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Published at 29th of January 2019 08:17:58 PM

Chapter 26

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Nami rushed outside out of anger, as luffy followed behind and he slowly hugged her from behind .

" Sweetheart I'm sorry, I didn't pay much attention to you" Luffy lovingly whispered in her ear .

Nami didn't say anything but " humph"

However luffy didn't notice the blush on her face .

"Ahem* Ahem" Jasmine coughed I think you guys should dress up since we have almost reached our destination " Syrup Village "

Hearing that Nami's face flashed red, whereas luffy just laughed it off .

Then with luffy's materialistic ki, he made a business woman suit and skirt for Nami, whereas for him he made white and Black Tuxedo .

"Ara Ara, Aren't you guys going Fancy today" Commented Jasmine

"Hehehe, well we have to dress up for out Job interview, don't we" luffy said laughingly he as he saw Bulma is the corner still embarrassed from before .

Hearing that Puzzled Jasmine and Nami .

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"What Job interview??" Nami question

"you'll know when we get there" luffy smirked

---Arriving Syrup Village----

When they reached there, they noticed a slim tan-skinned teenager with medium-length black woolly hair, prominent lips and a long nose, which is apparently an allusion to Pinocchio .

"Who dares board their boat on the Land of Great Captain Usopp of the seas" the person said

"No-one that should concern you" Luffy added

"Fools!! Usoop yelled, "you dare speak with audacity infront off me"

" I have 10000 Underlings following me, here to crush you"

Then suddenly several bushes began to shake

Seeing that Luffy only sighed and added " Usopp we know it's just a few people, maybe 3-4 and by the looks of it they are not even Adults, now why don't you all come out"

Usopp shocked with the revelation then 3 kids came out of the bushes .

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"How did you know and how do you know my name" Usopp exclaimed

"Idiot!! you told us your name yourself and by the movement of the bushes you could tell the never of person" Luffy explained

" Sigh, guess you caught me but who are you guys" usoop said in defeat

"Well, we are adventurer and we came here in hopes of having you join our crew and go for an adventure" Luffy said

"But why me" usopp asked in doubt

" I heard about you from your father, and he told me to take care of you if I ever met you" Luffy added

" You know my father??" Usopp questioned in shock

Then luffy and the Crew Step down the boat, as they began chatting and luffy explained how he knew his father Yasopp from the 'Red Hair Pirates"

"hahahah, guess we are brothers then, but Unfortunately I can't follow you guys not yet" Usopp said

"Why??" Luffy questioned

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" There's some-one here who needs my help " Usopp explained

"Mnhmmm what kinda problem" Luffy raised his eyebrows

Then usopp explained that there's a Girl named Kaya, who is entrapped by a Pirate name Klahadore who is infact Kuro from the 'Black Cat Pirates', and blackmailing her into marring him for the lives of the village and being the kind hearted person she is she agreed .

Hearing usopp's explanation, Luffy was shocked beyond believe since it was totally different from the canon .

"How did you know that Klahadore was a pirate" Luffy asked

" One day, kaya stopped talking to him out of no-where, then I notice Klahadore acting very suspicious so I followed him and then I heard him talk in the Den-Den Mushi, with a guys named Jango about him plan and how he blackmailed Kaya into marrying him" Usopp said as anger began to show in his face .

" Aren't you afraid he will kill you" Luffy asked

" Afraid??!! Fuck it!!!, when the girl you love is in danger, you are not afraid of even the gods!! beside my Mom always said NEVER to back out of a fight if it come to you"

Hearing that Luffa's mind was blown, " You mom is Alive" Luffy asked in doubt

"Yes, what would happen to my mom" usopp said

"Nothing, sorry my bad" Luffy hurriedly corrected himself

Seeing luffy apologies, usopp didn't continue further .

" But you are so brave then why did you lie to us when we met" luffy questioned

" hahahah, I said I'm not afraid when a fight comes to me, but I never said about not lying and beside if possible I'd rather avoid a fight" Usopp explain

Seeing that he notice that the Usopp in front of him is totally different that the one he read about, he's still a big fat liar and stupid but he's not afraid of danger .

-- Speaking telepathically---

"Jasmine, can you tell me whats happening, how everything so different than the manga" Luffy asked

"I believe, it's because of his mother, since she never dies and influenced him to be brave and all, changed everything, even the Captain Kuro thing" Jasmine answered

" What butterfly effect??!!!" Luffy exclaimed


"Damn, Just because his mom is alive caused such an effect" Luffy said in disbelief

" and not only that it destroys my plan to infiltrate as a butler in the mansion" Luffy sighed in defeat

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