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Chapter 98

It was nightfall, and the sky was totally dark . Suddenly, a Range Rover came sliding down the slope with its blinding headlights shining directly into the stone house .

Fu Tianyang subconsciously looked out of the door, but all he could see was the glaring headlight . He could hardly open his eyes .

Screech… The car came to a sudden halt, and the noise caused by the brakes was so deafening it ripped through the silence of the night .

Then, another car followed behind . The headlights from the cars brightened the surroundings like broad daylight .

Fu Tianyang looked towards the direction of the cars, squinting his eyes against the glaring lights . A great sense of fear suddenly overcame him, causing the syringe to fall from his hand .

Si Yiyan was the first to get out of the car, slamming the door close with great strength .

In the darkness of the night, he looked even colder than before . Gu Yuehan followed closely behind, his back view as sturdy as before . His footsteps were elegant as ever as he walked with heavy steps as if his feet weighed a thousand pounds . Each step he took… represented the sharpness of a sword’s blade . Each step he took… represented the wolve’s determination to kill . Each step he took… represented the cruelty of massacre . And each step he took… represented the bloodiness of a fierce battle .

Fu Tianyang watched as he approached slowly . Step by step, he could feel the intention to kill . His legs turned wobbly and fell to the ground .

Bypassing him, Si Yiyan walked slowly into the stone house and saw a barely conscious Wen Xinya curled up on the ground . His vision then turned towards the syringes, lighter, and white powder on the ground . His pair of eyes turned cold and vicious with rage . He could no longer control his anger .

“Xinya!” He crouched down and hugged her with all his might . He held her tightly to his chest as if he would crush her .

It was so tight that Wen Xinya felt difficulty in breathing . She could feel his great strength through his big hands on her waist .

She slowly raised her head, her eyes filled with bewilderment as she looked at her surroundings . Suddenly, she grinned like a child and said, “Hee hee, you guys look weird . You look all the same . One, two, three… So many of you!”

Si Yiyan’s remaining dash of hope instantly disappeared . He held her face close to him and said, “Look at me, I’m Si Yiyan, the one and only Si Yiyan . ”

Wen Xinya shook her head . Her eyebrows were interlocked closely, looking innocent as a child . “Don’t shake your head, you’re making me dizzy…”

“Alright, I won’t shake my head . Take a good look at me, okay?” Si Yiyan looked at her with dismay .

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Wen Xinya looked at him obediently . She then reached out her hands to hold his face, fixing it in front of her eyes and smiled proudly . “Haha, I caught you so that you cannot shake anymore and will not cause me dizziness!”

Her crisp, tender voice and innocent expression devoured his sanity bit by bit, like a mulberry leave being consumed by the silkworm one bite at a time . He was like a pile of fuelwood; once lighted, he would burn and destroy everything…

Wen Xinya pushed him away and staggeringly stood up . Forgetting that her legs were bound, she fell back into Si Yiyan arms . “You guys are so naughty… Why did you tie me up? I don’t play SM, don’t try anything funny on me…”

Si Yiyan choked on his breath as he gently untied the rope . The bruises inflicted by the rope seemed exceptionally alarming when they were cast against her fair complexion . It ruptured her flawless, delicate skin as blood oozed out drop by drop .

“Ninth Young Master, Missy Wen appears to be badly injured . We have to send her to the hospital immediately!” Gu Yuehan had never seen Ninth Young Master so emotional . A sudden chill ran down his spine .

“Wait for me outside,” said Si Yiyan in a heavy tone .

Gu Yuehan suddenly had a bad premonition . “Ninth Young Master…”

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“Get out!” Though it was just two simple words coming out from his thin lips, the words were coupled with a frightening consequence if he did not comply .

Gu Yuehan had no choice to but to lead his men out of the stone house .

At this moment, Wen Xinya ran around the stone house waving her arms hysterically . She was like a mental patient howling uncontrollably . “Xia Ruya, in what way am I inferior to you? No matter how much effort I put in, I can never seem to be on par with you . You took my identity, Grandpa, Grandma, and Father . Why can’t you let me off… You even took… Nan away from me…”

“Ning Shuqian, Wen Yuya, the two of you framed me and tarnished my reputation . You will die a horrible death!” Wen Xinya shrilled mournfully with deep resentment .

Si Yiyan was aware that drugs could cause one to go berserk and even lead to hallucinations . This was exactly what happened to Xinya . It pained him to see her suffering, and he blamed himself for it .

Wen Xinya knelt on the ground abruptly and hugged Si Yiyan’s leg . She pleaded . “Grandpa… I’m sorry . Please forgive me! Please don’t drive me out of the Wen family . Please don’t sever our relationship…”

Si Yiyan squatted and hugged her, trying to calm her down .

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All of a sudden, Wen Xinya begged sorrowly . “Jingnan, why are you treating me this way? I know I’m not worthy . I’m a drug and alcohol addict and get into fights . I’m a bad girl . But, I promise I’ll change . Please don’t leave me . I beg you, don’t leave me…” She pounced on Si Yiyan and hugged him tightly .

Si Yiyan felt a piercing pain in the wound on his chest, causing his face to turn pale . He touched his chest and felt his palm wet and bloody . He unfolded his hands only to see his hands full of blood .

“I want to fly higher into the sky . Higher…” Wen Xinya sang at the top of her voice . She broke free from Si Yiyan and stood outside the stone house and tipped her toes . With her eyes shut, she was deeply immersed in her own world with an innocent touch of joy .

Si Yiyan staggered and slowly crouched down . Picking up a piece of stone with a sharp edge, he dashed towards Fu Tianyang and hit him on his head with it .

With such a heavy impact, fresh blood gushed out from Fu Tianyang’s head .

“Ah!” Fu Tianyang screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground .

“Ninth Young Master…” Gu Yuehan heard the scream from outside and hurriedly rushed in .

After Si Yiyan threw the bloody stone away, he then took out a white handkerchief to wipe off the blood stains on his hands . Hidden behind this casual and graceful action was an act of ruthlessness that was not explicitly displayed . “I’ve always believed in an eye for an eye . Gu Yuehan, you know what to do, don’t you?”

Gu Yuehan replied, “Ninth Young Master, rest assured . I will get it done . ”