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Published at 9th of June 2019 09:13:22 AM

Chapter 25

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Deep in the forest…

Currently, Kirito is standing in front of Hinata and stopping the Kumo shinobi with a Kunai but getting pushed behind because of not having enough straight as a grown-up man like the Kumo shinobi .

"A kid!!! " upon seeing the face and the size of the kid under the moonlight the Kumo shinobi couldn't stop himself from shouting out with surprise and added "A damn f**ing kid is stopping me . . . This must be the biggest joke of my like and he even injured me… " with an ominous laugh .

"Who are you and why did you kidnap the Hyuga princess??? " Kirito asked with curiosity looking at the Kumo shinobi .

"That is not an important thing for you kid but I have to tell on thing though you have done a great mistake coming here . . . Now I will have to kill you and then the Hyuga kid… " The Kumo shinobi said as he tried to punch Kirito with his empty hand .

"Princess you escape I will hold him buy time… " Kirito said to Hinata while putting a Kunai in the way of the punch from the Kumo ninja .

"You think I will fall for that??? " Upon noticing the kunai in the way of his punch the Kumo shinobi stopped and jumped backward and made a few hand signs and shouted "Lightning style: Thundershock attack . "

Two lightning of the size of an adult man's hand went toward Hinata and Kirito's direction .

Hinata who is very scared right now couldn't move so even after getting time so Kirito had no other choice but to protect her as he also made some hand signs after standing in front of Hinata and said "Earth style: Mudwall . "

A small wall at the same hight as a grown man appeared in front of the two and blocked the incoming lightning attack .

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"Seems like that little runt can also use some Jutsu . How problematic and where are those ass*** " The Kumo shinobi said dashed toward the mudwall .

While on the other side of teh wall Kirito had already taken scared stricken Hinata in a princess carry and asked: "Hold me tightly…" and started jumping up on the tree branches .

By the time the Kumo shinobi reached the mudwall the dust has already settled down but he found no one behind as he shouted "where did they go??? "

When he suddenly heard a sound from behind his "Fire style: Fireball Jutsu… " and a fireball twice of his size came from behind him which made his face pale from sudden attack .

"Water style: Water wall jutsu… " But suddenly two voices came from his behind and a water wall countered the fire saving him .

"Captain I can't believe you were going to get better by a kid just now… " someone said jokingly to the jump shinobi .

"That runt is strong and from that earlier sure I am sure the Hyuga will catch up quickly . Don't waste time lets kill him and leave before we get into treble . . . " the captain of the group which is of cores the Kumo shinobi who kidnapped Hinata earlier .

"Shit there are more of them… " Kirito said cursing his luck when he saw more of the Kumo shinobi in front of him as he thought 'what's taking him so long… '

"Ok kid you what just leave that Hyuga girl here and we will let you go… " Captain said with an evil smile looking at the kids .

When Hinata looked at that evil smile she pulled Kirito's coat from behind and said in a low voice "Please don't let them take me away I am scared??? " in a pleading tone .

"Don't worry princess I will try… " Kirito said without turning toward Hinata and started making some hand signs and said "Lightning style: Thundershock attack… "

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When his wards fell four lightning went towards the Kumo shinobies . . .

"Did he just copied my jutsu . " the captain said as he started making some hand signs with his team and when they finished they shouted together "Earth style: Earth wall . "

And blocked the attack easily .

"Did you really think you can defeat us with our own attack… " Kumo 3 said as he jumped up to make sure they don't escape a second time .

When Kirito tried to jump on a tree branch from another suddenly a kunai with lightning coted hit his right leg making him sleeping from the tree with Hinata .

"Shit… " Kirito said as he hugged Hinata tightly and landed on the ground on his left leg in the process he was able to save Hinata but his both legs became unmoveable because of extreme pain .

"Now we got you . " Kumo 2 said running toward them .

"Princess you go I will try to hold them back… " Kirito said as he stood up with only his willpower .

While Kirito stood up to face his enemy Hinata thought 'I don't know where to . . . '

"It looks like you still hasn't given up kid… " Sinsi said and went to attack Kirito from above .

"You are too reckless Kirito… " Suddenly a voice came from afar and a fireball hit the Kumo shinobi from out of nowhere after this shout " Fire style: Fireball Jutsu . "

"Sensei what took you so long??? " Kirito said with a sigh of relief when he heard Saito's voice .

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"Just wait a minute here Kirito . . . " Saito said and passed by him and very quickly he captures all Kumo shinobi and returns back to Kirito .

While Saito started to heal Kirito from outside the Kyubi with its huge chakra already started healing him from inside .

When Kirito was almost healed finally Hiashi arrived and asked surprised "Saito Sensei what are you doing here??? "

"You see this kid here got reckless and flowed behind that guy and found your daughter getting kidnapped by the Kumo shinobi so he sent a clone which . . .  " Saito explained in some short sentences .

"Thank you, kid… you can ask for anything if you want for saving my daughter . . .   " Hiashi said after listening everything .

"It's fine I have to go now . " Kirito said as he remembered why he came out and thought 'Naruto must be getting hungry and started walking . '

"Kirito here is the medicine you asked for your brother . Also, let's go I will come with you to see how Naruto is doing . " Saito said quickly flowing behind his student .

While he sent a shadow clone with the captured Kumo Shinobi to the Konoha police office to report about this matter .

On the other hand, Hiashi returned with Hinata to the Hyuga compound quickly .

Though Hiashi found no wound on Hinata still he asked several time if she was ok, of getting hurt anywhere, etc .

While Hinata was calling Kirito's name in her mind .


On the other side of the village…

After getting out of teh ramen shop with Saito Kirito finally remembered something as he shouts out "Oh no I forgot… "

"What did you forgot Kid??? " Saito asked confused by Kirito's sudden shout .

"That girl was the Hyuga princess and today is her birthday right??? " Kirito asked

"Yes, a lot of people attended her birthday party today . Why did you ask kid? " Saito said with a nod .

"Well I and Naruto weren't invited and Naruto wanted to eat the food from her birthday party . So when her dad asked if I wanted anything . . . " Kirito said with an embarrassed tone .

"Hahaha… so you wanted to ask him for food right kid…" Saito said with a loud laugh and added "Don't worry about it kid we can celebrate your birthday in a few months and then, I will feed you guys anything you want . Now let's go and see how Naruto is doing . "

With that Kirito and Saito walked towards the twin's house .


Special Note: Hinata never saw Kirito's face and only saw him from behind . Also, she only knows his name for now and could forget with the flow of time .

Kirito also never heard Hinata's name . . .

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