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Published at 9th of June 2019 09:13:36 AM

Chapter 12

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On a street near the Park of Uchiha compound…

Sakura and Ino are walking towards the direction of the park right now .

"Why won't anyone one sell food to them? " Ino asked because she didn't know the reason .

"What don't tell me you don't know? " Sakura said with a shocked expression as she found her friend nodding at her with a questioning look "Ok I will tell you then . The two brothers are bad news and they are just bad omen . They are not good for anyone and what I know everyone says it will be good if they are not around . So the people won't sell food to them . "

"Why is that I know everyone calls them demon and all but is it really ok for them react to them like that? " Ino felt bad and sad at the same time because she didn't like the way people's talked about twin but she is just a kid what can she do .

"Huh, you don't understand come with me… . " Sakura said as she pulled Ino's hand to lead her inside the park .

After entering the park they saw a few girls at their age and went near them…

When the girls noticed them one of the girls called out to them "Sakura . you are late and we were about to start playing but you brought Ino with you so we can take you to play with us . "

"Stop with that for now . We have a more important thing to discuss right now . " Sakura said as she raised a palm to stop them .

"What is it? " girl 2 said with a curious look as she asked .

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"Here is the thing . . . Now tell me will you be friends with the demon kids? " Sakura said with a serious tone .

"No way my parents said . … " girl 1

"I will never even look at them… . " Girl 2

"If my parents saw me talking with them…  " girl 3

"Yes . I also agree with the people for not selling food to them . " Girl 6

"You know Lord Hokage should lock them up that is what my parents told me the other day .  " Girl 5

"Yes those two are bad news for the village… " girl 4

"You see I told you so . " Sakura said with a smile as she gave a victory pose .

"Is it really like that… " Ino asked with a complicated tone as she really got confused by the bad things she heard from her friends .

"Absolutely that is alright . " Sakura said as she further tried to convince her .

[Remember no one among this kids knows about the nine tails they just called the twin demon fox because the elders in their family call them . ]

"Enough about them let's start playing . " As they started playing the game between them .

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After playing a while one of the girls saw a little boy at there age entering the park with his mother as she stopped playing and said "Look, girls, Sasuke kun is here with his mother he is so cute . "

After hearing that everyone stopped playing as they looked at the gate .

"Look Ino that is Sasuke Kun isn't he the amazing? "  Sakura said excitedly as she pointed at Sasuke while pulling Ino's dress from the side .

"Yes, he is? " Ino said from the side with an absent-minded tone while looking at Sasuke as she thought 'But I think Kirito is better… '

"Yes isn't he? You know he is from the Uchiha clan . From one of the most powerful clans in the village . What more he is the son of the head of the clan . " Sakura continued to say more and more good things about Sasuke .

"I see . " Ino said with a faint pile as she was observing at Sasuke and thought 'Why isn't he playing or talking with anyone . Is he shy? ' looking at Sasuke who is only talking to his mother while smiling .

This is how Ino meets with Sasuke for the first time but just lien every other girl she was too shy to go near him to talk to him . So Sasuke just left with his mother like that .


On the other side of the village in the park near the shinobi academy currently, the twins were playing with Shikamaru and Choji .

"Where is Ino? " Kirito asked as he didn't saw her with them today .

"She went to her friends to play . " Choji said while eating .

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"Oh, so she won't be coming right . "Kirito said while thinking about something .

"Nah she will come alright . Well in the afternoon though . "Shikamaru said as he added "What are you thinking about Kirito? "

"Well, it is nothing important . Though I was thinking if you know where the shinobi shop is located . " Kirito said while shaking his head and smiled while asking .

"Though I don't know about that we can search . " Shikamaru suggested after thinking a little .

"Yes let's do that . It will be like an adventure for us . Let's do that today instead . " Kirito said after agreeing with him .

"Hey, Kirito why are you looking for the shinobi shop? " Naruto asked from the side as he was confused .

When Naruto asked Choji and Shikamaru also gave him a questing look so he didn't have a choice but to tell them .

"Well, we are going to buy some food from there . " Kirito said with a smile .

"But will they sell to us? " Naruto said with a sad face as he really didn't like the look he received from the peoples .

"Dont worry an Anbu sent that message from the Hokage this morning . " Kirito said with a smile .

"Then what are we waiting for least go look for it . " Naruto said as he started running .

"Hey, where are you going? " Shikamaru asked while stopping him .

"I am searching for that shop . " Naruto said as he stopped .

"Do you know where to look for? " Kirito asked while shaking his head .

"Well… I don't know!!! " Naruto said as he clapped his hand with a silly smile and laughed loudly at them .

"I knew . " Kirito said with a sigh as he continued "Ok let's go . "

"Where to? " Choji asked as he was done eating one of his .

"First we will go to the shinobi academy then we will ask someone . " Kirito said while leading the group .

"Yes, that sounds like the best idea . " Shikamaru agreed while nodding .

"Yes, we can ask Saito Sensei there too .  " Kirito said as she was also curious about meeting Saito and ask some questions as well .

After walking for a while they arrived at the gate of the academy when someone called for them .

"Kids you have come again . " Saito said with a smile as he saw them . Then he noticed one of them is missing among them as he asked with a surprised face "Where is that girl who came with you yesterday? "

"You see sensei… . "

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