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Chapter 424: 424

Chapter 424: A Captivating Man

“I kind of want to see you crushing her ego . Unfortunately, I can’t accompany you for the military training . If it was at the Fujun Town military unit, I could still apply, but there’s no reason for me to apply now . ” Xia Jinyuan saw through her and deliberately mentioned it, but in return, Ye Jian did not want to see him .

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Her abilities rose and so did her temper .

Xia Jinyuan was not angry and laughed until Ye Jian turned her head . “Don’t laugh, and don’t say anything about accompanying me!” He was always teasing her till her heart pumped, but he was unaffected!

“Okay, I won’t laugh, I won’t laugh . I’ll listen to whatever you say . ”

A gentle smile, low voice, and deep black eyes… Ye Jian took a quick glance at him and saw the light in his eyes and sighed deeply . Focus, focus… Don’t let this dangerous man disrupt her focus!

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He drove the car back and saw the commander and commissar standing by the parking lot and having a conversation . They didn’t know what they were talking about .

When they heard the sound of a car driving over, they looked over and saw that the car that Xia Jinyuan had driven off had returned .

Commander Liu spoke faster, “Old Yan, Jian is smart, you need to make her interested first . ”

“I’m fine, you throw the line and I’ll get the bait . If there’s a need, we’ll need to disrupt Major Xia . ” Commissar Yan spoke faster too, ending the other discussion topics before the two came over . “And Old Liu, we need to get the little girl to initiate the topic on where the motorized infantry would go . ”

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Commander Liu didn’t understand, and asked quickly while the two were approaching them, “Why? What for?”

“You don’t get it? It’s called the hook! The more she knows, the deeper she’ll fall! The little girl is disciplined . Once she knows more, she will choose to face it and not escape . ”

Seeing that his old partner was talking like a machine gun, Commander Liu patted his head and pretended to be afraid . “I’m so glad we’re always partners in the same camp!” Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know if Old Yan did something to him!

When the distance was about one meter away, Commander Liu greeted them with a smile and started the conversation . “Jian, how is it? Impressive?” There was fire dancing around in his solemn eyes even though he had put on a smile . “You always liked challenging and tough training . This is not bad, right? Do you like it? How about you give it a try? I think you can do it . ”

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Ye Jian didn’t dare to let all these get inside her head . If it was a sniper competition or free combat, she would definitely be confident about it . As for driving, tonight was the first time she had touched the steering wheel for both her lifetimes .

Moreover, she felt that when she came over, the commander and commissar… they both seemed to have found a treasure . Their eyes were shining brightly .

She replied honestly, “I’ve disappointed you . If it was not for Captain Xia, I wouldn’t have touched the steering wheel . I’m not like the soldiers over here who could drive like they were walking and do whatever they wanted to . ”

The little girl had a good trait – honesty .

Commander Liu laughed and the rage inside him seemed to have been extinguished . He said gently, “I’ll give you a month? And see if you can progress till such a level?” As long as she was willing to work hard, she will be able to achieve it .