laughing .


Seeing puzzled expressions of Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng, Xia Lu says in a low voice, “I never know dying in the wilderness would be a very interesting thing . ”


Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng feel gloomier .


Xia Lu walks on, ignoring the two boys .


In fact, she doesn’t say a sentence .


“It turns out that life can be so interesting . ”


She wants to say it to Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng .


The men in golden snake coats follow them some distance away .


Just as they are about to arrive at the Ning Family, two men in golden snake coats walk nearer .


“We all know the truth of this matter . Honestly, I wouldn’t advise you to go . You’re going to die . We can’t protect you because of your bet . ” Says one of them .


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“No worries . ” Says Gao Ge smilingly .


The man in the golden snake coat says nothing .


He has said what he wishes to tell them .


By the time they get to the Ning’s mansion, they find that outside their gate is crowded with people .


Not only cultivators in Jiangnan City, but also from the outside come to join in the fun, aiming to see what those daring young people look like .


In addition, there are many ordinary people come to join in the fun .


Among them, there are Gao Ge’s parents, as well as the Mengs .


Besides, their old classmates and old teachers . . .


Too many to count .


These familiar faces make Gao Ge feel uneasy .


He has no idea that the first thing he has to deal with is something like this .


As time goes by, this matter has reached the point of no return .


Not only in Jiangnan City, but throughout Huaxia .


Gao Ge even wonders whether the government is using this as an opportunity to pave the way for more and more shocking information to be released over time .


After all, although the ability of civilians to accept new things is good, they also need a gradual process .


Looking at his parents standing in front, Gao Ge feels quite uneasy .

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“Come on, we are not here to drag you back home . ” Gao Ming coughs and looks at Gao Ge . “We won’t say anything since you cannot be stopped . ” Says him .


Hearing Gao Ming’s words, Gao Ge’ eyes are wide open .


He never expects his parents’ attitude to be like this .


“Son, tell me the truth . Are you sure you’ll be able to get out after coming in?” Song Yun grabs Gao Ge’s arm and asks in a trembling voice .


Gao Ming and Meng Jing have been trying to persuade Song Yun in the past two days .


But actually whatever they said, Song Yun didn’t listen to .


She doesn’t care about the so-called cultivating or aura recovery .


The only thing she cares about is her son staying alive .


She doesn’t even care what happens to this world .


In fact, during these days, Gao Ming and Song Yun also tried to solve this problem through the police .


That was the only way they could figure out .


To their surprise, even the government said no one could do anything about it unless Gao Ge changed his mind .


After Meng Jing carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, Gao Ming and Song Yun finally understood .


Actually, Gao Ge is just trying to protect them by doing so .


For a while, both Gao Ming and Song Yun have a warm feeling inside their hearts .

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They finally realize that Gao Ge has really grown up .


Their son is able to stand alone and shelter them from wind and rain .


“Mom and Dad, don’t worry about it . The Nings are no big deal . I don’t mind them at all . ” Says Gao Ge . He is just bragging .


In fact, when saying this, he really does not have the courage .


However, he is like other children who only tell their parents about their happiness rather than worries .


There are enough things for him to worry about .


It’s unnecessary to let his parents feel fearful of his safety at this point .


In fact, he knows in his heart that even if he says so, he will not be able to reassure his parents completely, but at least it will not make things worse .


And then, Meng Jing’s parents come in front of him .


Facing his future father-in-law and mother-in-law, he is a little nervous .


In fact, Meng Jing’s parents and Gao Ge’s parents have known each other for years . After all, they are childhood sweethearts . In the past, Gao Ge always went to Meng Jing’s house and ate whatever he wanted, he just acted without any restraint, and Meng Jing’s parents didn’t care . They totally regarded Gao Ge as their adopted son .


Now Gao Ge and Meng Jing have established a relationship . Meng Jing’s parents are not stupid, it’s impossible for them to neglect everything .


“Son, you’re really smart enough to take my daughter under my nose, aren’t you?” Asks Meng Jing’s father . He looks at Gao Ge with a sullen face .


“Don’t say that, Dad . ” Meng Jing’s face turns red .


“Is that nonsense?” Says Meng Jing’s father while staring at Gao Ge .


“No, no, no . . . ” Gao Ge quickly shakes his head . He bows his head, bewildered .


“Come on, you just need to come out alive first . ” Meng Jing’s father sighs and says, “Actually, I understand everything . There’s so much information on the Internet that forces me to know . Don’t you fight this Ning Family just to protect Meng Jing? That’s good . You’re a man! And I’m Meng Jing’s biological father . . . “


Hearing this, Gao Ge is startled and unconsciously interrupts, “Is there another father who is not her real father?”


Meng Jing’s father is about to kick his ass .


Meng Jing quickly holds on to him, feeling funny and annoyed at the same time .


Meng Jing’s father goes on, “I don’t ask for that much . I think I’ve talked to Meng Jing’s mother before, I believe our future son-in-law will definitely graduate from a prestigious university, and then he will work in a Fortune 500 company, um . . . Teachers and doctors are good too . I didn’t expect that after trying my best to raise my little girl, now I have to give her to you . You little bastard . ”


Gao Ge is all sweaty .


Finally, Meng Jing’s father pats on the shoulder of Gao Ge .


“Now, my idea changes a lot, I just want my daughter to be safe in her life and have a good family . Somebody can protect her, take care of her, don’t let her be wronged or bullied by others, and that’s good . You’re not bad, but you’re still on probation . If you don’t satisfy me, I’m going to kick you out!”


Gao Ge laughs and says, “Don’t worry, uncle!”


Meng Jing’s father nods contentedly .


Gao Ge goes on, “You can’t kick as well as I can . ”


Meng Jing’s father is speechless .


He looks down to seek a brick .




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