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Published at 23rd of May 2020 02:05:08 AM

Chapter 777: 777

Who cares for that!?!

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 Xia Ruya stared at Old Mr . Xia’s annoying face in disdain . She had underestimated how thick-skinned the Xia Family could be . However, the Xia Family had belittled her . Since she had already severed ties with them, she would definitely not look them up and bring shame to herself . The Xia Family members were a heartless bunch . God knows when they’d stab her in the back again!

 Noticing that she was hanging her head low, seemingly deep in thought, Old Mr . Xia said, “If you’re willing to help the Xia Family tide through this ordeal, you’ll still be considered the Xia Family’s daughter . I’ll transfer ten percent of the Xia Family’s shares to you . ”

 The Xia Family owned a total of eighty percent of the supermarket chain shares, ten percent was just peanuts to him . However, it was a huge temptation for the underage Xia Ruya .

 Xia Ruya was indeed tempted, and she felt as if she had been splashed with cold water .

However, the Xia Family was only a small enterprise, and ten percent of the supermarket chain shares were too meager for her . She felt that they could not compare to the Wen Family at all . One percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares were way more than ten percent of the Xia Family’s shares .

 Not to mention, the Xia Family had a poor reputation now, and the angry customers were all demanding for refunds . It was impossible for them to recover their losses within a short amount of time, and she would even make a loss by holding a percentage of their shares .

 She knew quite a bit about the Xia Family’s financial difficulties and was well aware that the loss amounted to hundreds of millions . If she were to give them financial aid, they would ask her for money again in the future . In the end, they would milk her out of all her money and kick her away again when she was no longer of any use to them .

 Old Mr . Xia treated her like a fool, thinking that she would be willing to let them manipulate her just by offering her a portion of the shares .

 Xia Haolin hurriedly said, “If you’re not satisfied with the terms, I’ll transfer you the ten percent under my name too . ”

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 Having seen through everything, Xia Ruya was no longer tempted by the shares . Hence, she shook her head gently without uttering a single word, lest she make any mistakes and end up getting involved with the Xia Family .

 Her attitude had angered Xia Haolin . He barked . “Xia Ruya, don’t go overboard . Twenty percent of the shares are all we can offer you . If you’re not willing to cough up the money, we’ll settle things in court . Since we’ve already cut off ties with each other, we must tabulate the amount of money that we’ve spent on you . Don’t you think so? We’re just a bunch of small fries, we won’t mind letting our reputation be ruined . But you’re Xia Ruya… you used to enjoy so much attention and glory . Can you take being in the media’s limelight again?”

 He sounded rather threatening .

 He had indeed intended to blow things up . Xia Ruya was in a different position from them . She used to be the heiress of the Wen Family, after which she became their adoptive daughter . She then joined Zhishan Club and got involved in a scandal . Even though she had become their adoptive daughter, others would still pay attention to news about her .

 Xia Ruya stared at Xia Haolin in disbelief . “Father, must you drive me into a corner? I’m your daughter! Don’t you care about me at all?”

 The threat was Xia Ruya’s Achilles’ heel . Although she might not lose the case, she could not afford to suffer the embarrassment . She had always known them to be heartless and cruel . If things were to get blown out of proportion, it would be completely over for her .

 Xia Haolin’s eyes lit up and he thought to himself, Take into account that she’s my daughter? She’s just an illegitimate daughter whom I’ve never lived with before . Why would I care about her? However, he decided not to fall out with her too badly at such a critical juncture . “Ruya, you’ve always been an obedient and sensible child . If you’re willing to give the Xia Family some help, you’ll still be our daughter . ”

 Old Mr . Xia said, “Your father is right . We’re not going to take your money for nothing . If you’re still worried, why don’t we sign an IOU?”

 He was obviously not willing to write an IOU . However, the crucial thing for them to do now was to get their hands on some money and solve the Xia Family’s problem . They thought that the IOU wouldn’t matter when they tried and placated her once the matter had been resolved .

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 Xia Ruya was well aware that the IOU would not take effect even if they had a black and white agreement . If she were to lend them some money, she would definitely not get it back either . However, it was obvious that the Xia Family was bent on threatening her . Being alone with no family, there was nothing she could do at all . “I… I need to consider it before coming to a decision . ”

 She had no choice but to give in .

Secretly thrilled, Xia Haolin held her hand and said, “Ruya, the Xia Family is going to depend on you . ”

 He made it sound as if she was definitely going to take the money out to help them .

 Xia Ruya’s hand stiffened and she shivered coldly . She pretended to be obedient and remained silent .

 Old Mr . Xia said calmly, “In that case, we’ll come by again tomorrow . The crisis needs to be solved as soon as possible . I hope you won’t take too long to consider . ”

 He was indirectly trying to tell her to forget about brushing them off and delaying the matter .

 Xia Ruya’s heart sank and she shuddered . Nodding obediently, she answered, “Got it!”

 Old Mr . Xia looked at her calmly and said, “Good that you do . You’ll be the greatest contributor if we manage to tide over the crisis . ”

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 Xia Ruya sent Old Mr . Xia and Xia Haolin to the door .

 Xia Haolin suddenly stopped in his tracks .

 Xia Ruya turned pale and wondered to herself, He’s already said everything there is to say . What else does he want?

 Xia Haolin did not notice the look on Xia Ruya’s face and instead gazed at her gently . “We’ll be waiting to hear some good news from you . ”

 After a moment of hesitation, Xia Ruya answered with a nod, “Alright!”

 The Xia Family members finally left .

 Xia Ruya placed her body against the door .

Now that the Xia Family was using every possible tactic to threaten her and compel her into helping them, she was truly at a loss for what to do .

 At the same time, their visit reminded her that she was nothing except a girl who had money and no family . She felt that it would be difficult for her to keep the money .

 The Xia Family was obviously out to force her into conceding .  What should I do? 

Do I really have to transfer my assets to someone else? 

No, I’m not going to do that .

 She suddenly got up from the ground and sprinted towards her bedroom . She took out her luggage and began packing her belongings . She did not have too many belongings with her, because she had already kept most of her valuables in the bank . All she had at home was some jewelry and expensive clothing . Hence, it was rather easy for her to pack up .

 The only thing she could do now was to flee far, far away .

Otherwise, she would be in hot soup if the Xia Family were to continue pestering her and harassing her .

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