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Published at 13th of December 2019 08:18:05 AM

Chapter 93

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In a hot spring bathhouse, Kirito is standing in front of the woman's bathing part of the bathhouse with a strange face after getting ruthlessly rejected by the Temari to enter with them .

"Hey, that's not fair I also want to take a bath . " Kirito shouted from the outside of the door looking at them enter with cold expration .

"Then go to the man's part of the Bathhouse . " Temari replied as her face went dark .

'Oh, right I forgot to ask Itachi to explain this to him . ' Izumi thought looking at Kirito who is not understanding of the problem as she made a determined decision 'Ok this time when we return I will definitely ask him or at least get him a book about this kind of thing . '

"But back in the village I always… " Before Kirito can finish his explanation he heard another shout from inside .

"I don't care this isn't your village just go . " Temari shouted angrily not beveling any or his words .

"Fine . " With a sigh, Kirito left and went toward the man's part of the bathhouse while thinking 'But in the village, all the elder sisters and everybody welcomes then why did she get so angry? '

After Kirito left Temari asked Izumi with a confused face "Does your village really allow the man and woman bath together or is it common in Konoha to have a mixed bath? "

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"No, you see he is really cute and innocent to know anything about man and woman . " Izumi replied shaking her head as a warry smile appeared on her face .

"You don't mean is in the dark this world right? " Temari asked with a surprised tone as a weird look appeared in her face .

"Yes, he never had the time to know about this kind of thing . " Izumi said with a smile .

"No wonder he is… "


On the man's part of the bath…

After entering the bath Kirito actived his dojutsu in order to find the location of the abnormal chakra just to be disappointed .

"That can't be a mistake? " Kirito said with a confused face the ominous chakra signature he found while looking for Temari is nowhere in the village .


On a giant birt, two anbu girls are flying in the direction of Kusakagure…

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After handing over Lady Shizuka Dragon and Wolf soon left the village to help their team members and this time Hana wasn't even able to meet with her family because of the emergency of the mission .

"Are you sure it will be a good idea for us to not tell about Shisui's death to him? " Honoka asked with a worried face looking at Hana who is brushing her dogs with care .

"Yes, that will be best for now . " Hana replied after stopping her brushing the dogs for a brief moment .

"But what if he gets angry at us when we return back in the village? " Honoka asked with a serious face .

"We will worry about that when the time comes . " This time Hana completely stopped brushing her dogs and looked at the night sky while sighing and continued "Besides you know just how much importance he puts in family and friends as he is an orphan . "

"Yes you are right he will not care about this mission and there is a strong possibility of him returning in the village right after hearing this mission . " Honoka nodded with a serious face .

"Yes and if we were to fail this mission the consequence will not be good for anyone . " Hana said her face went dark thinking about the results .

"Yes if we are really unable to find Miss Temari this time then Sunagakure might really declare war against us . " Honoka's face started sweating from just the thought of war out of fear .

"Yes, and the 4th great Shinobi war can happen just like that . " Hana's face became serious as they both stopped talking about it for a long time .

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"Yes not telling him will be the best option for now even if he gets angry at us later . " Honoka nodded again and again .


The next morning Honoka and Hana finally united with the rest of their team .

"So you have already found Miss Temari? " Honoka asked with a smile as it indicated the mission is almost over .

"Yes, this time Miss Temari was really brave . " Izumi explained the whole story to them .

"She is really amazing . " Honoka praised her after hearing the whole story getting impressed .

"Anyway, we should hurry . " Kirito said with as he asked for Honoka to summon her birds to carry them in Sunagakure so that the village doesn't get worried about their daughter .

"Yes let's go . " Honoka replied as she summoned two Eagles after getting enough far from the village so the shinobies from the village doesn't come asking from prothom with them .


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After Kazikage's daughter getting missing in the Fire country some people though seeing this as an opportunity while others started to worry about the little girl and daughter of their leader .

"What does Konoha take us for huh to think they aren't explaining anything to just even after half a month of time? " A high-ranking jonin shouted out angrily .

"Kotatsu you know this is not related to Konoha? " Sasabani who knows that some of the people here want to gain profits from war stopped .

"What do you mean this isn't related to Konoha? Sasabani you might be forgetting Konoha is not too face away for the capital of fire nation . " Kotatsu retorted back .

"Don't think we don't know what you want Kotatsu? " Sasabani asked with a serious face .

"Oh, what do you think I want then Sasabani? " An evil smile appeared on Kotatsu's face as he asked .

"BOTH OF YOU THAT'S ENOUGH . " An angry woman's shouted stopped them .

"Lady Chiyo!!!"

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